Harry T Moore and the Truth

Harry T Moore and the Truth

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Glenn Becker

Sanford, FL

#1 Apr 2, 2013
Everywhere you go in Brevard you see names of buildings "the Harry T Moore" building etc.

This is supposed to show that those baaaad white people murdered Harry and his family, but do black people really interested in history?

Jews brought blacks to America in their slave ships not whites. Whites actually tried to ship Blacks back to Africa and where the name Monrovia came from.

Now lets look at the KKK. They wore hoods did they not? How do you know those KKK fellows were actually white and not Jews?


Nathan Bedford Forrest was the first KKK grand wizard, his mothers name was "Beck" like Glenn Beck, like Beckerstein, like Becker or more importantly like the Ashkenazi Khazar name Bek (which also means beak- like the nose of a bird). Here is a place to start

The KKK has always been run by Jews just like Al Queda today is run by Jews. Jews know how to start a fight they have no intention of being any part of.

So I say to Black people and to all people of the world:

WAKE UP! Its the Jews stupid!

Think about it, Jews brought Blacks to America like goats on their ships and then make whites look like murderers.

Ladies and gentlemen any normal human being would be OUTRAGED!!! The media says nothing and never will because they are OWNED!!!
Glenn Becker

Sanford, FL

#2 Apr 2, 2013
"Nathans hotdogs Forrest" made his money in the slave trade and in the rum trade just like Jews did.

Now why would Nathan want to run Blacks out of America when he made his money bringing them here?

Because thats what Jews do folks - DESTROY!

"We Jews are the destroyers"

Marcus Eli Ravage (they steal names to destroy too)

Glenn Becker

Sanford, FL

#3 Apr 2, 2013
Dr Tony Martin- a Black man does a great job on Jewish slavery here and you dont have to read. You can sit on your duffs and watch it like a baxetball game.

Learn the truth and turn that Jewish rap music off- its Jewish and you dont even know it.
Amy Goodstern

Sanford, FL

#4 Apr 2, 2013
If your local schools arent teaching you this history you have to ask yourselves "how much BS are our schools teaching?"

The truth is its all BS. It is Jewish indoctrination just like our Jewish media and our churches who dont know the Bible from a bagel.
Amy Goodstern

Sanford, FL

#5 Apr 2, 2013
Dr Tony Martin edumacated himself so it is proof that it can be done.

he didnt learn this stuff in Brevard county schools you can bet a watermelon on that.

Where are you gonna get an edumacation? You only get educated with free speech and right now Jews have completely cut out free speech.

If you tell the truth you are the worst person on the earth because the truth is offensive to Jews (just as it always has been).

Nothing new under the sun- so you dont have to pick their cotton another minute.
Amy Goodstern

Sanford, FL

#7 Apr 2, 2013
The only reason why Jews help Blacks is because it destroys the White man- period.

You can whistel Jew Dixie till Kingdom Come, but that is the truth!
Amy Goodstern

Sanford, FL

#8 Apr 2, 2013

Maimonides- The Jews greatest philospher said Blacks were Sub Human and closer to apes (in the Middle Ages).

~Did they teach you that in school?

That ought to tell you what they think about the so called Ethiopian Hebrews that never existed.

How is it Maimonides claimed Blacks were sub human and now claim some Blacks are jews today?

Its because even Jews arent of Judah- they are a mixed race of mongoloids.

They will have Hebrew Amazonian Indians when we have a Amazonian Indian president (because it will be a Jew too). Jews will take slaves, rape them and then claim their offspring are Jews when they need them for something.

It isnt rocket science to figure out what a Judahite from the House of Judah really is. It isnt going to be Indian or Black or Arab or Chinese or even have a hooked nose (unless of course you believe Jesus had a hooked nose like a fool).
Amy Goodstern

Sanford, FL

#9 Apr 2, 2013
Harry, you deserve the truth!
Amy Goodstern

Sanford, FL

#10 Apr 2, 2013
Here is a picture of Paul the apostle
Does he look anything like Ariel Sharon or Alan Dershowitz?
Now look at Yaphet Kotto
He is a Jew (todays Jew) too.
Do you allow Jews to determine what things are? If Jews said they were sperm whales would you also believe them?
I suggest you read John chapter 8 first.

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