Bill Mick Show so Fraudulent its Dise...

Bill Mick Show so Fraudulent its Diseased

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Ferris Bueller

Apopka, FL

#1 Aug 30, 2012
This show is so fake, so phony, so fraudulent, so antiAmerican and all the callers all believe everything the twat Mick echoes from Hannity, Levin, Limbaugh, Beck etc. It is all kosher trash folks just eroding our town and America away.

No talk about illegal immigration that wiped out the middle class in Brevard, no talk of the Jewish Federal Reserve (a usury system against Christianity), no talk about how we were suckered (you were) into war with Iraq and all the other Middle East countries Israel wants neutered (you were willing helpers of mass murder), no talk about gas prices skyrocketing because of their wars, food prices because of their bailouts, no talk about our media completely controlled by Jews (people who should never have been allowed into our nation), no talk about Jewish money scams, no talk about who controlled slavery and where all that slave money is now, no talk about who the big fish drug dealers are and where their money is now, no talk allowed about who really did 9/11 (we must go along with the BS that these Bolshevick media talk show hosts and thats final even though millions of people know it was Jews who did 9/11- you cant say it).

Folks, this media has to go because it is evil. they lie for a specific people, they sell you and your children out for money. They are the lowest form of life on the earth and you need to react to it like a human being should. Dont wait for your churches because they are sold out 501 c3 Jewish controlled organizations. Everything Jews control and have taken over is a complete hoax now just like their BS Holocaust (and you know it was BS if you were in a country that allowed free speech).

No one is ever Jewish on this fat disgusting rat Bill Micks show, but everyone else is open season. Folks, these traitors need to be plucked and fried. You have to be complete lemmings not to see what is going on. America is sick and the media is the disease.
Ferris Bueller

Apopka, FL

#2 Aug 30, 2012
Bruce Wwechshler, Aaron Lyons, Dick Vance and the marrano lawyer Zalitis were all Ron Paul (supposed) supporters and where are they NOW folks? Not a bloody peep from them either way.

Ladies and gentlemen it is so evil it needs to be eradicated.

No one has even questioned why we havent heard a word from these people who supported Ron Paul after hearing them for YEARS (not by choice either). Are they going along with this dog and pony show election that is as phony as the Bill Mick show?

Its because it is a scam, its always been a scam and as long as Jews control the media and our faggot churches and politicians it will continue to be a scam. Yes I said churches too. Ladies and gentlemen, would Jesus or John the Baptist sit idly by while all this Jewish crime was going on? And when I say Jewish I mean mixed mongrel Edomite Jews who have no relation to Judah whatsoever (that is what todays Jews are). Go ahead and ask a Jew what makes him a Jew. Because their parents lied about being related to Judah they simply claim they are only saying what their parents told them (talk to their parents and not them). Its horse crap folks!

DO YOU UNDERSTAND? TURN OFF THAT JEW TV you fools!!! If they arent talking about all the Jew crime thats right in your face today as it was in at least 100 other countries (Russia for one-they killed 60 million Christians) they are Jews or sold out traitors- period. Bill Mick is BOTH and his callers are a mixture of the two, but not one person has been allowed to call in and point out the complete hypocrisy of this host and his Jewish callers who will never tell the truth because they are not capable of truth.
Marrano Show

Apopka, FL

#3 Sep 4, 2012
The fat toad was out sick and nobody is allowed to fill in for him while he is out. Ladies and gentlemen this guy is scared ****less of anyone telling the truth in his absence. Everything this toad utters is nothing but Jewish trash.

He makes Brevard sick every time he opens his fat bagel hole.

A liar and a traitor.
Crypto Hour

Apopka, FL

#4 Sep 5, 2012
There is one place to call in to a radio show in Brevard County Florida and it is a completely Jewish run show that is entirely fixed (Jewish Communist) run by an Israeli Jew, Orit Gadiesh and owned by Mitt Romney ( a Jewish baggage boy). Many Jews in Brevard like to play along and know to never discuss this or that;
1. The media is run by Jews
2. The Fed is run by Jews
3. The drugs (illegal and legal) industry run by Jews
4. Porn run by Jews
5. Gambling run by Jews
6. Homo and Lezbian movements run by Jews
7. Jews are the war mongers
8. All the money we give the ungrateful Jewish state
9. Hollywood completely run by Jews
10. Our congress completely run by Jews
11. Jews brought Blacks here on their slave ships and blamed it on whites
12. Jewish ripoffs every week never discussed
13. There is no free speech- the same callers keep calling in because they have been ok'd. Do you think that the only callers in the world who want to use their rights to free speech are the same people every day on this pathetic Bill Mick show? It's a LIE folks. This show is Jewish diarhea in complete favor of Jews- period. You can call Arabs ragheads, but never call Jews ghetto rag peddlers (where they came from). Do you think Jews changed their spots after being in the ghetto all their lives? They were in the ghetto's for a reason.

Now they have polluted America and you cant see it because they have their liars set in the media to lie for Jews and only Jews. They all know what they can and cant say simply to keep their jobs.

Bill Mick is a RAT who works for Jews and Jews alone. That is a fact folks and the longer you exade that fact the longer your country will spiral right into Bolshevism or any other country Jews have decimated only in the ways Jews can. Take a look back in history and you wont miss it.

These shows dont want you to know about true history and why they have to have their fat grotesque bagel holes in front of that mic and shut everyone else off that tells the truth.

Face it, you aint gettin the truth, folks. Face it! It's because they arent in business to give you the truth, they are in business to destroy- period. That is the truth! You are better off listening to a fat hog at the Sheriff's farm than the fat pig Bill Mick.
Matt Nyestein

Apopka, FL

#5 Sep 7, 2012
Same BS callers, all in total agreement with this complete traitor (the fat slob Mick).

Folks, dont you think if he were a man he would call me out? Lets see who is right.

The fat slob wont do it, he has a Jewish agenda to stick to and he will sell out any non Jew in Brevard to keep his position.

There isnt one radio host in the country everyone agrees with and if the lines were truly open on the fat slobs show. The show is a bloody joke and if you cant see it you are in deep delusion. I would hang this guy by his toes for treason myself.

Folks, you have to wake up and realize its this Jewish controlled media and no truth will get through with these people around microphones. You think thats harsh? You think thats hurtful?

Ladies and gentlemen you are being robbed by Jews- they were booted out of every country in Europe because they are contrary to mankind. It says it right in your Bible, but you trust this jew media over your own Bible.

It will get worse until you face these traitorous lying Jewish rats. You want help from Jews...go with the Jews. You want help from Jesus, tell jews what they can do like he did.
Matt Nyestein

Apopka, FL

#6 Sep 7, 2012
All Micks Jew pals are running the tea party now. No talk of Ron Paul at all.*poof* he is gone!

No talk of all Ron Paul delegates being thrown out of the GOP convention (it aint news folks- on with the "left right" jew dog and pony show")

Folks it is so traitorous that you have to be completely dumb deaf and blind not to see it.

This guy needs to be flayed and roasted.
AJ Sprigstein

Apopka, FL

#7 Sep 10, 2012
I want you, the American, consider something and consider it hard, Jews are allowed to spread their hate hoaxes throughout the media making white people, Muslims, whoever they want into demons, Nazi's (whatever the Jew word is of the day), but no one can call in and say that Jews are drawing backwards swastika's all over their tombstones, mailboxes, wherever and deliberately blaming whites (you arent allowed to talk folks- only Jews can talk).

Do you understand the devastation to America and Christianity this does? Do you understand how unAmerican this is? Free speech means free speech for all. It doesnt mean you are free to lie, but it does mean anyone should be free to tell the truth. Who are the liars of all time?

They run WMMB and Clear Channel folks (among a plethora of other media networks). The same demons of old control your communication systems as did during the Bolshevick (Jew) takeover of Russia.

The founding fathers of America were not Jews folks and America has turned into a Jewish cesspool because you (the true American either isnt allowed to speak or just plain wont). In the case of WMMB and Bill Mick it is because he just isnt ever going to discuss the Jewish problem. You see we have an Arab and white supremacist problem, not a Jew problem in his eyes not a Jew Bolshevick problem so free speech has to go. No Muslims or Whites have called for no free speech (only Jews have folks).

Jews can paint swastikas on their synagogues, get all our tax money for protection from Homeland Security and just keep it going like a racket because we have no free speech. Do you understand?
The Holocaust was a hoax, backwards swastikas are hate hoaxes, Jewish lightning is insurance fraud.

America doesnt need more Homeland Security, more terror proof protection, etc. What America needs is wide open free speech.

Its time to talk about Jews folks, as over 100 European city states did before they frog marched them all out with all their belongings (none of them were ever harmed). Nazi's are white people unless they are neo Nazi's then they are most likely Jews today. White people dont want to anhialate Jews in some kind of macabre way (thats Jewish Hollywood). Whites just want Jews to leave because they are contrary to us from birth.

Jews can make movies of them beating a white German to death in the most heinous fashion and whites cant even depict history truthfully about Jews. How about a movie on the Jewish slave trade? Its a sad sad day folks and I put the blame right on traitors like this guy Bill Mick of WMMB Clear Channel run by Orit Gadiesh (an Israeli Mossad agent). Go ahead and google her (it). Its not whites or Christians folks, its the Jews. Trust me and its why I am not allowed to speak. All of Micks Bolshevicks buddies are free to prop up the Jew agenda- period. Micks Jew newspaper pals are free to spew their lies too. John 8:44 is free to speak on WMMB.
John O Neil

Apopka, FL

#8 Sep 11, 2012
Every year on the Mick slob show, the willing dupes callers call in with their best crocodile tears praising the police and firemen that were killed on 9/11 and the soldiers who died in Afghanistan (which had nothing to do with 9/11, but the dupes dont care) and do not want to even mention the fact that the BS sto ry we were given by the Jewish neocons and Jewish mediais about as true as the cow jumping over the moon, the dupes dont care.
They dont want the truth and if you have the truth they want nothing to do with you because they are not of the truth, they are of their father (little f) the devil - John chapter 8.

The fat grotesgue mullet headed toad, Bill Mick thinks it is dishonoring the dead by contributing new facts on the 9/11 case (new to his duped listeners that is), facts that are 100% true and he does not want to bothered with facts you know why? Because his sole job is to protect the people THAT DID 9/11 and killed all those police officers, firemen, etc. He doesnt want to introduce new facts because the facts will implicate his Jew media pals all over the country (the people who pay him) and show how traitorous he himself is and has been for YEARS.

Is that pitiful or is that pitiful?

The 9/11 victims would want nothing more than who bombed their building the way the King David hotel was bombed. Somehow someway, the 9/11 story is not allowed to change because deep down we all know who really did it. Its that protected species of people we have all been trained to treat with respect as they pick us to the bone.

The Jewish aspect of 9/11 is now as evident as if Columbo went through it with a fine tooth comb (there are no doubts left). Anyone with a brain knows who it was.

Now its only a matter of time before we arrest liars like Bill Mick for prolonging these vicious lies that keep our kids in harms way because of these very same lies and charge them with TREASON. It's Coming- oh yes it is.

Mick doesnt give 2 turds about cops, soldiers, fireman, FBI, etc unless they are working for him and his Bolshevick buddies otherwise they would see him as the enemy of America that he very well is. It is so low, so treacherous its amazing this guy is even still breathing let alone talking.
Sam Bacile

Apopka, FL

#9 Sep 13, 2012
All of WMMB's Jewish callers are calling for war today and not one of them wants to discuss the Jewish sleaze that made a movie denigrating the Muslim religion.

The normal Christian reaction to this would be against the sleazebag Jew who made the movie, but the Bill Mick show Jews pretending to be Christians want a war started over it (a war without themselves involved).

Ladies and gentlemen if you cant see it you are deluded. Jews are right back at it fomenting more war and all they really need is you to believe them. They spread hatred as Jews have for thousands of years with their lies and keep the public from hearing the other side (the truth).

Go ahead and try to call into this fat sold out slob traitors show (Bill Mick) and try to discuss the Jew (an American Israeli) who made this filthy movie. Go on!

While you are at it ask him who controls the porn industry.

Ladies and gentlemen, the media is so corrupt it is getting ready to explode from within and without. The media are Jews folks and too many people are on to them now. Its just a matter of time before the truth gets through. Jews need war and diversion to keep the truth out. Their fiat money system is running on fumes and Jews are going to be looking at Auschwitz style camps in the not too distant future (history will repeat again) and I am going to hunt down this traitor Mick and mount his ugly head on the front door of City Hall.
Mullet Head

Apopka, FL

#10 Sep 13, 2012
For you folks who havent seen this pathetic toad, take a look

This guy looks like he is on a diet of lizard tails, motzo dumplings and coca cola.

Folks, before you trust someone, it is a good idea you take a good look at them first. Are they human?

This doesnt look human folks. Can you even imagine having a hamburger with this sewage mouth? He is all mouth folks.

Apopka, FL

#11 Sep 14, 2012
Adam Gadahn- Al Queda spokesman, real name Adam Pearlman from California via NYC.

Trotsky- Jew from NYC who was financed by Jacob Schiff (Jew)- real name Lev Davidovich Bronshtein

Morris Sadek- in the news now- big nosed Libyan Jew

Folks, it doesnt matter if you are half Arab Jew, half Chinese Jew, half Mestizo Jew because none of them are related to Judah at all.

a bastard cannot enter the congregation of the lord. They are all bastards folks (literally) and this is just simple truth not meant to degrade.

If you actually read the Bible you will see why Jews had to follow a different book, its called the Talmud. God or YHWH has absolutely nothing to do with the Talmud whatsoever.

Funny how the Jewish media avoids talking about what is contained in this book isnt it? Maybe its time you found out. What is more revealing is not one priest or preacher of any of the mainstream Christian churches will dare say or discuss anything about this filthy book.

They are sold out freaks. The Christian churches have been completely infiltrated by Jews just like the media and our kids school textbooks (History books).

Time to blow all these Jewish fables out of the water like Jesus and John the Baptist did. That is what true Christians do.
Walid Shoeblatt

Apopka, FL

#12 Sep 18, 2012
All this is folks is Jewish fables (lies). Jews bomb the WTC and use their Jewish media to send your kids to the Middle East to kill Muslims.

The Jew media will never discuss the Jew involvement of 9/11 and why they have to have complete control over it.

What you are getting from shows like these is nothing but vicious slander in ALL departments. The truth is Jews are in control of our ponzi scheme known as The Fed, they have taken over our courtrooms, our classrooms and neutered our churches.

How in the hell did these antichrist Communists get into our country and when are you going to start discussing chucking them out? They are not in Russia, they are all over your media, all over your government, in your churches and of course synagogues, they are teaching your children not to think in the schools.

All you have to do is to this grotesque slob Bill Mick and you can easily see he is wrong on every issue there is and has been ever since he came out of that shack on Turtlemound (owned by another Jew).
They have to cut people like me off from any discussion because the truth will destroy them however harsh it has to be. Just look at every issue destroying us today- all involving JEWS! Every single one. They are DESTROYERS. They have never had a country of their own because they cant build, they cant farm, they have not invented anything. All they do is lie, cheat, steal and murder.
Bill Mick defends these criminals over you. This pathetic piece of trash doesnt see the Jews, not a one.
You trust this mutton head? This guy is a sold out QUEER! Married 3 times already, some of his kids are cousins too I bet.
All he has to do is debate, but he is a Bolshevik QUEER. His kids know it, his listeners know it and he knows it. They have to cut out truth folks, thats what Jews do.
Jewish Fables

Apopka, FL

#13 Sep 19, 2012
Jenny, a concerned Jewish woman made a call to the fraudulent Bill Mick show today in the final 20 minutes of so called open line Wednesday after Amy Neecystein got done running her bagel hole Sept 19 2012. Jenny seemed to be concerned, but not concerned about American servicemen or for our American president, no, she was concerned for the Jewish states safety and not WW3 that the Jewish state is threatening to create by bombing Iran (a country that would waste the Jewish state like used toilet paper).
You see Jenny nor either of the following 3 callers gave a damn that the Jewish state would create havoc all over the Middle East by bombing Iran against our (the USA's) will. That was not even mentioned on this traitorous rat faced show while he deliberately has the phone lines cut off to all opposition. You see his fat behind is owned by an Israeli named Orit Gadiesh (look her up- just google Orit Gadiesh-Israeli Mossad- Clear Channel and read away folks).

So this fat traitorous piece of human garbage, Bill Mick, has his phones cut off to all Jewish state (Israel) opposition while he lets calls come in one after the other in the Jewish states defense to give Jews the right to defend themselves. So why shouldnt Iran have the right to defend herself? The Jewish state has had nuclear weapons (that they stole from the USA) for years and yet nobody has said a word. This is the country (Israel) that bombed the USS Liberty, an American ship and suspected of bombing the US Marine Corps barracks in Beirut in 1983.

We, the USA, give the Jewish state more than 30 million dollars a day. We have given the Jew state more money for their defense than Jews themselves and yet they will not listen to a word we say.

This type of behavior can only be protected with the help of the entire US media and as we have seen, people like Helen Thomas, Patrick Buchanan, Rick Sanchez wont be around if they criticize the Jews. So therefore folks, we have a completely controlled media, nothing but fluff designed to mislead you. They will lie, cheat, steal and blow up building full of people if they dont get their way.

I would say we had a Jew problem, the same problem the world has had for as long as true time can record.
Yes folks, its time to talk about Jews whether they are in the Jew welfare state, in Russia, Germany or even the USA. Its time we got done to brass tacks on just what a Jew is. Dont you think you should know who you are protecting with your lives and fortune? If you think this boneheaded traitor, this fat slob, ugly lying and deliberately deceiving talk show host who works for an Israeli Jew is going to give you the truth you better think it over no matter what kind of charade you hear on the radio (all these people do is lie).
You have to ask yourself why am I not allowed to call in to oppose the Jewish state or Jews? I am not a Jew, why cant I oppose Jews? Jesus Christ himself opposed Jews folks, John the Baptist did, Paul said they were contrary to all men. I think its time you Christians out there got back to the basics with free speech. The basis of any debate, any discussion is "free speech". You either have it or you have Bolshevism folks. And you have one big fat Bolshevist, Bill Mick lying his tail off every morning all over the airwaves, all designed to foment war and enable world Jewry to reach the psychopathic goals of World Domination out of this High School for Criminals known as Israel today.

The Jewish media has to be liquidated folks. We need Jewish decision making in America like we need the plague they started in 1348 Europe

All the wars Jews have started and you still cant figure it out. Its because they control your minds in the media, Hollywood and the classrooms. Time to wake up!
Billy Micklejewski

Apopka, FL

#14 Sep 24, 2012
Romney owns Clear Channel, Bill Mick wants his boss as president and has the phone lines cut off to free speech.

He is kissing Romney's arse as I write. He doesnt see anything wrong with this because he is a shameless Polish Bolshevick Jew.

If you trust this toad I have a bridge to see you.
Jorge Zimmerman

Apopka, FL

#15 Sep 24, 2012
The grotesque foul breathed disgusting looking toad, Bill Mick is talking to his fraudulent listeners about free speech and media lies, but they dont suspect the fat toad of lying or anyone on Clear Channel because not only is Bill Mick a lying stack of dog doo, but all his callers are too.

Can you possibly imagine that not one caller can see this pathetic toads lies? Are you kidding me?

He has his phones completely controlled and Jorge the Puerto Rican Jew is the call screener. Of course he isnt American, theyre Jews folks!!!

They talk about the Constitution and Jews were never even mentioned in the Constitution, they were not the progeny of any of the founding fathers- NONE. And now they control the media and free speech.

Ladies and gents we need to send these people out on a rail.
Rabbi Earl

Sanford, FL

#16 Sep 28, 2012
The toad (Bill Mick) and I mean one ugly disgusting toad has Black people on his radar today. Nobody sees the hatred of this, but say one word about Jew crime and it is as if you cursed their God.

Well folks, their God is Satan. They have no clue what the Bible says and this pathetic slanderous roach named Earl, who claims he is an ordained preacher in John Hagee's Jewish church who is free to call the show at will and call for the murder of innocent Muslims just doesnt see Jewish crime of any kind. You know why folks?

Because they are lying Jews themselves folks. Do you know what a crypto Jew is? I suggest you look it up. Jews lie like you sneeze, it is as natural for Jews to lie as it is burping a baby.

Bill Mick and Pastor Earl are both Ashkenazi Jews from Poland via some craphole in North Carolina where the Jewish carpetbaggers fled after they ran the Black slave trade out of Charleston and Savannah- where Jewish neighborhoods still exist today. Black slavery was 100% Jewish and Jews brought them to America for one reason- to destroy it.
Rabbi Earl

Sanford, FL

#17 Sep 28, 2012
American Christians tried to ship Africans back home (the Monroe Doctrine) and where the African country name, Monrovia comes from. This used to be common knowledge, but Jews have gotten into our school books, media, library books, etc. They have to recreate history, but its obvious that history always sends them back into the ghetto where they belong.

Its going to get blatantly obvious folks and you will see clear as day how your media has been working directly against you and the truth. Over 60% of America openly distrusts the media today and that doesnt mean the liberal media it means ALL THE MEDIA (the Jewish media). These gutless liars will take the lies all the way folks. They dont know when to stop and luckily you dont know when to start locking them up, but you will soon.

Save mutton head Mick for me. I want to hang him for treason myself.
Dana Blickenbaum

Sanford, FL

#18 Oct 2, 2012
The usual "full of crap" Jewish callers are allowed to call in and ask new candidates questions, but anyone who knows that Jews have made a craphole out of our political system is not allowed to call in.

The fraud callers are so eager to ask the candidates about "The Constitution". These are the people who all voted for the Jewish behind washer GW Bush twice, voted for war for a lie, bailouts of the Jewish banks, etc etc.

These are the people who wont talk about 9/11 unless its to keep the original hogwash story alive.

I could go on for hours, but the truth is these callers and this host (fat mullet head Mick) are so sold out to the Jewish Communist agenda and it should be crystal clear to everyone in Brevard, but everyone isnt allowed to call in, just his usual round Robin Jew slaves who dont see any crime at all except people who tell the truth about Jews (Jesus himself).

A private corporation run by Jews controls the monetary system in America and not one caller, not one talk show host, not one Baptist preacher will call it what it is. Theyre all CRYPTO Jews folks. Everyone one of them are TRAITORS- every one.

The best thing to do is dont vote at all- they are all Jews or controlled by Jews just like our entire media. Vote Jews out.
Dana Blickenbaum

Sanford, FL

#19 Oct 2, 2012
You think one of Mullet heads regular callers will call in and tell all his listeners that Clear Channel is controlled by an Israeli Mossad Jewess?

I guess it isnt important to point that out. After all the John 8:44 Jews have complete control of our media and money to aid us (and the cow jumped over the moon).

Ladies and gentlemen, if there is no free speech it is nothing but brainwashing, programming Jewish nonsense because Jews are the only people on the planet who hate free speech. You have to wonder why they all just dont leave if they hate us so much, but they need a host to parasite off and to put them away from us is like putting a dog away from its bone.
They are here to destroy and the slob Mick will not let you tell the truth. With 60% of the people totally distrusting the media today and the interest building on "Who Really Did 9/11" I would say time is on my side.
These media criminals will pay!
Doug Dungsplatt

Sanford, FL

#20 Oct 5, 2012
The fat turd is taking calls today with state Rep Posey, although you cant ask him about the Jew Federal Reserve, the Jew media (that will soon be routed out), the Jew wars, Jew illegal immigration of Mestizos all over Florida, Jewish ponzi schemes, Jewish ripoffs, Jew bombings..........

Ask him something a little less controversial like "How do you schedule your busy day?"

Its almost a B movie knowing that this disgusting sorry toad, Bill Mick pretends to be an honest voice over the airwaves. The truth is folks, he is the biggest lying traitor in Brevard.

Give me 10 minutes with him and I'll prove it.

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