Jewish kosher food, succoths, chicken twirling, Haman ears, sucking blood brom Jewish babies penises, etc are all Hollywood acts by Jews who pretend to be somehow the House of Judah and all the House of Israel as well.

When you read the Bible you can see this is bonkers folks. Jews feed off your lack of knowledge of your own Bible. They have you convinced that Jews from Khazaria are the House of Judah and have you convinced that Sephardic Jews, who are related to Caiaphas and Herod and not Judah are the House of Judah as well.

Jesus came for Israel folks and not Jews of any kind. There was no such word as "Jew".

Jews run Hollywood and are the biggest shysters on the planet. If you believe them you are a fool. You better figure out the truth or demand it is allowed to be brought in instead of this 100% controlled Jew media diarhea. It has to start with truth to make any change for the good. Jews are lying to you at every level and nobody in the media will put their jobs on the line to defend the truth- its just that simple.