Can Hispanics Be Jews?
Judge Steinberg

Cocoa, FL

#1 Jul 16, 2013
Can someone please tell me how a Jew with a German name can mate with a Jewess from Peru and be known for being Hispanic?

If Sammy Davis Jr had a child with Gladys Zimmerman it would still somehow be a Hispanic.

Alan Dershowitz is a Jew- we all know that he proclaims to be a Jew openly when he is absolutely no relation to the House of Judah or Israel, but if Dershowitz had a child with a Peruvian woman, whether she be a Mestizo Indian or a Jew, somehow the child would be considered a Hispanic. There is absolutely no racial or ethnic identity of this whatsoever.

If any other people breed into the white race that child will not be white- period, but anyone in the world can have a Hispanic child and they call this a race.
Hispanic was once what the Romans called the white Celts living in Iberia or Spain and the Jews took the word Hispanic and applied it to all the offspring they had with the indigenous Indians of Peru, Costa Rica, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico and even as far away as Puerto Rico.

If we are talking about Hispanic people today we are talking about a mixed people and not a race. If that mix has Jew in it like Zimmerman it will never be discussed. This is the same thing the Jews did in Judea, they were Idumean/Canaanites that became High priests of Judea and tetrarchs and assumed the name Jew because they were Judeans not because they had any relations to Judah or Israel at all.

If we are going to talk about race let us really talk about it. Instead you settle for the same Jew fables over and over again.
Judge Steinberg

Cocoa, FL

#2 Jul 16, 2013
The only thing Spanish or Hispanic about Jews and or Indians is they speak Spanish (a white language) or they were Jews KICKED out of Spain in 1492 and didnt want the local Indians in the Americas to know who they were.

Even the Catholics who tried to convert the Indians to Christianity were Jews because Christianity is based on Israelite blood- period.

This constant confusion with blood, geography and religion is nothing but confusion (babel). God is not the author of it Jews are.

The Jesuits were Jews and you cant convert an Indian or a Jew to Christianity it is impossible, especially converting Jews however where it clearly says that Jews are from below and had their own father with a little f.
Judge Steinberg

Cocoa, FL

#3 Jul 16, 2013
A Jew is already a mixed race person, but that isnt the root of it, still. The root of it is WHO they mixed in with and who they spread that seed to who are unaware of that seed. Yes I am talking about the nephilim, fallen, satans seed. It is Biblical doctrine, you see they want to believe its the other way around but will never say it.

The only way to get through all of this is with free speech and we will never have it with Jews as Judges, teachers, lawyers, media controllers, radio hosts etc.

Our churches need to lead the way on this and if they have any problems they need to let us know. It doesnt take a professor to figure this out folks.

Jews claim the white race are Canaanites and the truth is the Jews are the Canaanites, what is worse they are the Kenites (why stop at Canaan?). You are going to have to start using your brains folks and turn off that Jewish controlled brain you have had for years. You are not going to get the truth from liars- John chapter 8
Judge Steinberg

Cocoa, FL

#4 Jul 16, 2013
Shouldnt we say "Jewish Hispanic" or "non Jewish Hispanic" when referring to this new mixed breed of Hispanics?

Think of Florida politicians first, Marco Rubio, Elena Ross Lehtinen, Mel Martinez- nothing Hispanic about them folks- they stole the word Hispanic and relocated it to whomever they wanted to (themselves as well). Latino is another- there is nothing Latin about Jews or Indians- not a thing. Latins were also white people- period. Jews steal words and you dont seem to care. They steal words right out of your Bible (not theirs) because the Bible has never been for Jews and why they had to rewrite it into the Talmud (Babylonian Talmud).
Judge Steinberg

Cocoa, FL

#5 Jul 16, 2013
List of Latin American Jews

There are probably more Jewish/Hispanic Jews than there are Jews all over the rest of the world.

Think of Judge Steinberg herself- she isnt German, her family stole German names so they wouldnt be known as Jews. You wont see any Jews taking their fathers name Caiaphas or Herod- somehow those folks have no offspring- they disappeared along with the House of Israel according to Jews.

Wake up- people. You are being pummeled with lies and not one Jew will accept an open debate on the subject so they have to become Judges to control the entire case.
Judge Steinberg

Cocoa, FL

#6 Jul 16, 2013
Lets see Jew themselves being investigated in the courtroom before you accept them as Judges.
Judge Hellerstein

Cocoa, FL

#7 Jul 19, 2013
What race are Jews? And what race are the House of Israel that split from the House of Judah?

It is so difficult to explain it all to you and thats why Jews control the media, so you never will be able to put it all together, but the truth is there folks. It just isnt with the Jews and every church in America should know this.

Many Christians want to convert to Judaism because they believe Judaism is the root of Christianity, well folks, I am here to tell you that there was no such thing as "Judaism" it was Israelitism and Jews are neither one.

Why would a Christian want to convert to the people who said "Let his blood be upon US"? Your gutless priest wont dare say a bad word about Jews, today everything is love love love love. Love is keeping Gods laws- period. There is no such thing as "love the Jews (Idumean Canaanites) you are supposed to be separate from them. When Jesus said Love thy neighbor" it was after he said "Be ye separate" in the Old Testament. Keep my commandments.

Like the Constitution, the Bible has nothing to do with Jews whatsoever. They slithered into Judea under John Hyrcanus and put Jesus Christ on the cross because they have NO MESSIAH- NONE! Nothing in that Bible was written for Idumean Canaanite Jews or Ashkenazi Turko Mongolian Kenites. Not a thing!
They had to change it to make it suit them. Its called the Talmud.
J Lo

Cocoa, FL

#8 Jul 31, 2013
Lopez, Gomez, Garcia, Perez, Rivera, Rodriguez, etc........all huge Jew names. These names come from Spain and not from original Spaniards, but from Jews. The Catholic church has a record of most of the names Jews took.

What we have in Central and South America today is a lot of people who were injected with the demon seed.

First thing Jews did when they got booted out of Spain was breed into as many natives as possible. These natives now somehow believe that Jews are somehow Israelites when it doesnt take an IQ of 40 to figure out they have no relation to Israel (the people) in the slightest, remotest bit. If there was frr speech you would know it because Id explain it to you.

Oh but we must not offend Jews and prove they are the liars, You are going to have to tell the truth or live by the truths enemy.

Cocoa, FL

#9 Jul 31, 2013
The train operator in Spain is a Jew. Think about it, a Jew taking a train load of people to the annual Saint James day festival.

Saint James wasnt a Jew and looked nothing like Garzon, James was a white man who preached to white people- not to Idumeans or Jebusites or Indians or Chinese or anyone else. James was a Benjaminite of the House of Judah who only directed his epistle to the 12 tribes (not spiritual 12 tribes) the 12 tribes themselves who had scattered abroad to Spain since the time of Solomon and before (Tarshish).

All of this Jewish trash can be so easily debunked, but its obvious your pastors and priests are too cowardly to teach you the truth. If a non Jew today is a Gentile, that means Jews call the House of Israel Gentiles too even though the covenants were too Israel not the House of Judah and especially not Jews who arent Israel at all.

You are going to have to unfurl this Jewish crap folks. Jews have you chasing your tail. Stop, roll over, bark a little and for God sakes seek the truth. Jews will never in a million years give it to you.

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