Garretson seeking Brooke County sheri...

Garretson seeking Brooke County sheriff's position

There are 13 comments on the Weirton Daily Times story from Feb 28, 2012, titled Garretson seeking Brooke County sheriff's position. In it, Weirton Daily Times reports that:

Roger Garretson of Wellsburg has announced he will seek the office of Brooke County sheriff in the May 8 primary election.

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Saint Louis, MO

#2 Feb 28, 2012
funny wrote:
ask his own relatives if he can be trusted

Chagrin Falls, OH

#3 Mar 7, 2012
Dumb question yes he can be trusted... Anyone writing nasty stuff like this needs to take some time to theirselves, look deep inside, and then READ YOUR BIBLE. Shame on you... Some folks claim to be Christians and write dirty, nasty lies... God does not want us to talk about others, he knows the truth- Thou shall not judge. God Bless you Roger.

Potosi, MO

#4 Mar 8, 2012
Here is the qualities roger brings to the table

He knows how to run an unsuccessful business world....GSI....ran a business with 3 employees (video world) in the ground but thinks he can run one with 30 employees? Haha look at GSI for results of that

Trust him with a large budget$$$ go ask his family if they trust him with his mothers $$$

You want someone honorable? How many times has he cheated on his wife? Although she cheats on him also so this one might wash
Renee Proud Niece

Virginia Beach, VA

#5 Mar 8, 2012
Wow,,, Ok, I ‘m also a relative of Roger Garretson… Since I refuse to play the same cowardice games that others insist on playing here, I’ll also add my name, Renee, niece of Roger Garretson. If there must be all this “MUDSLINGING” against Roger, don’t be the coward that you are, Let’s play by the same moral code,,, Or is MORALS not a part of your vocabulary??? HHHHMMMM Give your NAME, supply the facts!!! Give others a fair and honest chance at making their own “JUDGEMENTS”… NOT BASED SOLELY ON YOUR FICTITIOUS ASSUMPTIONS! After all, what is the first 3 letters of assumptions, Sir or Madam, whoever you may be?“Funny” yeah, you’re quite the funny one aren’t you. FUNNY WITHOUT FACTS HAHA !!! Everyone is entitled to an opinion, right? So with that being said,,, I CHALLENGE you my dear, funny, cowardice, anonymous soul… Supply the facts! Supply your name! If you have so much critical information on the GOOD man you’re calling a thief, then shouldn’t everyone have a right to know who you are as well? Why should anyone trust your words or actions to be the TRUTH, the GOSPEL… Are you afraid of the REPUTATION you hold yourself!!!(I can pretty much guarantee that your reputation is more tarnished than Rogers will ever be) So bring it on sweetie OR do us all a favor,,, And save your BREATH TO BLOW YOUR TEA!!! I feel it’s safe to say, this is all idle gossip, ridiculous chatter, based on jealousy, and a hate for a GREAT human being. Yes…I second that “SHAME ON YOU”… Whoever you are!!!“Shame on you”!

Hiram, OH

#6 Mar 8, 2012
I think Funny needs some education in life... Funny is the idoit in all this. Look at all OUR BANKS going under what the heck you talking about- all kinds of businesses shutting down where you been. Your evil and need to go to church Mr or Mrs PERFECT... please get a life... He is not steal from his mother... Was you there when he was in the service and sent his WHOLE check to her??? huh??? REALLY... You better change or your going to HELL. God please bless Funny he or she needs it. God please make them become a better person and treat others with respect

Potosi, MO

#7 Mar 8, 2012

Fenton, MO

#8 Mar 9, 2012
Here is an example of how honest roger is

Now don't take my word for it...check with the state

He owns lube xpress...check and see how many times his state inspection stickers have been pulled for either fraudently giving out inspection stickers out or not doing his job and actually checking the cars before he put the stickers on

Maybe he is the one that needs"god"

We will pray for him

Virginia Beach, VA

#9 Mar 9, 2012
Oh...At a loss for WORDS Funny??? How strange,,, now you have NO WORDS...or PROOF for that matter... I think it’s safe to say you’re the one that has something to hide!!! What little skeletons do you have lurking in your closet??? HHHHMMM we can only ponder over that one!!! I’d like to say ASSUME, but remember,,, Those first 3 letters might come back and bite…. I should ask you this,,,
”Is what you’re doing going to hit your conscience???””” Hit you HARD AND FAST, just like KARMA usually does… Karma…Are you familiar with the term??? If not,,, LOOK IT UP, re-educate yourself…
Wow” LOL” is exactly right, Funny, funny… So this is it? LOL! I’m getting a pretty good kick out of your lack of words,,,, Are you serious,,, This is really all you got. LOL! This is what you brought to this “table of facts”??? I cannot believe that you would say these hateful words about another human being and believe them,,,or maybe you’re the one that created them…. You can’t offer anyone a teeny tiny fragment of a fact. COME ON!!!! Obviously you have NOTHING but insignificant words,,, Words only based on the GOSSIP ! Wow, I’m actually beginning to feel sorry for you…. Yes, I’ll admit I am guilty of listening to others gossip and spread lies and hatefulness about others,,, However Mr. Or Ms. FUNNY,,, I have enough WITS and knowledge to know when to sit back and listen,,,, study the GOSSIP QUEENS & KINGS that are the ones pouring GAS on the FIRE… Because more times than any, They are fueled by their own personal unhappiness,,, They are the GASOLINE that start every GOSSIP INFERNO!!! Characteristically jealous, unhappy human beings that love the “DRAMA” start this kind of nonsense, it’s a shame really… HHHMMMM I don’t know about you, but I was taught NOT to spread, believe or START GOSSIP!!!! Always be smart enough to make your OWN judgments!!! Not the ones spread by meaningless GOSSIP!!! Such a shame we’re all NOT taught the same set of VALUES and STANDARDS… Once again, I’ll ask you to back up your empty claim regarding the character of Roger Garretson… If ya can’t… keep your pathetic little LOL’s to yourself!


#10 Mar 9, 2012
Get a job! Get a life what are you an ex employee? You got fired huh?? yep thats who you are that why your on here posting... Again may god bless you for your ignorance.

Virginia Beach, VA

#11 Mar 9, 2012
In regards to the Express Lube comment,,, Now DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT… Check state by state statics…Not only in Wild Wonderful West Virginia, every state that requires us to perform these state inspections. When a state requires us to follow certain safety guidelines to keep our vehicles ROAD safe…you’ll find that many of our service stations are experiencing the very same kinds of issues. Once again, educate yourself on the issues you’re rambling about!!! The key here is,,, The issues the state brought forward, were addressed, revised, corrected, squared away… In other words, taken care of!!! Weather these issues were brought forth from human error or an unruly employee… They have been resolved. Taken care of, squared away…. My goodness Funny,,, does this require you to pray for him. Why would you take the time to pray for him if you’re so intent on discrediting him??? I’m sure our GOD knows Roger is neither THE THIEF of his mothers mystery money buried in the back yard or knowingly falsifying state inspections… He is only a human Sir or Ma’am… NOT A SAINT!!!
I wasn’t under the impression that “SAINT” was a requirement to run for Sherriff??? If so could you please supply the documentation for that so I can further my education…. Thanks 

Saint Louis, MO

#12 Mar 9, 2012
What I learned

Roger don't know how to run a business

People need to go to church

Don't trust roger with money

People need to go to church

Roger cheats on his wife/but she cheats on him also

People need to go to church

Need an inspection sticker and got bad brakes go to lube xpress

People need to go to church

Am I missing anything?

Virginia Beach, VA

#13 Mar 10, 2012
Are you missing anything? My answer is “YES”, you most certainly are!!! The most important thing,“SUBSTANTIAL FACTS”!!! So far all we've learned from you is,,, you’re offering everyone an incredible amount of ASSUMPTIONS. If you’re not familiar with the correct term of assumption, allow me enlighten you!
ASSUMPTION: An idea or statement assumed to be true without proof; to take for granted without proof.
I’m NOT here to question your intelligence level. I am however questioning your ulterior motive, is this really for the people of Brooke County??? I highly doubt that! If that were the case you would bring it all to the table the facts, your name, and all these personal experiences you’ve had with Roger…Come on offer them a name,,,provide something accurate…I can guarantee,,, you CAN’T and WON’T…You have supplied them with nothing but senseless chatter. I’m sure if people find out you’re the one posting this kind of nonsense they’ll say “you’re NOT the most trustworthy individual” And have no plausible information on anyone for that matter!!! In other words,,, YOUR NOT A CREDIBLE SOURCE!!!!” You’re a phony, a gossip hound and coward …You just keep making yourself look like a fool…I have an idea,,,Try to concentrate on yourself and NOT OTHERS,,,Try to focus on LEARNING THIS,,,“self-esteem” That’s the lesson you really need to focus on…Possibly some self-respect??? Attempt to gain some self-worth …When you gain the wisdom of self-esteem, respect & worth,,, you won’t be so hell-bent on spreading lies and hate toward others… Just a suggestion!!!
And with all that being said…
"I will NO longer entertain or participate in this web attack”… It’s noticeably clear,,, MY principles and standards are obviously way above the level of yours…

Maryland Heights, MO

#14 Mar 13, 2012
Roger and Roxanne are the 2 biggest losers in Brooke county election history

I think roger is like 0-3 running for Sherrif

He is 0-1 running for chief of police

Roxanne is 0-1

When you hire known druggies to work at your business and then run for positions like Sherrif chief of police or magistrate....sleep around on your husband/wife run businesses in the ground and then wonder why you don't get elected....just shows everyone how oblivious you are

But least you got god....and your moms $$$...that's all that really matters

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