Bill Mick is a Communist
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Lakeland, FL

#1 Sep 5, 2007
The radio host, Bill Mick of WMMB AM 1240 in the morning is back on the radio and back with his 100% complete Trotskyite Jewish Communist agenda.

Here are some reasons why I know he is a Commie:

1. He hangs up on anyone who mentions anything against Jews or Israel. We have given over 3 BILLION a year to Israel for 40 years, they've spied on us, dragged us into their conflicts, blackmailed our politicians, bombed innocent women and children mercilessly in Lebanon and mainly Palestine ( the true owners of that land ) and Bill Mick wont allow one word of criticism of this God forsaken place, there's evidence of Israeli's and Jews involved in the 9/11 bombing, but WE CANT TALK ABOUT IT. The first thing the Communists did in Russia was put people away who spoke ill of the Jewish hand in Communism. The Jewish hand in Communism is Communism, folks. He's not an American because he isn't for free speech. How can you possibly be an American and not allow free speech? I have never said a foul word on the radio in my life, unless you consider "Jew" or "Israel" foul words.

I guess he'll replace that conversation with some rep. he helped get elected and now in jail for homosexual acts in a public restroom.

2. Mick voted for the worst president America has ever been stuck with, TWICE!!! He didn't know that Bush was a pawn of the Neocons, Natan Sharansky, Tommy Franks, Richard Myers and about 80% of his Jewish cabinet. No, Mick didn't see it or did he? Does Mick want our young to go fight wars for Israel? It sure seems so because if you call with a different opinion he will hang up on you. He went along with Bush the whole dang way as they say it in West Virgini. What kind of name is Mick anyway? Id be willing to bet its short for Mickleshevsky.

3. This guy uses his ex police officer status to threaten people into siding with him. Well Bill, if you let me on the air you would see that doesn't work with REAL Americans. This is similar to what the Soviet Union called a Commissar. Bill is here to ease us into the "police state" we all know is coming.

4. Bill was totally pro illegal alien beyond belief. "They just want jobs Americans don't want". This is the most anti American thing anyone can say and he said it just about every day. Look at the product of his thinking now, folks.

This guy continues rambling along like he's been right on everything and a true American. This guy is a TRAITOR! He will continue perverting the airwaves with the scum coming from the mainstream media to numb you out of the truth. That's his job, folks. You have to wonder, he's been back in town for 2 days now, how long do you think it will be before he pushes for war against Iran, a country that's done nothing to us. Iran is a country Israel wants taken out with the use of our blood in the military. Bill's job is to water it down to us. He wants you to keep sending your sons and daughters to the M.E. for Israel, that's his job. You see as long as he sends your kids over to the ME Bill wont have to really work for a living and just run his biased piehole. The fact is Mick isn't just a Commie, but he's a full knowing bald faced LYING COMMIE who sits on his duff day after day pushing the Commie agenda to you, your kids, neighbors, parents, etc...

You people had better wake up and see his biased agenda because America isn't biased, America is supposed to be free. If you see someone on the radio refusing people to go against the war or Israel they are not Americans, folks.

A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce, or a tragedy, or perhaps both.
James Madison

All men having power ought to be mistrusted.
James Madison

Think of James Madison quotes when you listen to this Communist on the radio. Do you want America back? You had better be ready to fight for it.

Lakeland, FL

#3 Sep 6, 2007
People dont give 2 hoots about Bill Mick they just want to call in and have their say. The guy acts like people call in because they like him. People call in because they want their point of view heard, but if you notice on this Commies show ( you are right ), he only allows on people who go along with his agenda. You can feel his finger on the cutoff button the second anyone brings up anything truthful, yes I said truthful.

Lakeland, FL

#4 Sep 7, 2007

This is Bill Micks interview with Zuhdi Jasser. Bill Mick asks, where is the Muslim community speaking out against terrorism? Where is the Jewish community? The Stern gang, the Jabotinsky's, the 200 Israeli spies involved with 9/11, ad nauseum. Where are they?

Who does Bill Mick question, but a stooge of the Jewish Michael Pipes. Why isnt anyone interviewing Tariq Aziz or Palestinian leaders? The fact is, folks they dont want the truth to get out they only want what goes along with their agenda.

In case you people didnt know, there are Arabs called "Druze" who side with the Israeli's and are used as spies, serve time in the Israeli Defense Force ( obligated to in Israel ) and are used to spread false propaganda.

This is a quote by the great George Bernard Shaw

"This is the real enemy, the invader from the East, the Druze, the ruffian, the oriental parasite; in a word, the Jew".
- George Bernard Shaw (London Morning Post - December 3, 1925)

These Druze Arabs are used as Mossad agents, intelligence gathering and the Arabs that serve in the Knesset are Druze Arabs. They obviously do not side with the true Palestinians.

You see folks, there is a web of lies coming from our media and they know full well they are lying to you. This guy Jasser has been all over the media. He was welcomed with both arms. Dont you people think Muslim/Arabs/Christians/Copts, etc... also have an opinion on the Middle East other than Druze Arabs who serve Israel and Jewish propaganda?

The fact is the media shows you a lady killing a man with a pistol, but they dont show this woman being raped just minutes before hand.

You are getting nothing but biased BS from Bill Mick and he knows he is lying to you.

Lakeland, FL

#5 Sep 7, 2007
Correction "Daniel Pipes" not Michael Pipes.
Mikey Wiener

Lakeland, FL

#6 Sep 8, 2007
When you hear of a radio talk show host hanging up on people because they are telling the truth about Jews, please realize that whenever someone says soldiers are over in Iraq fighting for our freedom is a complete farce. The fact is those soldiers are fighting for someone else's religion to lie. If our media is corrupt our country is corrupt. Nobody should be protected from the truth. If something isnt the truth it should be openly debated and proven so and that aint happening, folks. What does that tell you?

All the young soldiers who gave up their lives because they thought they were fighting for our freedom have been spit in the face by this media of today. Just turn on Rusty Humphries and listen to this guys vitriol for the Arabs, Muslims, anyone in the ME, but Jews. He proves to me that Arabs are indeed peaceful people because if he made the same remarks about my religion I would silence him in my own way.

Savage, Humphries, Hannity, Limbaugh, OReilly, Beck, etc... have all called for the carpet bombing of Israel's neighbors at one time or the other. They want your sons and daughters to go kill innocent people so they can keep running their mouths and getting the big bucks selling true Americans out. None of them, by the way, would dare go do it themselves. What does that say? Doesn't that mean anything to you folks? These guys are sitting up on a pedestal saying "kill,kill, kill" while they sit in the air conditioned studios about people they wont even allow to speak their opinion or the opposing opinion. That's traitorous beyond belief, folks. There is absolutely NOTHING American about this. This is an alien agenda to the America I know, but I'm just a mere ex Marine Corps lowlife rifleman who was willing to back up my beliefs with my flesh and blood.

Believe me this isn't about me, this is about my country, our country. Its being stolen and its being stolen because these media Communists aren't telling you the truth. Its time we demanded these liars be accountable for the murder of these young brave soldiers who are the true heroes and who deserve freedom of speech to go on freely. You already know that cant possibly happen with our current media. They all have to go because they wont volunteer. They obviously cheerlead this Iraq war into action because they wanted to. Where is the accountability? There is none if you wont demand it.

Lakeland, FL

#7 Sep 9, 2007
Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, Savage, O'Reilly, Humphries, Bill Mick, Shea King, Laurie Ingraham ( short list ).

What do they have in common, folks? For one they take up most of our media airtime and two, they all have the same Neocon Trotskyite agenda. They all wonder why the USA is so screwed up now after they helped screw it up. Its like they came over your house with a garbage can full of trash, threw it all over your living room and then said "Your house is filthy".

These Communists have made our entire country a filthy mess and they pretend they had nothing to do with it. We were suckered into the Iraq war and now they tell us we cant DO ANYTHING!!!

They water down the illegal alien invasion and then tell us THERE'S NOTHING WE CAN DO!!!

We can make them leave, folks, I mean the Commie media people and then the illegals.

Lakeland, FL

#9 Sep 11, 2007
Bill Mick accepts the 9/11 myth by the same people who told Saddam was involved with terrorists who wanted to bomb the USA- lie.

Bill Mick accepts the myth that we went into Iraq because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction- LIE.

Bill Mick accepts the 9/11 myth that covered up the Pat Tillman incident-LIE.

Bill Mick accepts the myths of Michael Chertoff who would have us duct tape our houses because he thinks we are going to get nuked with no evidence-LIE.

Bill Mick accepts info from the government that deliberately leaves out Israeli involvement on 9/11- LIE LIE LIE.

As Ive said before, Bill Mick would rather lie to you and protect Jews and keep his job. Think about that for just a minute, folks. Do you want to be lied to every day of your lives? This guy still thinks Bush is a good president. Tell me people, what qualifies as a bad president? Bush is a good president for Jews and Israel maybe.

Lakeland, FL

#10 Sep 11, 2007
Bill Mick does not question his government because he isnt a patriot. The founding fathers all warned us about not keeping your government in line. Everythings hunky dory with Officer Bill Mick- everyone go home, folks, nothing to see here. There are just a group of Communist Trotskyites ( Trotsky's real name was Bronstein ) running our country, but we arent allowed to discuss it. The country is so screwed up now its beyond ridiculous and this guy acts as if everything is fine. Dont you see anything wrong with that?

This is America, folks and I am ready to take it back, how about you?

Lakeland, FL

#11 Sep 12, 2007
The mindset of Bill Mick

Here are Mick's 4 job positions

1. Police officer
2. National Guard MP (in Germany no less)
3. Umpire
4. Radio Talk show host

After listening to Bill Mick's biased opinions, let me see all of your raised hands that would trust his biased opinions as a police officer or umpire?

Seems to me that Mick has a knack for being in a position to lock people up, judge and keep people from expressing their opinions as an American. Do you see the odd pattern here? Is it just a coincidence that Bill likes to be in positions of power? How do you think Bill would do in an open forum without his finger on the cutoff button? Wouldn't you like to find out? I would, but I doubt he would accept the challenge with absolutely no control of what may happen.

Bill doesn't believe anything but the story that was given to us on 9/11 and he's stickin to it even though millions of people disagree. "Not in his house" he wont discuss it, he says. What does that mean, folks? "Not in his house"? That means he wont tell the truth or even seek it, folks. That's what that means. So you people will continue to get more of the same Neocon Trotskyite Communist trash. Will you ever stand up?

Lakeland, FL

#12 Sep 13, 2007
Norman wrote:
Correction "Daniel Pipes" not Michael Pipes.
Remember that name "Daniel Pipes" he is now an advisor to Rudy Giuliani.

News: Daniel Pipes says the only path to Middle East peace will come through a total Israeli military victory. So why has President Bush nominated him to the board of the government's leading peace think-tank?

Lets put 2 and 2 together, folks. Why would Zuhdi Jasser and Daniel Pipes be on the same team? Interviewing Zuhdi Jasser on terrorism or the Middle East is like me interviewing Jonathan Pollard on Christianity and America.

Lakeland, FL

#13 Sep 14, 2007
Whenever someone, anyone, starts questioning the Trotskyite government thats in place right now (all of it), Bill Mick tries to change the subject. He doesnt want anyone in "his house" questioning "our government" like they're supposed to, but Mick sure doesnt cut off the perverted little stories designed to pervert your mind in the morning. You see, Mick likes that, you can hear his smoke filled lungs laughing at those little perverted stories that seem to come every single day. So this is Bill's logic... "Perversion okay, questioning your Communist government, not in his house". Are you people starting to get the picture?

Apopka, FL

#14 Sep 17, 2007
No talk about the traitorous border problem, no talk about the absolute blunder going on in Iraq, representatives are allowed on without even the slightest criticism even though taxes and insurance are through the roof, no talk about the economy going down the tubes, no talk about our jobs being stolen from us and our children by ILLEGAL INVADERS, no talk about Israel bombing Syria and putting our soldiers in grave danger, I could go on and on.

The fact is folks, Bill Mick is there to water down the truth to you (lie). Mick will let people talk and talk and talk as long as you dont pinpoint WHO is actually behind the crime. For instance you can say the Federal Reserve, but you cant mention the names of the people who make it up. You can mention "Neocons", but not their names and what they have in common.

Bill thinks President Bush is doing a swell job and anyone speaking against his policies is just plain wrong ( not unlike any talking head in the media by the way). This is called PROPAGANDA, folks.

DO YOU UNDERSTAND? Mick works for a living to mislead you, simple. He cant handle the truth!

Maybe he can keep the subject changed and talk about tazering us cows every day for the rest of his career.

Apopka, FL

#15 Sep 18, 2007
Tasering is a big issue with Bill Mick because tasering is a good way to show people what happens to them if they use their right to free speech. Well we already know what happened to the prophets, John the Baptist, the apostles, Jesus and many others. It wont deter any good man from speaking out the truth for the greater good.

Mick is on the side of the taser whether he admits it or not. He is sensationalizing it so you react favorably to the sold out government we have today.

Tasers have been known to KILL people in many instances and should be considered attempted murder to the individual. The reason for tasers is because the government knows it is gone beyond the pale and needs to use brute force to keep the people controlled like cattle (goyim). Bill Mick if still in uniform would have no remorse tasering you for GW Bush, but he wouldnt go near Iraq as a soldier.

Apopka, FL

#16 Sep 18, 2007
Mick says tasers dont kill. I just googled tasers kill and got over one million results. Why would Mick want to defend tasering if its even remotely considered lethal to US citizens? One can only wonder.

Apopka, FL

#17 Sep 18, 2007

Taser fact sheet.
Why would anyone want to defend this sorry device? This is what is used in a cow slaughterhouse, folks and isnt even acceptable to use there.

Apopka, FL

#18 Sep 19, 2007
Bill Mick, "his common sense on common Communist radio".

Its not news that GW Bush has appointed an orthodox Jew to the highest law position in the country (Mukasek) and its not news that Michael Chertoff is a dual Israeli citizen and in charge of Homeland Security that was created because of Israel bombing the WTC on 9/11. Its not news that the neocons are all Jewish whether they say so or not ( they lie, folks ). Its not news that our food is being stamped and basically controlled by orthodox Jews. Its not news that we are killing Israel's enemies in the Middle East, people we used to be friends with. Its not news that AIPAC ( American Israel Public Affairs Committee ) is thee most influential lobbying organization ever in the USA that completely guides our foreign policy because of the money WE give to Israel.

No, healthcare is back in the news on the Bill Mick show. Every single issue Mick has ever defended since I've heard him on the radio he has been completely wrong on. Why on earth would you side with his opinions or uncommon sense now?

With all the people in the world today, Clear Channel went all the way to California to bring back a talk show host that used to say illegals are just here to take jobs we don't want. Do you understand, folks? This was a direct LIE. These neocons do nothing but LIE! We went into Iraq for weapons of mass destruction, we aren't building a North American super highway, the borders are being guarded, our constitution isn't being trashed, the economy is hunky dory ( dollar is strong, jobs are good, gas prices great , etc.), its ok that Jews stamp your food products and Jesus is thrown out of the USA, its a good idea to send your kids to a bogus war, you should hand over your guns because guns kill but not tasers, Israel is our friend, Palestinians aren't even human beings and nobody else in the ME are human beings, our Reps. are doing the best they can and aren't on the take, our schools are fine and our kids are being taught the truth and on and on and on. Anyone that defends this neocon agenda is a LIAR and a TRAITOR. Do you people understand this?

I have come in the name of My Father, and you receive Me not. If another shall come in his own name, him you will receive... But they cried out: "We have no king but Caesar!" ~ St. John v.43; xix.15

Apopka, FL

#19 Sep 20, 2007
Bill Mick, Florida Today and Fox News.

Folks are you living under a rock? You might as well have John Lovett of the old Saturday Night Live giving you the news. All 3 and SNL have only one agenda and one agenda only, "push the Jewish agenda". You think thats crazy? Here are the facts:

SNL is run by Jews
Florida Today owned by Jews
Fox News owned by Jews ( yes, Rupert is Jewish, surprise surprise )
Who do you think pays Bill Mick? Arabs?
Look at this

and this

Who do you think Bill Mick is going to stand by, America or Israel?

Go ahead and ask him or just listen to him for 5 minutes.

There is absolutely nothing American about Bill Mick, nothing. When Bill Mick says he was a policeman you have to wonder whose laws he was protecting. He sure isnt protecting Americans running his piehole on the radio and keeping people from telling the truth otherwise you will get what he calls the "radio tazer". He wont even let me on because I will hit him with so much truth so fast he will have to hang up on me and regain his composure in front of you.

You are hearing only one side of EVERY story.

Apopka, FL

#20 Sep 20, 2007
Bill Mick will let black women come on his show TWICE in one day because its such an important subject for blacks to have us white folk understand, but if we talk about the JEWISH problem us "white boys" have it aint allowed.

That is called deliberate destruction of America by design. Think about it.

All Bill Mick has to do is use his owned piehole to orate the statistics of Black on White crime. Do you know that a white woman is 5000 times more likely to be raped by a black man than a whites on blacks? Do we hear that?

Do we hear the general overall stats on black crime opposed to white crime? Now if we could separate the white crime from the Jewish crime we would see that whites are literally the least likely to commit a crime by far, but we spend our lives protecting other peoples crimes, at least Mick does because he isnt an American.

How about the Hate Crimes 3 Jews committed by burning down 10 Baptist churches in Alabama? They are calling the parents of these kids heroes now because they helped turn them in. They werent charged with terrorism, hate, nothing. Hate Crimes are for White people only and who do you think makes this so? Jews are white when its fitting to be white and Jewish when its fitting to get them off the hook. Its completely ridiculous and nobody will dare talk about it even though it is destroying America.

The media is totally pathetic folks.

Apopka, FL

#22 Sep 24, 2007
Can you believe this guy, Bill Mick? He has a guest on who is trying to tell the people about our upcoming economic collapse which is at the door, but Mick keeps interrupting him about stuff entirely unrelated. The Canadian dollar and American dollar are now equal and Mick says he remembers when the dollar was equal to $ 2.50 Canadian dollars. That was a long time ago in Micks dreams, folks.

The fact is Mick keeps his guests from getting too much truth out and stifles it. He knows where the subject is leading, its leading to his bread and butter. His job is to side with them and against you and me. That's it in a nutshell.

Well now we have our good friend Mitch Needelman on once again. He is thee most boring, lifeless, distracting, bump on a log representative any town could possibly ever hope for and he's on your local radio all the time proving it. I sometimes think that he simply puts the entire county to sleep with his absolute lame talk.

Mick's guest says that probably 1% or 2% of the people actually understand the Federal Reserve. Uh huh, uh huh, Bill Mick agrees and proves that percentage right there on the spot. He has as much clue about the Federal Reserve as he does who pays his pay check or does he? It seems that every talk show host in America is ignorant of the Federal Reserve and that its made up of the same people who financed the Russian Revolution who were entirely Jewish. Why cant they say this on the air? If these people were Arabs they'd be saying it in a heartbeat. The fact is the bottom line is they are misleading you purposely. Instead of telling you the truth they tell you nothing and fill the airwaves with useless junk that simply poisons your mind. Think about it.

Mitch Needelman is your Commissar, you wont get the truth from him. He works for the bankers and it doesn't matter if he's Democrat or Republican. It doesn't matter, folks, please understand this. These guys are ruled by the almighty dollar and that dollar is tanking. They will watch that dollar tank without telling you a word because its not you they care about in the first place.

When you hear Needelman and Mick on the radio just think of this slogan...."Lead, follow or get out of the way". They are in the way like fat lards in the doorway of truth. They do what their masters tell them, they are poodles. Don't let the country boy nice guy image obstruct you, they are 100% against your culture, your religion and your way of life. If they don't speak the truth about our economic situation right now and they didn't speak out about the illegal invasion and just this minute Needelman is denying a leader of a foreign country the right to free speech. You see Mitch just wants our kids to attack Iran because the leader of Iran told the truth about Israel. Instead of hearing what he has to say and talking in a civilized manner, Mitch wants to stifle him and use your kids for cannon fodder. Is that what you want, folks? Are we Israel now defending everything they do? Mitch and Mick need to go to Israel because this is America and it is quite frankly TREASON to all Christian Americans. Quite frankly I agree with the leader of Iran and if Mitch ever wants to take his anger out on me one on one I would be more than happy to oblidge the poor SOB. He would probably want to have me handcuffed and muzzled first like Bill Mick would. Thats the only way they can win at anything.

Apopka, FL

#23 Sep 25, 2007
We all know the slop Bill Mick talks about every day, but lets take a look at some of the things he doesn't talk about.
1. He wont have a debate about the Holocaust. Specific historical events are not allowed on the Mick show. Questioning the Holocaust is so evil to him that anyone that dares question it doesn't deserve to have the right to free speech in America. This subject has numerous people in jail because they seek the truth in this subject. Is that ridiculous or what? Jesus Christ questioned Jews if you recall and was crucified because of it. You are free to deny Jesus, but enslaved to belief in the Holocaust, something you aren't allowed to deny, but believe. Nothing changes and Bill Mick works for the opposing side of Christianity.
2. Talking about the Israeli involvement in the WTC bombings is taboo because people may just expand their minds and learn something that makes perfect sense. There are so many Jewish and Israeli connections involved with 9/11, but Mick doesn't discuss one of them.
3. AIPAC or Israel Public Affairs Committee wont be discussed as thee most powerful lobbying organization influencing our foreign policy and whatever policy it wants today. This is "hatred" to suggest such a thing is happening.
4. The USS Liberty attack- 40 years ago one of our ships was severely attacked by Israel and it was kept quiet to this day. All the talkshow hosts who claim they are for free speech and support the military are bald faced liars. These Liberty crew members have been trying to tell their experience on that day for 40 years. Check it out yourselves at . If its up to Mick they will never be heard.
5. The Kosher food scam- Just about every food item you buy is stamped by an orthodox group of Rabbi's who not only charge a tax but manipulate your country's food supply as a whole. They are monopolizing our food quite simply. Watch the Kosher Food film on video section.
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