Questions to Prove Your Priest Pastor...

Questions to Prove Your Priest Pastor is Lying

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Fr Rosenblat

Cocoa, FL

#1 Jun 2, 2013
Lets get one thing out of the way first. No reason to prove Jews are liars because Jesus said it (God in the flesh) in John chapter 8. This thread is dedicated to the priests, pastors, reverends, fellowship retards, etc.

This will be an ongoing thread. I will add questions occasionally for you to ask your Christian leaders in public so you can put them on the spot and prove they are complacent for fear of the Jews. So let us begin:

1. Was Jesus a Jew?

Now let us understant that their was no "J" in Hebrew or Greek or even Latin in the days of Yashua. Are we passed this? Read it again if it didnt sink in.
Now, why is the word "Jew" used for at least 3 different things in the Bible today?

a. someone who is of the direct lineage of Judah through the father (and this doesnt include Judahs first 3 Canaanite kids- understand?)

b. someone from the House of Judah- for instance the apostles (not including Judas) were all of the tribe of Benjamin, but also the House of Judah (Levites, Benjaminites and Judahites).

c. "a Judean"- means someone living in Judea and not neccesarily anyone from Judah or the House of Judah (did that sink in?) Read it again.

d. Today we have even another form of Jews- a group called Ashkenazi's (named after a people who are not even Semitic who mixed in with Turko Mongolians and Sephardic Jews). Both Sephardic Jews and Ashkenazi Jews are MIXED peoples and not the direct lineage of Judah and or the House of Judah.

So when you ask your priest or pastor if Jesus was a Jew, let him say "yes" and then ask him what Herod was and what Caiaphus was and why they were also called Jews in the translated to English Bible and what does it say in the Greek?

Ask him what the difference of a Judean and a Judahite is. Dont let him run away either. Ask him "isnt it important we know the difference?" and "why has this been interpreted as the same word?"

They want you to actually swallow the fact that Jew can mean 3 different things and stand there in front of you as if they are concealing nothing.

That is your first assignment if you have the guts.

Ive got plenty more and what you want to look for is these pastors will run away or LIE. There is no grey area. Stay tuned for the next question coming soon.
Fr Rosenblat

Cocoa, FL

#2 Jun 2, 2013
Question 2

2. What happened to the House of Israel?

In James chapter one verse one he directs his epistle to the 12 TRIBES SCATTERED ABROAD. Read that again, in fact read it 12 times.

How in the world is James seeking any kind of a so called "spiritual Israel" when he is writing to ALL the 12 tribes?

James says the House of Israel scattered abroad to guess where? Europe and your priests want you to think the 10 tribed House of Israel (ant the Jews too) has disappeared. Poof no more House of Israel, yet Jesus came for the House of Israel, the entire Bible is about the physical genealogy of the Israelites and not the Jews (Judean Arab mamzers).

So ask your priest what happened to the lost House of Israel when they were mining gold out of Spain 2000 years before Christ and didnt come back to live in Judea obviously.

If Jews can mix into the Chinese, Blacks, Ishmaelites, whites, Eskimoes etc and still be Jews why cant Israelites still exist?

The truth is Israelites never mixed in with anyone but whites or they are no longer whites. Jews on the other hand have always been mixed- just look at them and you will know it. If Judaism is based on the Torah- and the Torah is a racial book, how can Jews be Blacks, Eskimoes, Indians etc when the book clearly states that Israelites should be a separate people?
Jews have never been a separate people because they have always been MIXED people. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

Where di the 12 tribes go? Your pastor will tell you to disregard James altogether.
Fr Rosenblat

Cocoa, FL

#3 Jun 3, 2013
3. What is a Gentile and what was the word for Gentile in the Greek and in the Hebrew.

Ask your priest flat out "Does Gentile mean a non Jew?" More than likely he will say "yes"

The word for Gentile in the Greek is "ethnos" as in "ethnicity" or "kinsman". The word in Hebrew is goy or goyim (nation or nations). Rebeccah had two nations in her womb with Esau and Jacob, does that mean she had two non Jews in her womb? Absolutely not!

The 10 tribed House of Israel split from the 3 tribed House of Judah that is now passed off as Jews today. So what are the 10 tribes called today? Gentiles? The truth is they are the ethnos of the House of Judah only Judah isnt the Jews. Why would the 10 tribes call themselves "non Jews" when the covenants were made to the Israelites and not the Jews.

Get your priest deep into what the word Gentile means and then get a Syrongs concordance and LOOK IT UP YOURSELVES. You will see your pastor is full of dung cakes.

"Will he go and teach to the gentiles scattered abroad?" Of course he did and thats exactly what he did. He avoided the Jews. Thats right, God in the flesh told the Jews "you are not my sheep" He came for the exiled sheep of the House of Israel not the Idumean Judeans (do you understand?).

Next question for your priest

"Did Jesus come for everyone?"

He will lie like a dog.
Fr Rosenblat

Cocoa, FL

#4 Jun 3, 2013
4. Who were the 3 Wise Men?

Or be more to the point and ask him who the wise men were because I know your Jewish Jesus movies claim there were 3 wise men and that is blatantly false.

What did the wise men (Magi) look like? What did Parthia people look like in those days? Were they all Arabs (mixed peoples back then?). Was Persia mixed peoples, Were the Medes mixed peoples, were the Caucasians mixed people who crossed over the Caucus mountains?

Make your priest identify who all the people of the Middle East were in those days. The Bible tells you who is mixed and who isnt. Whites arent mixed people yet they were all over the Middle East. The Romans were white, the Greeks all over Egypt at that time were white, the Parthians were white, the Phoenicians were white. Jesus called the Canaanite woman "a dog". "Do not give what is holy to the dogs". Edom married into the Canaanite lineage, read Maccabees and you will see how the Edomites gradually took over the white true House of Judah (your priest is sweating bullets by now or he ran away already)- Jesus was the son of man (Adam) a pure white man all the way back to Adam- no Canaanite mixture, no Edomite mixture, no Kenite mixture, no JebBushite mixture- just pure unadulterated white just like Adam himself.

More to come....lots more to come.

Next subject "Did Noah have Black, Chinese, Mestizo and Edomite children?"

Your priest is getting nervous now.
Fr Lipschitz

Cocoa, FL

#5 Jun 4, 2013
Ask your priest who James was writing to in James chapter one, verse one.

There is no words "spiritual Israel" anywhere in that book.

Ask him how he interprets the 12 tribes into spiritual Israel.

Maybe youll ask one of those Jew priests with the Irish accent. They really know how to walk over that one like its not there.

You jus doont understaaand laddy.

Oh yes we do! You are a Jew or a sold out punk.
Fr Lipschitz

Cocoa, FL

#6 Jun 4, 2013
I see you already discussed James chapter one Fr. Rosenblat so I will give another.

Were the Pharisees all related to Judah? If Herod wasnt of the House of Judah and he appointed at least two high priests who werent of Judah or the House of Judah- how could this ever be considered the religion of the Bible when ALL the 12 tribes and ONLY the 12 tribes were given the covenants?

2. When Paul said Jews are contrary to all men was he talking about Jesus too? Ask him to tell you when Jew means Judean and when Jew means RACIALLY pure to Judah or the House of Judah.

People call Jews inbreds, but the truth is they are the most outbred people on the planet. How can race mixers be Israelites? Ask your pastor or Baptist bumpkin if he has ever read the Bible in his life.
Fr Scheckner

Cocoa, FL

#7 Jun 6, 2013
Are Ashkenazi Jews Semites when they named themselves after the tribe of Japheth? Ashkenaz wasnt of Shem so how can Ashkenazi Jews be Israelites or of Judah or even of Judea?

Ashkenazi Jews make up at least 90% of Jews today and the remaining Sephardic Jews are clearly mixed people. You want to know how you determine who is mixed? Take an unmixed white Christian and mix him with a Canaanite and what do you get? A Jew.

Ask your pastor or priest how he takes the words of Jesus Christ coming for ONLY the exiled sheep of the HOUSE (kinfolk) of Israel (the people not the land mass) to seeking Jews (Judeans), Blacks, Chinese, Indians and everyone else?

Get ready for the "love boat" BS story.

They take the Bible and twist it inside out like the Jews do and you are too pathetic to read and interpret the Bible without your lying pastor who does nothing but kiss the arse of Jesus Christs and our mortal enemies.

If you want to get your pastor on here to refute me. please do, but better have a new line of work ready to fall back to.

Now go to church and get your brainwashing by the Jew crypto pastors, and yes if you go to church today you most certainly have them.

Look at Cardinal Lustiger who was in line to be Pope (not that there werent any mixed mongrel Jewish Popes), Lustiger said "I was born a Jew and I will die a Jew".

Pope Leo (a Jewish Pope) called Jews dogs and here they are in line for Pope again and again.

Will you idiots ever learn? I am not talking about just Catholics either. You Protestants are dumb as rocks too if not more so.
Fr Scheckner

Cocoa, FL

#8 Jun 6, 2013
Ask him if the Federal Reserve is run by Jews and a Jewish usury system that we are supposed to have no part of.

Ask your priest what he isnt allowed to speak about by law (Talmudic law).

Ask him if Jesus Christ or any of the spostles would have ever signed an agreement about not being able to talk about specific things, for example homosexuality and the Jew porn industry etc etc etc.

How can you warn the flock if you have been muzzled?

Its pathetic folks!
Fr Scheckner

Cocoa, FL

#9 Jun 6, 2013
Does your lame pastor, Reverend, priest not see that the media is completely controlled by Christs enemies?

Does your lame preacher point you away from this and go along with the Jew wars, Jewish smut, Jewish media propaganda and preach about loving Jews instead?

Tell me where in the Bible does it say "love the Jews or the Canaanites" ANYWHERE? Where does it say "dont speak out when all the apostles and first Christians did was speak out and ultimately give THEIR LIVES.

Our pastors, preacher, priests cower and hide and accept Jewish Fable history over true history. They cant even listen to true history in public or they get shut down.

What is your pastor or preacher doing other than rituals? The rituals are supposed to be looong gone. Dont tell me God in the flesh told you that you must go to a controlled institution by the Jews to eat bread and drink kosher wine every Sunday.

That is just BS!
Pastor Feinstern

Cocoa, FL

#10 Jun 6, 2013
Ask your priest why the name YHWH was taken out of your Bible and replaced with lord and other titles?

How many times does the Bible say to call him by his name? How can you pray to a God you dont know his name? Which God do you pray too?

Ask your priest why Jesus (Yashua) sent his apostles to seek out the lost sheep of the House of Israel abroad. Aristobulus was in Britain and is a Catholic saint, but the Irish have been brainwashed that Saint Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland 300 years later. The Celts were the descendants of the Phoenicians who sailed back and forth to Spain and elsewhere on a daily basis. Wouldnt the Celts in Ireland just 45 miles away from Britain know people like Aristobulus and several others were in Britain?

Was there a Christian church in Britain and Ireland BEFORE the Catholic church arrived?

Ask your priest or pastor how the word church was changed from the Greek word "ecclesia". An ecclesia is a group of people not one better than the other so that truth cannot be monopolized by any individual or group of people within that ecclesia based on what the original text says. If they tell you "Gentile" means non Jew they are just taking you for a fool. Unfortunately that is what it comes down to. The ecclesia keeps the truth in line. But what is most important is the ecclesia are all Israelites and not Jews or Bhantu warriors or Idumean Canaanites.

Your priest will never get into the apocryphal books and Revelations made it by one vote. Revelations 21;12- a Christian book says:

"It had a great, high wall with twelve gates, and with twelve angels at the gates. On the gates were written the names of the twelve tribes of Israel."

~Where are the 12 tribes today and why on earth would they be equated with the Jews who are not Gods sheep?

Think about it.
Rev Berkowicz

Cocoa, FL

#11 Jun 28, 2013
Heres an easy one:

Ask your priest, pastor, reverend, Rabbi who Herod and Caiaphus were.

Were they Jews?
Were they Judahites?
Were the of the House of Judah?
Were they even Israelites?

Let him chew on that for awhile. Watch them lie out their arses.

If Caiaphus and Herod werent from the House of Judah or even Israelites, dont you think thats something worthy of looking into?

Your priests and pastors obviously dont think its important (so you need to drop them like a crap off the side of a dock). They work for Jews and I dont mean the House of Judah either.
Father Lipschitz

Cocoa, FL

#12 Jun 28, 2013
Ask your priest if Jews are Israel- period.

"Father Lipshcitz, Im on my knees, are Jews Israel?"

Read the apocryphal books and figure it out for YOURSELVES.

SEEK THE TRUTH and dont trust anyone.
The only way, the only way, the only way to worship the truth is to allow it in.

The Jewish media isnt the truth, the Russian Jewish Syberian camps werent the truth, the Holohoax isnt the truth, Anne Frank hogwash isnt the truth, Hollywood isnt the truth, the Bill Mick Show isnt the truth, Hollywood isnt the truth, Amy Neecys yenta school district isnt the truth, Fr Rosenbaums obese tabernacle isnt the truth.

The truth is freedom to tell the truth and not to to spread porn folks.

You have to discern the difference.

These Christian preachers are all LIARS and the Rabbi's are all full of ****!
Father Lipschitz

Cocoa, FL

#13 Jun 28, 2013
I just watched a video where Jews from the Jew state (again they are Jews), but somehow someway claim to be all the 12 tribes (they are none of them). These Jews in the video claimed they were taught to fear "the Gentiles".

Now I want you to put your thinking caps on, not your sold out priests or fat obese pastors thinking caps, but your own....


The two Houses split after Solomon who was being supplied with all his gold by the Phoenicians (the Israelites-not Jews or House of Israel), in fact there is a bar named King Hirams down the road, a Phoenician Israelite.

Now we read the Bible and the apocryphal books right? So now we have two houses, yes? The House of Judah and the House of Israel.

God made his covenant to the 12 tribes of the House of Israel NOT JEWS you NINKOMPOOPS!

Sorry, ehhhh its ok now. Where did the House of Israel go and according to the apostles the House of Isarel was alive and well (not to mention Jesus himself you idiotic lemming imbeciles!).

If you dont seek the truth what happens? Liars obscure the truth, its just that simple.

Those liars control your media 100% lock, stock and bagels.

Do you freaking idiots understand? Well do ya?
Father Lipschitz

Cocoa, FL

#14 Jun 28, 2013
If non Jews are Gentiles than the House of Israel are Gentiles.

Now all you have to do is figure out who Herod, Caiaphus and his Edomite Idumean brethren were.

Its just that simple if you seek the truth!

Its intertangled like a spiders web of course it is, but its why he told you to seek the truth perpetually.

You will eventually see the perpetual lies like a jigsaw puzzle.

God (our Father) is not the author of confusion or Babylonian Talmuds).

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