Bill Mick Show so Fraudulent its Dise...
Doug Dungsplatt

Sanford, FL

#21 Oct 5, 2012
Posey was born in Washington, D.C., the son of Beatrice (née Tohl) and Walter J. Posey. His mother's family immigrated from Russia.

Oy vey! Oy Vey!

No wonder why Bill Mick loves this putz.

Jews immigrated to Russia during the Bolshevick Revolution they started while most the Christians starved or starved to death.

They were shipped here by the Jews in the US Government. Lyndie Johnson made Texas into a cesspool (of course we have the Ashkenazi Roosenfelt tied in with the Sassoon opium trade (Delano). Oh how Jews have blessed the world.
Doug Dungsplatt

Sanford, FL

#22 Oct 5, 2012

Operation Texas

Can I get a big mooooooooo

So the next time someone tells you to call the Tex or Cowboy- better take a second look. One might become president one day and make a cesspool out of it.
Mike Mancovitz

Sanford, FL

#23 Oct 22, 2012
Fat Mick has a new pal (dumb as rocks). These two are the biggest faggots in all of Brevard making sure no real issues are ever discussed.

When are you people going to get it? This attention whore works for Jews and only Jews. He is American as Leon Trotsky. He cant take open calls because this sack of human garbage will be exposed right in front of you so he has to have a completely controlled show. He BS's the county every day and you have nothing to say.

Ask him if he were to make a decision between the Jewish state and America which one he would defend. He offends America every day.

We send 30 million (+) dollars a day to the Jewish state and he wont mention a single word about it. This is more foreign aid to all the other countries COMBINED! Mick then complains about homeless shelters down the street.

Folks it is SICK, it is psychotic!
Slime Channel

Sanford, FL

#24 Nov 8, 2012
Bill Mick is ready to make sacrifices to illegal aliens and the Hispanic vote so he can get one of his Jewish slave Republicans into office. You see the toad helped the illegals slowly creep into Brevard and shut the phones off to anyone who called in against it. The toad used to say "they are only here to take jobs Americans dont want".

If you people dont see that this toad is the biggest traitor in Brevard you must be a lemming.

Now Mick (the grotesque toad) is concerned about paying high taxes for people who DONT WORK in America. In other words he doesnt want to help the Americans who had their jobs stolen by illegals.

But the really easy knock out punch for this fat toad should be whenever he opens his mouth on "food stamps". The Jewish state gets over 10 billion dollars a year (more than all the other countries COMBINED) PLUS +, get this, LOAN GUARANTEES that they never pay off while they control our banking and money system built on USURY. The fat toad doesnt see it, do you know why?

Because the fat toad is on the payroll and the fat toad is a Jew himself. Only a Jew could do what the fat toad does. Its either that or the Jews have some really really BAD stuff on the fat toad (and I mean BAD).

The toad has to keep those phones tightly monitored (he has a Hispanic call screener who also kisses arse for his job).
Slime Channel

Sanford, FL

#25 Nov 8, 2012
They sure tossed out all of the Ron Paul supporters and not one of them said a word.

Bruce Wechchsler, Aaron Lyons, the maranno lawyer, Dick Vance, etc were all Ron Paul supporters and not one of them has had a single word to say in at least 6 months.

Dont you lemmings out there find that just the least bit ODD? Check your water again. Bill Mick is a Communist Traitor! He should have his picture next to the word in every dictionary.
Audie Mickiewicz

Sanford, FL

#29 Nov 12, 2012
You mean WMMB isnt having Veterans Day this year without our judge from Pakistan making a speech? Yes, maybe that is a little too convoluted this year.

WMMB will find a Jew to honor somehow in his stead.

Here is a story

and no, they neveh fahget!

Did you know 500,000 Jews fought in WWII? They fought hard to keep us in the war they started.
Mullet Head

Sanford, FL

#30 Nov 13, 2012
Bill Mick and his fake Jewish cabal of callers are speaking about the importance of free speech in America while they guard those phones like a Jeweler.

Nobody can question Bill Micks unconditional love for Jewish gangsters, Jewish extortionists, porn moguls, gambling house owners, abortion clinics, war mongering chick hawks (it gets slimier than you want to know). The Jewish Sephardic call screener Jorge knows who to let on and who not to and thats why you will NEVER get the truth on this perverted jewish show.

You have to really be a lemming if you cant see it.

Bill Mick is the local Jewish baggage boy on Clear Channel. Not one of them will go against their masters. They are gutless traitors unlike any the world has ever seen.
Jew Media

Sanford, FL

#31 Nov 28, 2012
The toad has about a 20 second delay on his phone system. Many times you think you are hearing the toad "live", but he is actually half way to the bathroom already.

The guy has a call screener and a 20 second delay on local radio.

What is it he fears so much?

Take a guess, you are allowed to think freely right here. Dont say someone is going to call in and scream profanities because it doesnt happen folks.

They fear the truth. You see they fear the Jews and the truth, but they fear the truth more than anything because a talk show host doesnt get a pay cut when he or she lies, in fact they will most likely get a raise. But when it's all said and done they are going to answer to the truth and the rest of us. They hope that day never comes.
Horse Dung

Sanford, FL

#33 Feb 13, 2013
This show is so Jewish and so poisonous to America you can smell it.

As Paul said in Thess 2

They are contrary to ALL mankind.

They have to be heard folks and they have to keep truth out.
Cecilia Maranno

Sanford, FL

#34 Feb 22, 2013
The maranno women pretending to be Christian absolutely love the fat toad Mick. You have to ask why anyone would love this toad other than because he is holding back the wall of Jewish crime.

Just think about it, if I had this show none of these people would be calling in and we would be talking about the real problem in America right now (the Mick show and the Communist callers). However we all know right now the least trusted people to ever set foot on the earth CONTROL our media from top to bottom.

Save the fat toad for me is all I ask.
Orit Gadiesh

Sanford, FL

#35 Feb 26, 2013
How about that Bill Mick show folks? Have you ever heard so much Jewish BS in all your life?

The fat pathetic turd mouth is there to swindle you out of a country. Its a complete Jewish show like that BS Holocaust and fake swastika graffiti they draw on their own synagogues.

If you cant see the complete scam it is you are hopeless!

You can bet every one of this guys sponsors are Jews or complete idiots.
Orit Gadiesh

Sanford, FL

#36 Feb 26, 2013
Jews love to listen to the Mick show because they want to hear how great they are and how someone else is stinking up the world. No its not the Jews its the Nazi's (even though the only Nazi's I know of today are Jews).
Yes, tell them what they want to hear Mullet Head. Whisper sweet nothings in their ears.

Tell them they are a gift to mankind and collect your shekels.

God, what a traitorous scoundrel. Better not talk about any actual issues today because it all leads back to your Jewish paycheck.

Folks, this guy should be yoked in fron of city hall before his hanging.

The guy hasnt had a single caller disagree with him in 10 years and he is wrong on every issue there is.

You want a better America? Its going to start with labeling these people as traitors (he has a Communist Walter Mitty show he and his jewish friends are hoping you believe is truth). They are fishing for suckers and if you believe anything on this show you are a sucker.
Pinocchio Micklewicz

Sanford, FL

#37 Mar 4, 2013
Fatboy Mick is fascinated by a new show on the Talmudvision (Jew toilet TV) called the Amish Mafia. You see this is safe to speak about and a fantastic diversion to the real Jewish Mafia everyone knows has destroyed every good country they have ever been let into.
Yes the traitorous reptilian fat toad has no problem whatsoever attacking the Amish. Just dont say a cotton picking word about that Jew Federal Reserve ponzi scheme or that Jew controlled media or the Jew wars we all know are because of our sold out Jew shoeshine boy politicians, dont say a word about that Jew controlled Kosher syndicate in our grocery stores or who is trafficking young kids organs or who is bringing drugs into America or who controls the pill mills in town or who runs porn, gambling, NAMBLA, homosexual groups, snuff films, pedophilia that isnt being reported and on and on and on and on.

No you fat toad pussy, dont you dare say a word.

I guarantee you before its said and done YOU WILL if I have to make you into my own sock puppet.
Pinocchio Micklewicz

Sanford, FL

#38 Mar 4, 2013
Does anyone out there notice that the fat toad never has any callers who disagree with him and has the same callers call in every day?

All of these shameless callers were pro Iraq war and oddly enough for cheaper gas prices. They allowed Bill Mick to say "Latinos are just here to take jobs we dont want" for years.
Everything that is screwed up in America today is because of Bill Mick and his controlled audience and controlled media.

If a Jewish Rabbi is found with a child in his freezer cut up into pieces it doesnt make the show, but if a priest tosses a kid into a pool and accidentally touches his rear end he is exposed as a child molester all over shows like these.

Folks if you arent going to speak up you get what you deserve.

Americas morality is destroyed because you let shows like these do it.

There is nothing to agree with this fat toad Communist, he is what is wrong with America and the world today and always has been.

If you cant call him the liar he is there is no free speech. No free speech means our country has been hijacked and we know who it is.
Mullet Head

Sanford, FL

#39 Mar 8, 2013
The scum bucket is building up Tim Tebowski as a great Christian (as if the fat slob cares about Christians). What the Jewish media is doing is building up someone who will come out as a homosexual.

I'll bet the fat toad his job on it.

Jews dont praise anyone unless they are up to no good.

You think Bill Mick will ever tell us the rape and incest statistics in the Jewish state? It wont happen folks.

You think he will report the Jew pedaphile stats in Jewish communities? You do know an Israeli Jewess runs Clear Channel dont you?
Mullet Head

Sanford, FL

#40 Mar 8, 2013
All these media baggage boys do is divert. They will tell you everything in the world to take your mind off Jew crime. Our economy is going to hell in a jew handbasket and they are talking about traffic lights and Tim Tebow and not one caller can figure out whats going on.

Do you know why folks? Because its a Jew hoax, nothing but Jewish fables thats why.

You can find the fat toad at the Greek Festival this weekend alone in his tent stuffing his fat face. He is bringing some free WMMB pens and T shirts for the girls. What a bloody asset to the neighborhood and not far from his synagogue. In fact the Greek church is right in the front yard of the Jew synagogue. You can smell the gefilte 24/7.
Chabad Boys

Sanford, FL

#41 Mar 13, 2013
Caller 1.

Hello, I'd like to report the child molesting epidemic in the Jewish community which is off the scales and Jews are being told not to report child molestation to the police.

Bill Mick- We are not on that subject today

Caller 2.

Hello, I'd like to report an alleged child molesting Catholic priest who inappropriately touched Schmuel Rosenblatt in the public swimming pool last week.

Bill Mick- Turn your radio volume down and your up next right after the break. Dont change the subject once you get on either- I dont want to get broadsided by something I cant weasel my way out of.
Bruce Vexla

Sanford, FL

#42 Apr 10, 2013
A Jewish woman can come on the Mullet Heads show and kibbitz non stop unfettered- check out the show tapes on April 8th.

The Jewish woman tells us all how she fears the return of the 3rd Reich. She goes on and on uninterrupted about her fear of white people coming for the Jews again.

Maybe someone could explain to the yenta why this always happens throughout time. Do these people study history AT ALL?

The truth is Jews want us to forget why Jews were tossed out of over 100 city states in Europe and then allowed them back in again. If whites were that bad they would have made sure you never came back and why they keep coming back ought to be of some discussion, but we will only hear Jewish horsesh** all over our TV's, all over our schools, in our movies, even in our churches and not one word of opposition to this protected species. And they are indeed another species.

Bill Mick has sold you down the toilet. If you dont believe that come right here and prove me wrong because you wont hear any opposition to his hogwash of a decade on his radio show. He had a gun and a badge when he was a corrupt cop and now he has a microphone and a phone, but he is still a two bit cheap crooked Mongolian (just look at his pathetic picture- the guy is slime).
Bruce Vexla

Sanford, FL

#43 Apr 10, 2013

If thats a white man Im Barbara Streisand.

Well we know it wasnt the milkman- more like the loan shark.
Bruce Vexla

Sanford, FL

#44 Apr 10, 2013
Correction to the Jewish 3rd Reich woman on the Mullet Head show- it was on April 10th. Either late 7am hour or early 8 am

My clock has a dybuk in it.

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