One of Marc Levins Kinfolk
Mordechai Levy

Cocoa, FL

#1 Jul 22, 2014
The Only Way To Really Stop Hamas Terrorists Is To Rape Their Mothers And Sisters, Zionist Orthodox Professor Says

Mordechai Kedar“The only thing that can deter terrorists, like those who kidnapped the children and killed them, is the knowledge that their sister or their mother will be raped. It sounds very bad, but that’s the Middle East.”

Bill Mick of WMMB didnt see this story, but he did find a white father telling his daughter to "keep hitting" in a fight on the Jew Drudge Report page.

Jews raped half of South America and Africa during the slave trade. You see Jews dont consider someone a Jew if they rape a non Jew, Only is an Arab, Black or Chinaman rapes a Jewish woman. Unlike the Bible where only two white people can be a true relative of Judah. In fact it isnt possible Judah or any Israelite could give birth to any species even close to what are called Jews today. Bad fruit dont come from good trees. Bad fruit only come from bad trees.

Jews murder Palestinians and the lemmings think its Biblical and a Christian tells the truth about and Edomite Jew and the lemmings call him a hater. Could you be any more arse backward? Make up your minds.
Mordechai Levy

Cocoa, FL

#2 Jul 22, 2014
This is why Jews want open borders and brought Black slaves to America- to breed the white man and woman out. They had purity folks. If you are a pure white person unmongrelized like the jew- you are the enemy not Palestinians.
Mordechai Levy

Cocoa, FL

#3 Jul 22, 2014
I want you to think about this, do you believe whites are the bastard offspring of Jews or are Jew the bastard offspring of Whites?

Hooked noses, split teeth, fat lower lips, reptilian like sexual behavior all all defects and I do not believe that God created these defects, these defects were due to mongrelization, something God vehemently depised.

Obama just appointed a Black Jew to Costa Rica, you see he never read the Bible, but he's a Jew so he is in like Flint (Flintstein).
Mordechai Levy

Cocoa, FL

#4 Jul 22, 2014
Just look at that Melungeon Bill Mick or that midget Marc Levin (they go both ways folks).

As this professor suggests, Jews should rape Hamas women, but they will rape children women or boys, there is no morality involved. Jews simply claim the G_d never gave specific instructions about that.

G_d has loads of loopholes Jews have found, the number one being "he isnt their God at all". How can they not know this? One sect of Jews are Idumeans and the other large sect are Turko Mongolian mamzer Khazarian Kenites.

They have about as much chance of eternal life as Louis Cipher does. Of course we could talk about this openly and I could use the Bible (not that muddy Talmud) to prove every word. Oh you wouldnt like that? OK so we will just go along with your jewish horse@#$%!
Mordechai Levy

Cocoa, FL

#5 Jul 22, 2014
Just look at Mark Levin and Bill Mick and think Mongolian.

Judah had 11 brothers and none of them were Mongolians folks. Not one and not one of their wives were except maybe Judahs first wife a (dog or Canaanite). All the others were 100% pure white, what else could they have been? Jews are the result of mongrelization. Lets let Biology and History be the prove this. Judah became Judea because Judahs land had become a land of mutts. A Judean (mutt) was also called a Jew geographically not biologically. It isnt rocket science folks. Just look at Bill Micks deformed head.
Mordechai Levy

Cocoa, FL

#6 Jul 22, 2014
Why hasnt Rabbi Earl or any of his Biblical scholars (sic) called in and discussed the Idumeans who took over the Levitical priesthood, yet they still claim to have last names like Levi. Now they need DNA science to prove who a Jew is and it proves they didnt know who one was back then, but I can tell you one thing, if they have deformed heads like Mick and Levin, if they have hooked noses, split teeth, fat lower lips, skinny shins etc they are mongrels folks not of Judah at all.

White people lived in Judah folks, they lived in Phoenicia, Parthia, Asia Minor, Iran or Aryan just like Washington DC was once almost all white people. Jews are the ones bringing their Arab friends with them into our countries (brought Blacks here exclusively), they are the ones pushing for open borders, why? They want white countries completely mongrelized- period. That is the fact whether your brainwashed gourd can handle it or not.

No J in Hebrew so its very simple, ask every Jew you know what he is in the Hebrew, a Judean or someone of the direct biological lineage of Judah and Israelite women. Put Alan Derschitz next to Geraldo Rivera and ask why they look so different? Will the real Judahite please stand up? Neither of them are folks and it is putridly easy to figure out if you just break away from those jew fables and use your BRAIN!
Mordechai Levy

Cocoa, FL

#7 Jul 22, 2014
Jews defeat people through their seed (a bad seed). You see you cant breed a Jew out, Jews can only breed you out. If a Jew male has a child with a white woman its a Jew. There is no chance in hell that that child is white.
If a Jew has a child with a Black woman its a Jew too, if a Jew woman has a child with a Namibian like Obama its a Jew too. Jews cant be bred out because there is no breed to breed out. Jews are the most mixed mongrels on the earth and the original "Arabs" (means mixed in Hebrew and Jews aint Hebrews folks).
Mordechai Levy

Cocoa, FL

#8 Jul 22, 2014
Some of you out there are saying "Jews arent Hebrews"? "What?"

Thats right Shem was a Hebrew and not a Jew Shem had several sons and daughters (and daughters). Were the daughters Jews? No, Jews didnt come along, at least in the Jewish fables you were taught by Jews until Judah and or Tamar many many many years later. What were all these Hebrews? Jews?

Every time I read something about the Israelites on the Internet, somehow the word Israelite changes with a blink of an eye to "Jews"? Why? Can you not see that these so called Jews love the word Jew so much that they want Israel (the people) banished (obliviated)?

Every one of the apostles were writing to the 12 tribes scattered ABROAD!!!! Can we all count together this morning? Ready? Ok 1,2,3,4,5,6,6 ooops,7, many tribes? Let me hear you in the back!

Jews are impostors folks and its because of your lack of knowledge you dont know, you will be destroyed because of it.

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