Bill Micks Mixed Mongolian Mongrel Nu...

Bill Micks Mixed Mongolian Mongrel Nuggets

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Gabe Rothfarb

Cocoa, FL

#1 Jul 9, 2014
Bill Micks Jewish call screener decides if Bill Mick said something of any value and stores it. If Bill Mick belches or farts his Jewish call screener saves it. Bill Mick then picks out something that he said that is worth saving. If he happens to say something by accident that he thinks was worth you hearing (a lie of some kind) he wants you to hear it again in case you didnt catch it the first time.

Truth is Bill Mick isnt German, he isnt Irish, he isnt even a Pollak, he is a Jew from Poland maybe via the carpet baggers. White men cant lie like this Mongolian does folks. Get it through your heads this is not human, not from mankind.
Tod Stirns

Cocoa, FL

#2 Jul 14, 2014
Bill the ^^^^ Mick spoke about things being blamed on the "white man" for about 20 seconds and moved on, but he didnt say he was a white man as usual (pssst Jews arent white folks). Jews are the farthest things from white on the planet believe it or not. A Bhantu dish dancer has a closer chance of ever becoming white than a Jew.

Bill Mick sort of ran over the "white man" comment and didnt say he was German or a Pollack or a Slav of any kind, in fact he never has. You see he is a jew who wants you to think he is a self hating German or Pollack and you will just blindly follow along. Sort of like a jew wearing a crucifix.

Thats what jews do folks, read John 8:44 and then look at the entire media and politicians all sold out to the synagogue of satan. They are walking around folks, you can tell who they are by their omissions and lies, they just cant help it because they arent of truth. Another great way is to look at them. If they look like Bill Mick (the reptile category) they are not white folks. If they like perverted stories every morning they arent white folks, thats called a jew.
The Talmudin your eye

Cocoa, FL

#3 Jul 15, 2014
Bill Mick the fat grotesque toad wants his Black slave football back. He wants to see Blacks hitting each other and interbreeding with white cheerleaders while he sits back and flatulates in the dark.

All I can say is "Germany wins" ha ha and why the Jews all hate soccer.

Jews dont say how much they hate tennis or pool or darts, but the sold out jew media knows Europe will more than likely win in soccer so they are contrary to it like they are contrary to everything of mankind.

Like tree frogs on a misty summer night all the Jews are singing their tunes on the exact same off key. Its so evident folks, wherever you see Jews there is corruption and corrosiveness of everything pure. Wherever there is purity a jew is close by seeking to destroy it.

Jews have invented nothing but things contrary to mankind and are persecuted and have more fiat money and gold than any people on the earth. The Jew cries in agony as hestabs you in the back. Leapords and Jews dont ever change their spots.

Its rather odd that our priests and pastors do not see the nature of the corrosiveness of the Jews on Christian countries, you have to be completely blind or completely castrated. Neither one will help you in the end.
Meetthe Palkers

Cocoa, FL

#5 Jul 16, 2014
I guess the web ehh master didnt like this one at the top.

Howell, MI

#6 Oct 25, 2014
why you complain about blacks having kids that are less black.. but celebrate when they have blacker kids that your gonna dislike more anyway later on.. because you are the insanes..

Howell, MI

#7 Oct 25, 2014
you complain about mix peopel then give pure black person a million dollars that you hate anyway.. hate everyone..

dude has like 30 full black your like whatever..

but has like 1 that's both white and black your like aaww god end of the world...
Capers Funye

Cocoa, FL

#8 Oct 25, 2014
shane wrote:
why you complain about blacks having kids that are less black.. but celebrate when they have blacker kids that your gonna dislike more anyway later on.. because you are the insanes..
Hey dont blame me that jews took you here as slaves, it wasnt my fault. You dont even want to say its the jews because you will lose your food stamps.


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