Bill Mick is a Communist
Melungeon Mick

Apopka, FL

#981 May 14, 2012
Can you imagine this fat swine coming up to your car claiming you have committed a violation? Ask some of his ex wives what a violation is. This piece of turd is a walking, breathing violation that lies to Americans every day of his life. He claims to be a Christian, but it’s impossible folks, racially or idealogically. Take a good look at him. That is not a person of pure biological make up. A horse is a horse and a donkey is a donkey, but the mule is not one of Gods creations. Mick and the mule are Gods violations.
Jews can say they are German descent or Polish, Spanish, Lithuanian etc., but they are land masses. They will say they are “white”, but white is a color. Many Chinese and Japanese can say they are white (there are Jew Chinese and Japanese too). Jews will claim to be Jews mixed in with every people on earth. A Jew is whatever the chief Jew in charge claims it is, but one thing is for certain, Jews are not racially pure in any sense of the word and are not pure offspring of anyone.

Bill Micks main boss is a Mossad Israeli, he is on the Jew side of every issue, he looks like a half breed, he is a hypocrite and a liar, he was pro open borders, pro Iraq war, pro bailouts, his phones are cut off because he is scared @less of the truth. What more proof do you need?

Take a good hard look at Glenn Beck too. What do you see? I see a mongrel or if you may "a mule".
Melungeon Mick

Apopka, FL

#982 May 21, 2012
You think the sherrif of Brevard county knows that fatboy Mick has his phones cut off to protect Jews?

Phones are wide open to bash everyone else.

The sherrif doesnt see anything wrong with this. He doesnt want us to find out who really did 9/11 and he damned sure knows who did it.

The truth is far too many people know Jews did 9/11 now, they know the Federal Reserve has always been run by Jews, the drug rackets of the Sassoon and Delano (Roosevelt) families have always been run by Jews, the judicial system is nothing but the Talmudic system, porn run by Jews, homosexual and lesbian groups all led by jews (Tel Aviv is the gay capital of the world), borders wide open because of Jews (check out the largest bust in America in Postville Iowa, a kosher meatpacking plant~blessed by jews), Jews are all over the financial industry ripping America off left and right and the SHERRIFF couldnt give 2 turds.

Dont vote for some Jew shoeshine boy for sherrif. Dont select a sherrif, ELECT a sherrif.

Anyone running for sherrif using this sold out piece of dog doo Mick in any way is a traitor- period.
Melungeon Mick

Apopka, FL

#983 May 21, 2012
This Melungeon could easily be Bill Micks mother
Mikvah Breath

Apopka, FL

#984 May 30, 2012
The grotesque piece of human garbage says he doesnt let people on because they use false names.

The only reason why people use false names is because theyre not allowed back on when they say something that offends Jews. It is a sin on the fat turds show.

Here is a guy who entrapped Hispanics using false names and made a living doing it as a drug cop who now has a radio show claiming its wrong to use false names.

There is one huge difference here however. One person uses false names to get the truth out and the fat pig changes names to LIE!

Bill Mick once claimed a caller called for the death of 6 million Jews. The truth is he will do or say ANYTHING to protect Jews and his job- period. Anyone who is confused with anything else is just plain STUPID!

Just ask the toad what he thinks about Jews controlling the Black slave trade and blaming it on whites, see what happens. See how fast the subject is changed. Ask him about all our food products stamped by a religion consisting of less than 2% of the entire country and most of them will openly tell you they are atheists.

Ask him who controls porn and name names- he will jump like a fat toad to another subject.

You want the truth? The truth is you are being SHAFTED by a Communist shoe shine boy every single day. The only liar is Bill Mick and if the phones were open to free speech like America is supposed to have YOU WOULD KNOW THIS IMMEDIATELY!

If its his show and he isnt for free speech.....he is a COMMIE folks- end of story. His phones are cut off because I will turn him upside down and bounce him around on his head in front of the world.
Ugly Toad

Apopka, FL

#985 Jun 6, 2012
Open line Wednesday on the sold out fat toad's show and not one Ron Paul supporter to be heard from, not one. No Brucsh Wexchler, no Aaron Lyonstein, no baldheaded Vance or Nance, no crypto Jew Greek lawyers, NONE!

You have Justin Steele however. Another piece of crap running for office with the help of this traitorous scumbag Bill Mick.

Dont worry folks, the fat toad said if you dont want to call in and you are not allowed to call in, the fat toad says "dont worry, he will preach the whole time".

Ladies and gentlemen, you dont know Jewish Communism when its right under your own nose.

Bill Mick is not only a fat toad Communist Jew shoe shine boy- he is a lying sack of dog turd. Luckily he has the phones cut off and 90% of the people listening are lambasted with flouride and chemtrails unable to figure their way out of a paper bag. You have to wonder how many people the grotesque looking melungeon has cut off his show with the help of his Puerto Rican Sephardic call screener.

Sephardic by the way comes from the word Sepharvaim- look it up. They are not Judahites nor are Ashkenazi's like Bill Mick. Ashkenaz himself wasnt even a Semite- Ashkenazi's are mixed mongrels and if you cant figure that out you are lemmings. Bill Mick is not white- one glance at him and you'll know.
Ugly Toad

Apopka, FL

#986 Jun 6, 2012
You think all Mikvah's Ron Paul supporters will be back after Ron Paul drops out?

They have NO SHAME folks.

They will be back pushing for Dave Feldonstein- you watch.
Mullet Head

Apopka, FL

#987 Jul 10, 2012
The ugly toad in his slacks and white sneakers is interviewing potential candidates for office at Port Canaveral today. Whatever you do, dont discuss the Jews who control all the businesses at the Port, restaurants like Michael Milikens Reef, casino boats, cruise ships, taxi companies, etc.

Brevard is only allowed to hear news that the Jew sock puppet Bill Mick allows us to hear and has the phones shut off except his normal Jewish callers.

The fat toads boss in an Israeli Mossad agent, Prit Gadiesh (look her up) and Romney owns Clear Channel, a Mormon (pssst Mormons are Jews or Jew slaves folks).

If you cant say the crime taking place on this fat ugly toads show you are a LEMMING!
Mullet Head

Apopka, FL

#988 Jul 10, 2012
Orit Gadiesh

It says Orit Gadish -Hebrew Ladies and gentlemen she is more Hebrew than a French poodle thats really German.
She is a Canaanite Edomite Kenite. The folks in the Jew state today are JEWS (most of them have had no ancestors ever set foot in that land and the others are Canaanites). To say she is Hebrew is just moronic. She may have stolen a Hebrew name, but Abraham wouldnt take any ownership of her.

Jews have taken over all our media and have taken over words like Hebrew. Folks its just beyond psychotic nutjob trash. You wont hear anyone call in because they have their phones cut off. They cant handle the truth so they hog the microphone and LIE LIE LIE.

Nobody cares that the mullet heads boss is an Israeli Mossad agent. Nobody cares that Clear Channel is owned by our faggot new Republican choice for president. Like we have a choice. Wake up people- its coming from the media and we need to send them out on a rail.
Gefilte Gullet

Apopka, FL

#989 Jul 11, 2012
This traitor works for the people who bombed the WTC on 9/11 2001 and still does, bottom line.
Ugly Toad

Apopka, FL

#990 Jul 26, 2012
You know things are getting desperate when a Jewish camp counselor walks into a movie theater, shoots and kills more than a dozen people in cold blood, then have all the jews call for gun control and our local media host is talking about Chic Filet or some perverted story.

If you cant see that this media needs to be hanged you are just plain lemmings.
Mullet Head

Apopka, FL

#991 Aug 2, 2012
Dana Blickstein and Jason Stalin are battling it out for Property Appraiser with the help of the Mullet Head and his every day Mullet Head callers.

You get to listen to same BS as last year with the same BS acting routines. Some schmuck named Mitch Needelman used to come on the Mullet Heads show all the time, a complete buffoon, and now he is the chief of the Brevard Clerk of the Court.

It shows you how hopeless Brevard County is. A Mullet Head radio hosts giving free speech for Jewish politicians and no free speech for people who see the Jewish crime run rampant all over America and the world.

These people are going to hang folks.
Mullet Face

Sanford, FL

#992 Oct 17, 2012
Bill Mick is telling his idiot listeners that America should go to war again while he sits on his fat disgusting grotesque pitiful arse.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you think Bill Mick ever went to war in his life? The toad cant even take opposing phone calls.

If the toad wants a war, tell him to give me a call. He wont because he is a pathetic coward sitting in the bleachers with his faggot pals. This toad is anything but American and anything but Christian. He is a reptile folks.
Paula RosenKranz

Sanford, FL

#993 Nov 15, 2012
I wanted to find out about Bill Mick on google and I found this:

Communist Bill Mick Endorses Dana Blickley‎ - 12 posts - Sep 25, 2012
Bill Mick Show so Fraudulent its Diseased‎ - 20 posts - Aug 30, 2012
Bill Mick Has His Mouth Wide Open Again‎ - 17 posts - Jun 26, 2012
Bill Mick is a Bolshevick‎ - 11 posts - Jan 13, 2010

More results from »
Jorge Martinez

Sanford, FL

#994 Nov 19, 2012
The fat toads call screeing is off and the toad is scared sh**less someone will get through who will tell him the traitor he is. What a gutless, traitorous punk!

He cant even answer a phone in fear of someone calling in to tell him how he sold America down the toilet.

This guy needs to be run out on a rail folks. I will lead, just say the word. The fat toad has free speech and you dont.
Jorge Martinez

Sanford, FL

#995 Nov 19, 2012
You would think that this call screener, Jorge would see the anti American toad, Bill Micks actions by not allowing everyone free speech, but he is a sephardic Jew Puerto Rican (34% of his country is on FOOD STAMPS folks!

This show is in your face Communist Bolshevick TRASH!
Mullet Head

Sanford, FL

#996 Dec 14, 2012
The toad is on a cruise and has shut down his show in fear of truth calling in while he and his Jewish Puerto Rican/Mexican call screener are on vacation.

If I had 10 minutes of free speech I guarantee you nobody but Jews would ever want to hear this sold out traitor, Bill Mick's voice again.

He has to shut the whole show down to go on vacation. Folks, its so pathetic it is homosexual. Do you understand?

He sold you down the toilet a long time ago for 10 bucks an hour and a new car.
Hannakah Cruise

Sanford, FL

#997 Dec 14, 2012
Bill, The Toad Mick is on his Hannakuh cruise with all his callers and regular guests. Matt Reed and Bill Mick (two Ashkenazi's) are celebrating a day like the Holocaust, a day we cannot speak the whole truth about because it may lead into the fact that Ashkenazi Jews never set foot in Palestine and never even heard of Hebrew until 700 a.d.

Just another Jewish historical event we must never expose or we are antisemites (they arent semites folks). If you are white and of European descent, you are a semite. Jews are mixed (Arabs) not to bash the Arabs. Arab means "mixed" in Hebrew. God didnt create a race of hooked nosed neanderthals folks.

Sanford, FL

#998 Dec 24, 2012
Why are the Commies, Bill Mick and the Communist rag newspaper boy Matt Reed praising their love for Tim Tebow so much? Both of these guys couldnt kick a football 20 yards, let alone take a single tackle from a football player so why are they such huge football fans?

The only people these guys are fans of are Jews. Anyone want to bet Tebow (The Big Tebowski) comes out as a homosexual by the end of the year?

These people are pure evil folks.
joan viola cureton

Winter Garden, FL

#999 Jan 10, 2013
wow. got to read all of this information. I just thought he was a cat lothing, great white hunter of chimpmunks and squirrels. I know he is a no clue mountain hick... but this is really awful.
Melungeon Hillbilly

Sanford, FL

#1000 Jan 10, 2013
joan viola cureton wrote:
wow. got to read all of this information. I just thought he was a cat lothing, great white hunter of chimpmunks and squirrels. I know he is a no clue mountain hick... but this is really awful.
Bill Mick is a shoeshine boy for the Jews. He cant wait for the new Sherrif to get settled in to kiss his behind. He wont ever have a debate and he will keep lying every day until America wakes up and understands this guy needs to be swinging from a flag pole. There is nothing American about this pathetic sack of urine at all. Not one of his callers seem to know this either. Is that just a coincidence? No, its no coincidence it is Jews controlling the airwaves just like they control the drug cartels, the porn industry, abortion clinics, kosher grocery stores, homosexuality, etc etc etc.

They have to pollute everything 100% They cannot stand purity of any kind. I will watch him hang- trust me.

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