America is Now Less Than 50% White

America is Now Less Than 50% White

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Barry Obamastein

Sanford, FL

#1 Mar 27, 2013
Bless Israel and you will be blessed. Bless Jews and you will be slimed.

What I want to know is, how is anyone on earth blessed for blessing a land that is full of homosexual Khazars and mixed mongrel Judeans?

If you bless true Israel (the people) you will be blessed so you better know who true Israel is.

I would explain this to you with the Bible right in your face so you couldnt weasel out, but there is no free speech, the priests and pastors are all sold out like our politicians and school teachers, etc.

They dont know what a JEW is. The word JEW did not even exist when Jesus and the apostles were on this earth, the word was either Judean or Judahite. A Judean is someone living in Judea and a Judahite is someone genetically related to Judah and no Canaanite or mixed blood.

Look at these Jews and tell me, do they look pure to you? If a white has a child with a Jew it is a Jew folks. If a white has a child with a negro, it is a negro folks. The white race is the only race that will show its impurity. Just look at the Sicilian Mafia- they are Jew/Muslim mix- that means they are more than 4 different mixtures at least.

You will never hear about a Jew and racial purity because they were called Judeans because they were not true Judahites. Look into any concordance and you will see what Jew means. Jews have disregarded all of the House of Israel even though the Bible says Israel is scattered abroad. James chapter one verse one is addressed to the 12 tribes.

So why are there only Jews left? BECAUSE THEY ARENT JEWS OR JUDAHITES they are mixed mongrels.

It isnt rocket science folks. Just look at Tel Aviv, its the homo capital of the world.

Not one pastor or priest will dare debate in an open forum. They are all sold out pigs. If you can find one to debate- get him and I will prove it to you.
Barry Obamastein

Sanford, FL

#2 Mar 27, 2013
Jews aint white so you can take off all the Jews and crypto Jews who were most likely counted as white so scratch off another 6 to 8% of that.
Father Schpigel

Sanford, FL

#3 Mar 27, 2013
I want you to think this out with your own brain, ready?


There are Chinese Jews, Druze Jews, Polish Jews, Indian Jews, Black Jews (you following me?), Mestizo Jews, Iranian Jews, etc.

A person of the House (family) of Judah is supposed to be pure. If you dont understand that- read the Bible again- with Genesis this time.

Tell me, how can a Black Jew be a pure descendant of Judah?

Also, why is it there are no Israelites left (from the House of Israel). Do you remember them? They were the guys with Dan, Joseph, Gad, etc. remember?

Where did they GO? Why are they referred to as JEWS now?

Because you are being HOAXED thats why.

All we have to do is be able to discuss Jews openly and we would all easily see this HOAX, but you see JEWS have the antisemite card if anyone says anything questioning their LIES.


Jesus wasnt a Jew he was a Judahite. The king of Judea was an EDOMITE (Herod), many of the Pharisees and Saduccees were Edomites (Idumeans) also known as Judeans because they lived in Judea.

They were not Levites. Just because a Jew takes the name Levi doesnt make an Edomite a Levite.


Say this 20 times

Jews arent Israel, Jews arent Israel.

Israel is all the 12 tribes (ALL OF THEM) and Jews aint one of them.


Get me your priest and I will make him run for the tall grass in front of everyone.
Father Schpigel

Sanford, FL

#4 Mar 27, 2013
Check your church for a Jewish priest. They sure as hell aint Christians folks.

Christians speak out.
Father Schpigel

Sanford, FL

#5 Mar 27, 2013
The media and your priests will tell you Jesus came for EVERYONE and that America is for EVERYONE, but that is a big fat LIE if you read the Bible and the Constitution.

Jews have control of the media for one reason, to control your mind.

Things are the way they are because you allow them to- period.

You want to know what the law is? You want to know what the Constitution says? It has nothing to do with Jews, not one word except John 8:44.

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