Katyn Not On the Discussion Table

Katyn Not On the Discussion Table

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Genrikh Yagoda

Cocoa, FL

#1 Sep 24, 2013
You wont see this on that 2 bit coward OReilly's show because he is too damned busy washing Jews behinds. Krauthammer, next Goldberg, Miller, next, Adam OyVeyolla, theyre all demon Jews folks. Not a spec of truth on TV.

We can talk about anything but the truth about who and what Jews REALLY are and what they have done to every country they have every inhabited (that includes all the different types of Jews too).

You think this will be discussed? Jews want to keep you focused on how persecuted they were in the so called Holocaust (its [email protected] folks). Why cant we discuss this?

Because that genie will never go back in the bottle so our priests, our sold out politicians, our controlled military leaders all claim to know history by never discussing it.

There is gonna be a showdown- like that jew song says.

Genrikh Yagoda

Cocoa, FL

#2 Sep 24, 2013
"A system can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive "treason" from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. The "traitor" moves amongst those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself, for the "traitor" appears not a "traitor" ? He speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a system, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of its nations, he infects the body politics so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. Beware, beware, beware..." -- Marcus Tullius Cicero 42 B.C

Bill OReilly and co. are going to hang without their tongues- I guaaarantee!
Genrikh Yagoda

Cocoa, FL

#3 Sep 25, 2013
I dont think Amy Finestern likes this one.
Genrikh Yagoda

Cocoa, FL

#4 Sep 25, 2013
Jews took 20,000 Polish Catholics- yes JEWS and shot them through the back of the head Mafia style (which Jews are too)one by one and the Catholic church doesnt say a word (nor any other church and welcome in BS Holocaust victims).

The entire country is sold out to these pathetic psychopath Jews.
Genrikh Yagoda

Cocoa, FL

#5 Sep 25, 2013
What about : Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich or Moshe Pijade there are plenty of jews to choose from. None of them I suspect will ever feature in the syllabus taught to our children, nor are the atrocities they committed ever taught (and there is a boat load).

Ask Amy Neecy why the biggest mass murdering Jews arent being taught in our kids schools and Hitler is. Its because your schools, I dont care if they are public or private, they are 100% Jew controlled otherwise a Jew wouldnt be in any position of power in America anywhere.

Instead your preachers and priests dont say a damned word.
Genrikh Yagoda

Cocoa, FL

#6 Sep 25, 2013

Jews have to murder people continuously to keep the truth about them from coming out.

We have a Frankenstein monster loose and we are talking about nothing but diversion.

Forget terrorism folks- Jews are the terrorists too. They just happen to control your news media. Its all jewish BS. Use your own brain and never trust a Jew.
Genrikh Yagoda

Cocoa, FL

#7 Sep 25, 2013
Mention Katyn to the flounder head Bill Mick and you will get the dumbest look in the world "huh?"

"duh" To look stupid is one thing, but to prove you are as stupid if not more than you look is just plain dishonest in Bill Micks case.
Genrikh Yagoda

Cocoa, FL

#8 Sep 25, 2013
These are the folks that did 911 not Muslims. Of course there are Jew Muslims, look at Adam Gadahn Pearlman and Joseph al Khattab Cohen (Al Quaida).

Jews are Catholics Chinese Buddhist Indian Japanese Zen Cambodian.........Jews are whatever they want to be- THEY LIE!
Genrikh Yagoda

Cocoa, FL

#9 Sep 25, 2013
Jews were caught with explosives in their van going over the George Washingtom Bridge on 911. You know what the Jews said? "We are not your enemies, the Palesteeeninas are your enemies"... this coming from 3 Polish Jews living in the Jew state with a picture of planes hitting the towers on a white van.

Jews think you are stupid because you trust them and the truth is YOU ARE!

Its not us you hate its the Palestinians.

This is what this nutjob media tells you every day. Its not the Jews its A B C or D and you dumb lemmings cant figure it out.

I am telling you you have no free speech. You dont. If I dont have free speech you dont because I might know something you dont other that the Jewish BS that took over your brain.

Jews cant talk about true history, people end up dead and Id rather be dead than live in a Jewish BS cesspool world. Let the truth in or have chaos its up to you. Chaos is indeed coming as it always does when good men do nothing about lying nutjob shameless Jews.

Cocoa, FL

#10 Oct 3, 2013
Before there was even a word "Holocaust" that wasnt used until 1978 there was a word "Katyn" where Jews marched 30 thousand Polish Catholics (the intelligentsia) into a room with a hose and a drain and shot them each individually in the back of the head one by one.

And what do the Catholic churches teach in their spare time? Holocaust BS.

It is gutless folks. Get out of those churches, they have been Jew infected. Its pretty simple, if you are helping Jews spread their BS there is no way you are a Christian- period.
Genrikh Yagoda

Cocoa, FL

#11 Oct 3, 2013
Jews murdered 30 thousand, yes 30 (not 20), Catholic Poles to make it look as if the Germans did it.

I want you to take a walk and think about that for a good long hour today.

I am talking Jews folks, yes those same Jews who claimed to be put into gas chambers, into incinerators, had their heads shrunken, were used as soap and lampshades (all 100% pure Jewish Horse [email protected]) and the same people who run Vegas today, run porn, run the drug cartels, the Pill Mills, the Homo/lesbo organizations etc etc etc and your churches are bringing these people in to show white Europeans are evil and Jews are just innocent victims who never dun nuthin to nooobdy!).

Get the hell out of those jew controlled churches NOW!!! You dont need them to help you seek the truth.
Genrikh Yagoda

Cocoa, FL

#12 Oct 3, 2013
Do you or your priest know how many people Jews slaughtered in Russia and throughout Europe?

Ann your so called leaders that you look up to, your priests, your teachers, your favorite media Jew shoeshine boy (take your pick).

They are all sol out and I can prove it to you in under 2 minutes, but there is no free speech (and that is precisely why there is no free speech). So the traitors will continue on until bloody revolution.

That is called history- the true history that is. And all you had to do was keep free speech free. If the truth is shut out, there is nothing to protect you.
Genrikh Yagoda

Cocoa, FL

#14 Oct 10, 2013
Ask Jews about Katyn. 30,000 Polish Catholics popped in the back of the head like dogs and no one says a word...The Jewish Polish Pope John Paul didnt even utter a syllable.
Its pathetic folks.

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