Rosh hashana Adam and Lilith Day

Rosh hashana Adam and Lilith Day

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Cocoa, FL

#1 Sep 6, 2013
Rosh hashana

The day is believed to be the anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve (or Adam and Lilith), the first man and woman, and their first actions toward the realization of mankind's role in God's world. Rosh Hashanah customs include sounding the shofar (a hollowed-out ram's horn) and eating symbolic foods such as apples dipped in honey to evoke a "sweet new year".

~Jews believe Lilith was the first woman and that she insisted to be on top (or was it the bottom I forget).

Most of the idiot lemmings in America think Jews believe the Old Testament and that Jews are the people who are the "pure" offspring of the House of Judah"
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Caiaphas was a so called Jew and an Idumean at the same time (as Herod was). Ask your Baptist Bumpkin pastor to explain that one to you in front of everyone.

Does anyone see the name Lilith in their Bibles? Does anyone read anything about people of the Bible swinging chickens around their heads and stuffing them head first into a soccer field cone?

Truth is Eve was the first woman and Cain was the first nephilim- read the book again- there was no apple, snakes cant talk, but Nachash could talk, in fact Nachash is our media today- just look at Bill Mick.

Cocoa, FL

#2 Sep 6, 2013
Ask your priest or pastor about Lilith. You know what he will say? He will say thats Jewish belief, yet within 10 minutes he will have you back into the mindset that Christian beliefs are based from "Jewish" beliefs.....even though Adam and Eve and even Lilith were not Jews (ok maybe Lilith) and the Israelites who the covenants were given to....were not Jews.

Do you understand yet? Is it sinking into that coconut shaped head of yours?

Being a priest or pastor must be the most schizophrenic job in the world. You read about Jesus and John the Baptist calling "Jews" (look it up in a concordance) a brood of vipers, the synagogue of satan etc etc etc and then preach to the masses that Jews gave us Christianity.

Its bloody nuts folks! I will unfurl that kink in their thinking but fast, but they dont want to listen they want to do all the talking like our nachash media.

Cocoa, FL

#3 Sep 6, 2013
I was once on the Bob Dornan show and I told him Abraham wasnt a Jew. He damned near blew his top in front of the USA on national radio that Abraham was too a Jew.

Take a step back, understand you are being BS'd from all sides. Jews dont control the media to give you the truth folks. Get that idiotic thought out of your mind completely. They are here to lie just as it says in John chapter 8. Forget John 3:16, that is another pile of dung- God did not give his only begotton son for the nephilim and "the world" didnt mean the planet nor does the Greco Roman world.

Can you imagine being a priest or a pastor knowingly lying to their parishioners day after day after day? The alligators are all over the lake and your pastors are telling you to take a swim and bring the kids. Tell them to tell the truth or get the hell out of that stupid looking outfit. Truth is they are going to take the lies all the way to the end. Like Bob Dornan, they never read the Bible themselves, they dont understand what they read because it makes no sense to them in accordance to what they have been told it says.

They tell you Gentile means non Jew and that God loves everyone- well I am here to tell you that is a blatant lie. Jews and our pastors and priests dont know where the House of Israel is today (they have checked everywhere and found nothing). James chapter one verse one- clearly states that the 12 tribes are alive and well scattered abroad (Europe). The disciples were told to go straight to the House of Israel and these schizophrenic pastors and priests are telling you it meant a "spiritual Israel". So what spiritual tribe of Israel are you?

It is total poppycock folks. What it is is fear of the Jews because our history makes Jews the Nachash people they truly are. So we cant have our own history- I say, go to hell!

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