The Good News and Bad News
Bill Mickleshewsky

Sanford, FL

#1 Apr 3, 2013
Good news: Merrit Island Mall and all the road around it is getting brand new pavers (not sidewalk). We are talking MILES of new pavers

Bad news: Not one American or local worker is doing it. Every single one of the workers are Mexicans, Hondurans, Guatamalens, etc.

Brevard- Can you say "we are getting SCREWED?"

I dont think you can even talk.
Bill Mickleshewsky

Sanford, FL

#2 Apr 3, 2013
Your Jewish local government will tell you they are saving money when they destroyed the economy to BEGIN WITH!
Bill Mickleshewsky

Sanford, FL

#3 Apr 3, 2013
Try calling local radio about it and you will see it is designed to keep this kind of stuff (and a hell of a lot more stuff) QUIET.

Local radio gets paid to SCREW YOU, Brevard.

Are you breathing?
Bill Mickleshewsky

Sanford, FL

#4 Apr 3, 2013
I guess the Black Community doesnt see this either. Apparently Blacks arent complaining about being discriminated against anymore. Nobody, including Jews arent ranting about Affirmative Action either.

Everything must be just grande in Brevard and America now?

The truth is folks, your Jewish media and your Jewish owned government has screwed you right out of a country.

In case you havent taken a whiff or looked around lately, your country has been turned into a cesspool and somehow nobody is saying WHO it was that did it (at least allowed to say).

Your media needs to be hanged folks. No free speech? Thats TREASON!!!

Because free speech offends some people isnt reason to deny it and why America got into this mess to begin with.
Bill Mickleshewsky

Sanford, FL

#5 Apr 3, 2013
The media can claim millions of Arabs are our hell bent enemies overseas while renting 7/11's, hotels, gas stations (all of them) to the same people in America and nobody can claim that it is JEWS doing it.

It is sooo pitiful folks, I cant believe you are even human beings not to see the hypocrisy and as CHRISTIANS YOU SAY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

You think hypocrisy doesnt exist if Jews are involved and your Christian leaders had to die so you could see who the hypocrites WERE!

Turn off that Jewish TV and quit believing Jewish fables (because thats all the media is). What is really really pathetic is your churches have been suckered into not offending this Jewish brainwashing cesspool called the media. These people claim to be our spiritual leaders etc. What they are doing is telling you to do nothing and bend over and take it.

Thats not even human folks.
Bill Mickleshewsky

Sanford, FL

#6 Apr 3, 2013
Haji in the Middle East = Bad

Haji owning all your hotels, gas stations, fast food stores = good

You Americans out there allowing this Jewish thievery to go on are just toadstools. Jews have you so boondoggled you dont know whether to burp or run to the bowl.

How the hell did you let yourselves get so snookered?

Fr Rosenblatt is not a Christian folks. Get it straight. John the Baptist was a Christian (read everything he said- it wont take you long, trust me).

And dont give me this BS that John was a Jew (truth is you dont have a clue what a Jew is and you better figure it out before you lose your shorts). You can always trust Jon Stossel and Goldberg on what the Bible says, however.
Bill Mickleshewsky

Sanford, FL

#7 Apr 5, 2013
What do you know? Bill Mick (the Jew toad) got an illegal immigration call. It came and went like a pearl diver passing gas.

You think the toad reads this? I dont know how anyone can read this and then talk about red light cameras as if its more important. People are losing their homes so Im sure they are losing their cars too. We wouldnt want the average Jew to have to worry about red light cameras while half the population is out of work.

Do you know how many Black people are out of work? Basically the white people left with jobs are paying the Black peoples bills while Jews get Homeland Security grants, the option to move to the Jew state completely paid for when the money runs dry in the USA, etc.

If I walked into the grocery store and said "I dont want any food Jews have touched" you would say I was a hater, but Jews do this with their kosher food every day. You know what kosher food is? It is food that white Christians cant have anything to do with or benefit from. They want white Christians (Christians) completely obliterated. That why they follow white Christians around like leaces (for centuries now). So much for be ye separate- its far too late for that when youre a mongrel.

Perhaps the kosher hoax will pop up on the Mick show now. Dont bet on it. There are some subjects that will never make this Jewish show and it is because Jews want to continue to rape and pillage America unfettered and you sit there like a bump on a log.
Efim Asskanov

Sanford, FL

#8 Apr 5, 2013
Maimonides ( Jews greatest philosopher) said Blacks were on apar with apes. You have to wonder what he would say about Mexicans and Hondurans.

Jews dont want whites in their kosher slaughterhouses, but Mexicans and Hondurans are ok.

What you really should be thinking about is "what do Jews think of whites?"

Well you have to hate a people pretty badly when you operate in secret against them, monopolize against them and bring so called apes into their countries.

But we wont be hearing any discussion of it. Jews get a pass in every subject destroying the world today.

Not on my watch!
Bill Mickleshewsky

Sanford, FL

#9 Apr 5, 2013
aint it the truth Efim!
Bill Mickleshewsky

Sanford, FL

#10 Apr 6, 2013
There are now an astonishing 90 million people absent from the US labor force
April 6th, 2013
1 3 0 0 5

Discouraged job seekers behind shrinking labor force

“The number of working-age Americans counted as part of the labor force — either with a job or looking for one — tumbled by 496,000 in March, the biggest fall since December 2009, the Labor Department said on Friday. That pushed the so-called workforce participation rate to a 34-year low of 63.3 percent.”

90 million people out of work because of Jewish illegal immigration, Jewish Federal Reserve, Jewish monopolization a nd the Jewish media pretends its not even there.

How long are you brain dead fools gonna take this? Are you capable of problem solving? Monkeys are better problem solvers than you or you are all wooses. I think its both.
Bill Mickleshewsky

Sanford, FL

#11 Apr 6, 2013
oh and Jewish wars. Yes I know I know they volunteered, says Kikaka Krauthammer. Well we sure as hell wouldnt want you to volunteer because youd be working for the other side just as you are right now.
Bill Mickleshewsky

Sanford, FL

#12 Apr 11, 2013
The good news- Port Canaveral is growing.

Bad news- they only hire Filipino's.
Bill Mickleshewsky

Sanford, FL

#13 Apr 12, 2013
Gas prices are down a nickel

101 million working age Americans are out of work.

9 years ago gas prices were half what they are now.

Venezuela has gas for 18 cents a gallon because he cut the Jews out.

Now that is good news and of course bad news!
Fr Feinstein

Sanford, FL

#14 Apr 15, 2013
Good news: Many of the Christian Churches in the area are getting new roofs

Bad news: Its being done by Mexicans when 101 million working Americans are out of work (losing their homes).

It should tell who whose side your churches are on as well as the media and your sold out politicians.

Put 10 dollars in the basket my son for thinking such impure thoughts.
Stearn Gang

Sanford, FL

#15 Apr 16, 2013
Venezuela has gas 18 cents a gallon

Bad news Venezuela just got a Jewish President.

Good news- no Jews were reportedly hurt in the Boston bombing

Bad news- If Jews dropped a nuclear bomb on your house the media wouldnt say a word.

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