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Aaron Lopez

United States

#45 Apr 25, 2013
All the callers want other listeners to think that they are using their right to free speech on the Mullet head show, but not one caller questions the fact that there are certain things that cant be talked about and those certain things are the only real things that need to be talked about if any terrorism will be stopped, wars to be stopped, ponzi schemes stopped, porn and pill mills stopped, controlled media stopped, bogus foreign policy stopped, illegal immigration stopped, etc etc etc. It is all tied into the same JEWISH subject that is 100% taboo on this pathetic show.

It certainly isnt because of being a hater because this media called for war on over a million innocent Iraqi's and Afghani's and shut their phone lines off.

These same callers have still not changed their tune. They know they have free speech to a point and know others have NO FREE SPEECH, even US Veterans. This guy even has a Puerto Rican as a call screener and cuts Americans out.

Folks if you cant see the damage this has done to your country yet your brain is on remote control.

Free speech means free speech. What these radio hosts fear more than anything is that the truth will grow and they MUST keep it completely cut off like any Bolshevik Jew would, but I have news for you, it is all over the internet and people are almost ready to break the medias doors down.

And I aint kiddin. What happens after that is gonna be really reaally ugly! We are talking about TRAITORS folks, not Hollywood traitors, real live TRAITORS!
Aaron Lopez

United States

#46 Apr 25, 2013
You are being programmed to believe the wolves are sheep and they arent sheep. How will you know who the wolves are if they have free speech cut off?

The wolves are going to continue on unless you RAM them the hell out. Not a moment sooner.

This show fears all the Jew programming will be for naught if the truth gets in.

Think about it folks, really think about this, if Jesus came back right now and said the same things he said in John chapter 8 to the Jews he would be silenced by Bill Mick. Exactly what Jews would do.

Bill Mick claims he is for gun rights, but gun rights are when free speech is lost. Bill Mick cut off free speech 10 years ago when he began radio, how long do you think he will be pro gun when he works for the very people who want us disarmed?

The answer is, Bill is a Communist yes man and will do whatever his Jew masters tell him. If Jews tell Mick to wear a dress he wont hesitate. Anyone that silences American veterans in favor of a foreign entity and religion cannot be American folks. Thats a fact!

You have to admit it is psychopathic for someone to be against free speech and pro gun. You have to be a Bolshevik or a masochist.
Debbie Schmaltzer

Cocoa, FL

#47 Apr 29, 2013
Anyone can see that Bill Mick nor any of his listeners ever want to look at the "Jew Factor" of every terrorist act there is. They never heard of the Jabotinsky's, the Irgun, the JDL (a US terrorist organization by the FBI), the Stern Gang, Adam Gadahn, Yussef Al Khattab (aka Joseph Cohen), Baruch Goldstein, Jewish child molestation, Jewish Mafia's, Jewish organ harvesting, Jewish ponzi scheme Federal Reserve, Jewish neocon wars, Jewish abortion clinics, Jewish pill mills, Jewish drug cartels, Jewish money laundering operations, Jewish porn, Jewish snuff,

are you getting the picture? Ive got a lot more.

Bill Mick and his listeners will tell you Jews are just like everybody else, but the truth is folks, Bill Mick and his callers are crypto Jews. Its impossible not to see the Jew elephant in the room unless youre a Jew yourself.
Cindy Birnbum

Cocoa, FL

#48 Apr 30, 2013
Bill Mick is salivating this morning on the coming out of another Jew appointed athlete.

He has never been happier. Like Java the Hut feeding his face Bill probably could not even control his bowels.

All Micks listeners love this talk too. Not one of them will call in and say "Must we be part of this Jewish propaganda?" No not one.

The whole audience loves it and proves there isnt one sane and or moral person who knows these are simply diversions from the Jew elephant in the room. Mick is a shock jock who doesnt even have a pair of gonads.

It really is pathetic folks. I dont mean pathetic as in small time pathetic, I mean it is pathetic that not one caller ever tells this maggot he is a complete dirty scoundrel traitor. He is locked in and if you want him out you have no choice, he is going to have to be chucked out folks.

The guy thinks he is a white man and the truth is he is a Jewish Melungeon. Catch him at the Jew synagogue this week y'all. He's a BS artist BSing you right out of a country.
Cecilia Marrano

Cocoa, FL

#49 May 8, 2013
Bill Mick has a special place in his heart for the injured veterans he helped send to war with his BS and closed phones.

You see he cares about veterans in Iraq, Afghanistan, but he keeps his phones cut off to veterans like me.

Can you say "leven of the Pharisee's?

You are either for free speech and truth or you aint. This putz has a show that is nothing but Jewish propaganda calling for war (white Americans against Arabs (Jews neighbors now). Its the same BS as America going off to Germany to kill their own brothers for Jews.

Its the same Rothchild controlled Civil War with Jew treasurers on both sides.

Wake up folks and realize this pathetic fool works for the Jews.
Crypto Hour

Cocoa, FL

#50 May 29, 2013
Jewish Rabbi's raping kids all over the planet noy a word from Bill Dick. Jews controlling the media and the Federal Reserve and not a word from Bill Dick. Jews control porn, the kosher racket, organized crime like the Italian Mafia, Russian Mafia, the Purple Gang, Murder Inc. not a word from Bill Dick, Jews starting wars they wont fight, Jews killing their neighbors, Jews getting more money from the USA than all the other countries combined not a word from Bill Dick (not even any calls). Jews bombed the USS Liberty, did the WTC on 9/11, the 7/7 train bombing in London and Bill Dick is silent.

Jews killed McKinley, Lincoln, Kennedy not a word from Bill Dick, Jews started Communism, lie about gas chambers and the BS Holocaust not a word from Bill Dick. Are you people catching on yet? Bill Dick is another John 6;44 JEW!

He cant handle the truth so you must accept his Jewish fables every day (lies).
Mullethead Mick

Cocoa, FL

#51 May 29, 2013
Bill Mick is on the side of the Jew- period. It doesnt matter if its Jorge the Jew Zimmerman, Tony Bagels Caveza in the Italian Jew Mafia, Bibi Netanyahu of the Jewish Welfare State, his Israeli wench boss Orit Gadiesh etc.

He is going the way of the Jew. If the Jew is the antichrist what are you doing listening to him or trusting him?

Dont you know by now this guy couldnt give to turds about the truth? Look at him. You dont get that ugly without a 1000 years of lies, cheating and stealing and or stuffing your face with junk food and gefilte.

Truth is the guy is on the radio for one reason and one reason only- he is a Jew bodyguard working directly against America and Im gonna take his fat arse down one way or the other and then roll him around in his own feces.

There is no bigger scumbag in Brevard on the air openly.
Bruce Vexleh

Cocoa, FL

#52 Jun 4, 2013
Is there a bigger sold out traitor on the radio anywhere than the digusting pig, Bill Mick?

He is a liar, he is ugly as sin, he is a Jew boot washer, a traitor and a coward.

He wants you to believe he is some sort of hero cop.

Ladies and gentlemen he was as crooked a cop as he is a radio host. Not one caller of his can see it either. NOT ONE!

Jorge makes sure (by Micks direction) that nobody with any human views will ever get through). Scott Duncan was chucked off the air because he allowed calls from everyone. He may have been boring, but he wasnt a Communist Jewish traitor like this obvious Jew sayanim.

He doesnt see this folks, he gets all his talking points from Bernie Goldberg, Dick Morris and Morton Krauthammer. He is a traitor folks and a thief. If he believed in free speech he would be tarred and feathered.
Doughboy Zimmerman

Cocoa, FL

#53 Jul 2, 2013
Bill Mick having another great day kissing Jew arse on radio again.

What do you think the punishment will be for working for the Pharisees your whole life?

A drug cop that doesnt know Jews control the drug trade (or the porn industry or gambling or Hollywood or the pill mills, abortion clinics, homo and lezbo movements, Communism).

He doesnt see ANY of it folks.

And this guy may have been your kids umpire.
Doughboy Zimmerman

Cocoa, FL

#54 Jul 2, 2013
Its been about 10 years now when the maggot Bill Mick shut his phones off to people against illegal immigration. You know what the Jew slave Bill Mick used to say "they just want jobs Americans dont want".

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are losing your home, lost your son or daughter in Iraq or Afghanistan, lost your daughter or son to the pill mills, lost a grand daughter to the abortion mills, etc etc etc

Bill Mick is the guy to blame. He sold you out, shut off his phones and made sure it continued.

There's hell to pay folks!

The issue is free speech and nothing else. Free speech is like kryptonite to liars like Bill Mick and his scumbucket Jew kin folk.
Mullet Head

Cocoa, FL

#55 Jul 3, 2013
Someone call in and ask the Mullet Head if Herod and Caiaphus were Jews. Ask his to explain to you what a Jew is.

Herod was an Idumean put in place by the Romans

and Caiaphus was put in place by Herod. The High priest was an Idumean Canaanite Edomite.

The Edomites called for the first male born Judahite children to be killed because Judea was full of Judeans (all different lineages and mixed lineages), but the true lineage of Judah and the true lineage (seed) of Israel was alive and well.

Its up to you to figure out who they are. If Jesus came for the "exiled sheep of the House of Israel and not the Jews (Jews were not his sheep- period) then who are the JEWS?

and the huge question is-"where is the true House of Israel?"

Many of you are rolling your eyes, but the truth is you have been conned by the biggest liars on the face of the earth since the beginning of time. Dont take these radio hosts word for truth, dont even take these sold out pastors and priests words for truth. If they wanted to give you the truth they would tell you who you are and who the JEWS are.

They wont touch it with a firetruck folks.

I can make these guys run like hound dogs in public so they have to have their show over the phone with their fingers on the cut off button as every Communist would.

They dont want the truth folks, they want perversion, war, mayhem, confusion.....thats what Jews do. Look at every place they have ever lived.

Paul said it best "Jews are contrary to mankind (and nature) and no you fools Paul wasnt a Jew like Herod and Caiaphus, he was of the House of Judah (a Benjaminite) and he also lived in Judea. You better get your head screwed on right and figure out which one means Judean and which one means Judahite racially or House of Judah racially or Israelite racially.
If an Israelite breeds with a Turko Mongolian or and Edomite Canaanite it is NO LONGER an ISRAELITE.

Mutt Face

Cocoa, FL

#56 Jul 5, 2013
The fat flounder has the Commie Matt Reed from Florida Today on as he does every week. Before Bill Mick got to WMMB they didnt let Florida Today in at all, now they have a dweeb weekly guest from Florida Today, an all Jewish newspaper.

Ladies and gentlemen open your ears and eyes: Jews aint here to give you the truth, they are here to crucify the truth. Are you even breathing? Are you so bamboozled that you dont know your own behind from a bagel?

Why do you think Jews control the media?

You must have the IQ of a cricket, either that or the Jews have gotten inside your brain. You willingly let them in and willingly take responsibility for your own brainwashing.

Its pathetic either way folks, but the truth is you will get the Jew news today and every day and YOU DONT CARE! Before you call me a hater, just look at what I am trying to make happen (its called FREE SPEECH) however difficult it is for your Jew heroes. Lets see how tough your Jews are in a wide open debate. Your heroes are pussies and liars.
Mutt Face

Cocoa, FL

#57 Jul 5, 2013
Bill Mick is on a 4 day vacation and the "Bill Mick Live" show is currently the "Best of the Mullet Head Bill Mick Recordings".

Do you folks realize this is controlled programming? Do you understand that this TOAD and his Jewish audience want no part of FREE SPEECH?

Does it ever occur to you how it is ok to call Arabs "ragheads" and never call Jews the purveyors of porn and drugs and crime?

You people go to church on Sunday and you dont see this? You pray to someone who this clown would hang the phone up on.

Muslims or Arabs dont control porn, they dont control the drag trade, the pill mills, they are not molesting children as Jews are every day, they dont have Italian and or Russian Mafia's, they werent the Purple Gang or Murder Inc., they dont run organ harvesting rings or bombed the USS Liberty,....they do however run the Jew hotels, 7/11's, Dunkin Doughnuts, beer distributors and gas stations (all owned by Jews).

How can you allow Jews to smear others while they themselves are the worst people of all?

Paul said they were contrary to mankind. John the Baptist called them a brood of vipers, Jesus (God in the flesh) called them sons of Satan.....


You even insult your God entirely and claim he is JEWISH.

My people perish for lack of knowledge (and because Jews are BSing you to kingdom come). Jews control the media to LIE to you. Get over it, get off your ass and admit it.
Mud Slinger

Cocoa, FL

#58 Jul 7, 2013
Its another Monday morning and the pathetic Melungeon is back in his chair with a Mountain Dew. You already know all his callers, you know he isnt gonna say anything worth a damn except destroy, pervert, poison the airwaves, pollute the oxygen and kiss Jew arse.

Ladies and gentlemen, it doesnt get any more pathetic than this.
Jorge Mankowitz

Cocoa, FL

#59 Jul 8, 2014
Bill Minterested wh complete muttonhead Jim Wade saw in Afghantan, but wont take calls from even Brevardians like me who were in Iraq and Afghanistan 10 times longer than Jim Wade.

Its a controlled hoax folks. Its Jewish fables- period!

Bill Mick is pushing his contrary Jews like Marc Levin, Ed Klein, all his local Jews and crypto Jews. When did America take to love Jews?

Only because they control the media folks, thus control your gullible minds.. Paul said they were contrary to "mankind". John the Baptist called them "serpents" (adversaries), Jesus called them the synagogue of Satan......Bill Mick and the media call them "our friends" and shut the phones off.

Folks that is treason!
Monique Levin

Cocoa, FL

#60 Jul 15, 2014
Bill Mick, the fat ugly toad who works for Jew controlled Clear Channel is interviewing our sold out new representatives so things can get even worse as they have since the fat toad ever started running his bagel hole in Brevard. He doesnt see dead Palestinians, but he loves those Mexicans (he has one for a call screener). He looked the other way for years about illegals coming in and not one of his jew callers has ever called him the traitor he is. He called for young white men to go to war while Americas borders were being overrun and went right along with it. He wont allow any talk against Jews who want the borders open in America and in Europe, he wont discuss the fact it was Jews who brought Blacks here not Whites and now Blacks will say "we helped build this country" just like the Mexicans will, but Bill the grotesque toad will never say Whites brought either of them in. You see the toad will pretend to be white and act as if it is what Whites should think, but it is all Jewish destruction.
The toad believes Germans put gas into shower heads and murdered 6 million Jews in a 2 car garage with doors that opened to the inside and then made Jews burn their own dead after they were gassed. Its Looney Tunes cartoons folks, its the biggest charade since you were told Jesus was the same lineage of Alan Derschitz and Bill Mick. Folks they are Jews- they lie- John chapter 8. Dont make Jesus into a liar. Jesus was not a Jew, If you think that sounds ridiculous, prove me wrong. Read the book dont trust a Jew what the book says and definitely dont believe what this Jew media says- they do nothing but lie and they will hang- trust me, it will fall.
Monique Levin

Cocoa, FL

#61 Jul 15, 2014
All of Bill Mick the fat toad's callers claim they are Constitutionalists, but skip right over the Jew controlled usury Federal Reserve that creates fiat currency out of thin air, none of which is based on weights and measures. Never do these mongrel Jew callers ever mention the founding fathers who were all WHITE and never intended for anyone but their POSTERITY to come in and certainly never Jews they had left in Europe.

These Jew callers will never touch "Freedom of the press" because the fat toad knows he can never bite the hand that feeds him so that one is out cold.

Freedom of speech is gone, I dont care if you are a combat veteran or any kind of a veteran you will not have free speech to discuss what really happened on 9/11/2001 or Jews bombing the King David hotel, Jewish terrorists, Jewish Mafia, Jews in the drug trade, Jews in gambling, porn and ever vile entity on this earth you will not have free speech. So the media keeps claiming veterans have "brain diseases" and wont speak out because they are "brain diseased".

Folks this media needs to hang yesterday and high. Bill Mick has to keep his phones cut off because he knows I will wipe the floor with his fat rear end and then hang him out to dry.

The question is "why do you allow this traitorous scum to continue?"

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