Ryan Baker Pedophile Hiding In Church?

Ryan Baker Pedophile Hiding In Church?

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Minneapolis, MN

#1 Jan 25, 2010
Make sure to look him up in the Jewish database too
Ryan Baker calls himself a man of God with a ministry of music, but Chief Investigative reporter Steve Wilson found a dark secret he never tells.
He’s a sexual predator, a confessed and convicted child molester hiding in plain site where you’d never expect—inside local churches filled with children and linked with big names in gospel music.
Dorinda Clark Cole, one of Detroit’s own renowned Clark Sisters and a gospel music star in her own right, said her choreographer is Ryan Baker.
Baker is well known in Detroit-area church circles as a dancer with a musical ministry.
One woman, who didn’t want to be identified, also knows Brother Baker and initially thought highly of him and his work. "It’s like an anointing he has to touch people through his dance ministry, especially the kids because that’s the kind of dance he does," she said.
The woman said she knows the dark and disturbing secret Brother Baker himself surely never mentions in church or anywhere else—his interest in young boys like her 14-year-old son.
"He made him take his clothes off and he fondled him," she said.
The woman said it happened when she, a religious entertainment promoter herself, invited him to dance at one of her events in the fall 2 and a half years ago.
"I just followed my heart and I just didn’t believe, I trusted him. And I trusted him with my family," she said.
When the woman confided to other people, she said she learned it wasn’t Baker’s first transgression with young boys.
"That’s when the light came on, like okay, this is what happened because other younger boys came and said,‘Well, your boy’s in there trippin’. He touched me inappropriately,’" she said.
The woman said the incident happened September 21 in front of church elders.
Baker admitted it almost immediately and repeated the confession in front of his parents and others from the church shortly thereafter.
The woman said she went to the police a couple of days later—though she claims the church folks pressured her not to, to let them handle it.
Baker was arrested, charged and sent to court in Ann Arbor where he confessed again and pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree.

Minneapolis, MN

#2 Jan 25, 2010
He got no jail time, but was put on 3 years probation, ordered to have no contact with children, told to register as a sex offender and complete a sex offender program.
He was ordered to stay away from schools and playgrounds, maintain his employment and to not leave the state of Michigan.
So imagine the surprise of his victim’s mother when she heard he was at a Detroit church still performing with children present.
She said church officials told Baker’s probation officers..."He was supervised, but then the probation said it didn’t matter if he was supervised he can’t perform."
Not long after, when the woman tuned in to the Soul Train music awards and there he was again—out in California, dancing on a program that included children in the building.
She alerted authorities and the judge amended the probation order to make it crystal clear.
Baker was "prohibited from performing or working" anywhere children are involved.
Recently, Action News shot undercover video at a Pontiac church and Baker admitted to an Action News intern, "I have a dance camp or a dance company that I teach from 8, I’m sorry, from 4 to 18."
At the Greater Immanuel Institutional Church where the victim’s mother insists he has been performing after the incident, Pastor Drew Sheard said, "He has not performed in our church since we got that information and I am emphatic, I am not making a mistake on that. I know that for a fact."
Sheard also said he has heard that Baker has been performing elsewhere.
The folks at St. James Missionary Baptist Church in Pontiac, where Action New caught him with a church full of children, said they had no idea about his background when an outsider brought him in to emcee a fundraiser.
Action News has no evidence that Baker’s continued association with children has resulted in additional assaults, but it’s clear he has no business anywhere near a child, yet will not stop.
Tonight at 11 we’ll show you what he had to say for himself when Chief Investigator Steve Wilson sat with him for some answers and found out exactly where he’s headed next.
Gospel Boy

Dallas, TX

#3 Jun 15, 2010
He's terrible and Gay!!!!! RYAN BAKER IS A BEYOCH!!!!
Make Stuff Up

Minneapolis, MN

#4 Jun 21, 2010
Richard Sipe is a clergy member who has found a minimum of 25% of the Christian clergy to be homosexual. That's a minimum which discounted that which is not overtly homosexual.

[ed: This is much less than the 60 percent that was attributed to the pentacostal circus in Austin Miles book "Don't Call me Brother" where he only counted those who had made overt homosexual acts and "ploys." - flr]

Jason Berry, the Christian author of "Lead us not into temptation" finds that 25% figure to be too nice. He wants it spelled out the way it is with no hold barred so that "the healing process may begin." He finds a wopping 40 to 50 percent of Christian clergy to be overtly homosexual.

A&E Investigative Reports asked, "how does the clergy system perpetuate this abuse?"

One high master of some church or another mentioned that there is a sort of a defacto "self protective network" of clergy which "covers up sexual abuse cases."

The show then adds another comment that not only are Catholics involved in these types and numbers of cases but all Christian sects. A&E then asks why Catholics are singled out most in the public eye.

One Cardinal Bernardin comments. He claimed that it is because of "our committment [to celibacy] is cause for wonderment." He claimes that it's always good press "when a catholic priest falls." He also mentions that clergy abuse must be publically exposed at every chance else the problem will be hidden by most Christian churches' "network of denial."

One church in Chicago went through their paper history all the way back to 1963 and found that there were 39 different priests that had claims against them that were found to be well-founded. That number excludes the complains for which there was no physical evidence, witnesses, or confessions by the priests. The church didn't comment about how many actual complaints there were.
Deborah Reynolds

Minneapolis, MN

#5 Jun 22, 2010
The murder of a 5-year-old girl for the Jesus god
36-year-old Julia Ann Olivas and 43-year-old Esther Rebecca Griggs have been convicted of the paddling death of a 5-year-old girl they believed was possessed by the devil.
A Los Angeles Superior Court jury found our god-fearing Heroines guilty today of first-degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon in connection with little Breean Spickard's 1996 merciless beating death in Baldwin Park.
The jury deadlocked on the special circumstance of intentional infliction of torture against Olivas and found it not to be true in Griggs' case. That charge would have made the gals eligible for the Magic Needle. Oh darn.
On a brighter note, both broads are expected to face 26 years to life in prison when they're sentenced on Nov. 12th.
Prosecutors say Olivas told Spickard's mother, 34-year-old Deborah Elizabeth Reynolds, to beat her daughter because she was possessed by Satan, and that Griggs provided the paddle used in the beating.
Deputy District Attorney Steven Slavitt said, "Griggs stuck her foot in the girl's mouth to prevent her from crying during the beating... It was the worst beating I have ever seen. They just left her there to die."
Reynolds pleaded guilty to second-degree murder last week and testified against the other two women. She's expected to face a prison term of 15 years to life in state prison when a judge sentences her Nov. 7th.

Minneapolis, MN

#6 Jun 24, 2010
See we got this dumshit right where we want him. Running scared.
Elsie Bourdreau

Minneapolis, MN

#7 Jul 13, 2010
E lsie Bourdreau is a Yu'pik Eskimo with short brown hair, plump cheeks, and, when she is not testifying at grim press conferences, a radiant smile. As Janet Doe 1, Boudreau was the first person to speak publicly about being abused by Father Poole. She kept silent about her abuse until 2005, when her daughter turned 10. "I was 10 when the abuse started," she says. "And I just couldn't shield it from my consciousness anymore." She's now employed as a consultant to law firms pursuing clerical sex-abuse cases, including the firms where Wall and Roosa work.

When Boudreau was a child, the villages of Northwest Alaska were only accessible by plane, boat, or dog sled. Many still are. For the most part, they didn't have public schools, cops, or telephones. Many of the houses were one room and lacked food and consistent heat in the below-zero weather. "The perps would soften up their victims with food and warmth," Wall says, "because that's what the kids didn't have.'It was always warmer in the rectory,' they say.'There was always food in the rectory. There was always candy.'"

In those villages, the priests had unusual authority. "In the village, our elders loved the church and the priests so much," Boudreau says. "They were like honored guests in our land. The priest had the utmost power, power that historically the village shaman would have had." If children complained about the priests, it was tantamount to complaining about the village shaman. "I've talked to hundreds of victims in Alaska," Boudreau says, "and many were physically hurt by parents for speaking about this."

The priests came to occupy the role of shamans by a weird confluence of history and microbiology. In the early 1900s, a Spanish-influenza epidemic ripped through Northwest Alaska, sometimes killing entire villages. They called it "the Big Sickness" or "the Big Death."

Winton Weyapuk was a child in Wales, Alaska, and was orphaned by the epidemic. In an interview from 1997, he recalled that the flu came on a dog sled. The mailman, on his monthly delivery, brought the corpse of a man who'd died on the way to Wales. Curious villagers crowded around the corpse. "The men, women, and children who came to see this body went home, and many got sick and most of them died before the next morning."

Weyapuk's father died that first night, so the family moved into an uncle's house. Most everyone in the uncle's house died, and Weyapuk and his brother Dwight lived in a one-room sod house with four corpses until someone found them. He recalls seeing white men building tripods over the sod houses, using block and tackle to pull frozen bodies up through the skylights, then blasting holes in the frozen ground with dynamite for mass graves. Family sled dogs, neglected and starving, roamed the streets and fought over human remains.

The shamans, normally counted on as healers, were helpless. The population was decimated, and the social structure had to be created from nothing: Another Wales resident remembers that, in the aftermath, so many families had been destroyed that an official from Nome came to the village with a stack of notarized wedding licenses. He lined up all the surviving men, all the surviving women, and all the surviving children, and built families at random.

Catholic missionaries made major inroads into these communities in the aftermath of the Big Sickness.(Along with the Baptists and Orthodox churches. The major churches had a summit in Sitka years prior and divided up their geographical spheres of influence.) The missionaries brought flour and coffee, built orphanages and schools. "They looked at the shamans as evil and of the devil," Boudreau says. A new social order was created. In the villages of Northwest Alaska, the Jesuits stepped into a tailor-made power vacuum.
William Murray Hendricks

Minneapolis, MN

#8 Jul 20, 2010
Wow another one

Rev. William Murray Hendricks, Jr., 50, pastor of Clay Hill Baptist Church, pleaded guilty to 2 counts of lewd & lascivious assault on a minor. The victim: a girl, 7, molested at the church, parish house in 1988 where he pastored for 15 years. As a plea bargain he agreed not to perform pastoral duties until his probation ended.
Rev Federico Lombardi

Minneapolis, MN

#9 Jul 26, 2010
A widening child sexual abuse inquiry in Europe has landed at the doorstep of Pope Benedict XVI, as a senior church official acknowledged Friday that a German archdiocese made “serious mistakes” in handling an abuse case while the pope served as its archbishop.

The archdiocese said that a priest accused of molesting boys was given therapy in 1980 and later allowed to resume pastoral duties, before committing further abuses and being prosecuted. Pope Benedict, who at the time headed the archdiocese of Munich and Freising, approved the priest’s transfer for therapy. A subordinate took full responsibility for allowing the priest to later resume pastoral work, the archdiocese said in a statement.

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said he had no comment beyond the statement by the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, which he said showed the “nonresponsibility” of the pope in the matter.

The expanding abuse inquiry had come ever closer to Benedict as new accusations in Germany surfaced almost daily since the first reports in January. On Friday the pope met with the chief bishop of Germany to discuss allegations emerging from church investigations and media reports.

Allegations of problems in the German church have already come close to the pope, whose brother, Monsignor Georg Ratzinger, 86, directed a choir connected to a boarding school where two former students have come forward with abuse claims. In an interview this week, Monsignor Ratzinger, who directed the choir from 1964 to 1994, said the accusations dated to before his tenure. He also apologized for slapping students.

At a news conference following a one-on-one meeting with Benedict on Friday, Archbishop Richard Zollitsch, the head of the German Bishops Conference, said the pope was “greatly upset” and “deeply moved” by the abuse allegations, and urged the German church to seek the truth and help the victims. He said he did not discuss Monsignor Ratzinger’s comments or the investigation into the choir school with the pope.
Rev Federico Lombardi

Minneapolis, MN

#10 Aug 5, 2010
A civil lawsuit claims a former Lutheran minister molested eight boys over several years and that his actions should have been halted by church leaders. The lawsuit, filed Feb. 12 in state district court, names former Evangelical Lutheran minister Gerald Patrick Thomas Jr., the Chicago-based Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and several other church-related organizations as defendants. Thomas, who resigned from the denomination's clergy roster about a year ago, could not be reached for comment Tuesday. A spokesman for the ELCA said the church will present its case in court, not in the media.

Philadelphia, PA

#11 Dec 26, 2014
I don't care about this man's personal life I loved to see him dance and he has passed away and instead of talking about his crimes show some respect to his family, friends, people who lives he touched with his dancing.
Family first

Charlotte, NC

#12 Dec 27, 2014
John HOUSTON wrote:
I don't care about this man's personal life I loved to see him dance and he has passed away and instead of talking about his crimes show some respect to his family, friends, people who lives he touched with his dancing.
I met him years ago, very talented. What happened to him?

Atlanta, GA

#13 Dec 27, 2014
Family first wrote:
<quoted text>
I met him years ago, very talented. What happened to him?
It was so sudden...He had been in and out of the hospital.

United States

#14 Dec 27, 2014
John HOUSTON wrote:
I don't care about this man's personal life I loved to see him dance and he has passed away and instead of talking about his crimes show some respect to his family, friends, people who lives he touched with his dancing.
The comments these other people left for Ryan, we're way before his death. So, how are they disrespectful? It's important to read times and dates before commenting emotionally.
He was a great dancer but your personal life has much to do with your ministry. If YOU had kids and you KNEW about his struggle, would you leave then alone with him? I PRAY you wouldn't say yes just to try and make my point invalid. And even if you did say yes.......... I wouldn't believe you.

Taylor, MI

#15 Jun 16, 2015
We ALL have flaws, some hidden some exsposed who can judge who? All I know is Ryan was an amazing person to know, flaws and all I loved him as a friend and I miss him so very much. its so unfortunate fir his life to be cut short so soon, because he had so much to offer the world. R.I.HEAVEN BRUTHA, YOUR LEGACY OF DANCE, LOBE AND LAUGHTER WILL LIVE ON FOREVER...

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