30 Million A Day To The Jewish State
Guy Bialy

Apopka, FL

#62 Oct 3, 2011
How many lost their homes and jobs today? 30 million more to the Jews.

Absolutely disgusting!
Earl Pearlman

Apopka, FL

#63 Oct 5, 2011
The media doesnt care we give 30 million a day to Jews. They complain about paying higher taxes, but never complain about paying taxes to Jews. You think theyre sold out traitors and protecting the crime racket that gave them their jobs?

Hollywood, FL

#64 Oct 12, 2011
"Hitler Was a Christian"

The Holocaust was caused by Christian fundamentalism:

"History is currently being distorted by the millions of Christians who lie to have us believe that the Holocaust was not a Christian deed. Through subterfuge and concealment, many of today’s Church leaders and faithful Christians have camouflaged the Christianity of Adolf Hitler and have attempted to mark him an atheist, a pagan cult worshipper, or a false Christian in order to place his misdeeds on those with out Jesus. However, from the earliest formation of the Nazi party and throughout the period of conquest and growth, Hitler expressed his Christian support to the German citizenry and soldiers."


Apopka, FL

#65 Oct 12, 2011
New York - The United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), announced today charges against nine additional participants in a scheme that defrauded programs established to aid the survivors of Nazi persecution out of more than $57 million.
Today’s arrests include five additional former employees of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (the “Claims Conference”), which administered the programs. In exchange for kickbacks, those insiders, who were supposed to process and approve only legitimate applications, are alleged to have knowingly approved nearly 5,000 fraudulent applications, resulting in payouts to applicants who did not qualify for the programs.
Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said:“As I said when the initial charges in this case were announced, my Office, working with our partners at the FBI, would not stop until we brought to justice those who are alleged to have stolen more than $57 million from the Claims Conference, thereby diverting money intended for survivors of the Holocaust. With today’s charges, we have now identified 30 people who allegedly exploited a fund that is as symbolically important as it is necessary to its beneficiaries.

Those arrested where:
HENRY GORDIN 74 Brooklyn, NY
VIKTOR LEVIN 71 Far Rockaway, NY
ASYA GALINDO 72 Sherman Oaks, CA
LANA KAGAN 70 Brooklyn, NY
ANNA ZINGER 65 Highland Park, IL

Apopka, FL

#66 Oct 12, 2011
Those are Christians I presume? Jews declared war on Germany. Look it up.

Your jewish BS wont work here.
Eddie Albertson

Apopka, FL

#67 Dec 7, 2011
Kneal to your antichrist G_d. Send your money now and save the rest for your jew food at Szmul Waltons or Kroegers.

Your politicians are on the way to Israel- their masters are Jews not American Christians. They are nothing but Jew shoeshine boys.

Cocoa Beach, FL

#68 Dec 14, 2011
How many people could have saved their homes today in America with that money.
Jack Lewinsky

Apopka, FL

#69 Jan 16, 2012
Israeli company signs $1.6 billion deal with Asian country

January 15, 2012

JERUSALEM (JTA)-- Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. has signed a $1.6 billion arms deal with an unnamed Asian country.

The deal is the largest in the company's history, the Israeli business daily Globes reported.

The company will supply unmanned aerial vehicles, missiles and radar systems to the unnamed country. The radar systems include the Green Pine, part of the Arrow anti-ballistic missile system, Globes reported. They will be delivered over four years.

The country has asked the company to keep its identity secret. It is the first time that the unnamed country has signed a deal with IAI.

~Do you think America will ever be paid back for all they have done for this Jewish Ashkenazi impostor hellhole? They sell our technology to foreign powers, no doubt the Chinese (whoever America's biggest threat is, the Jew will support).
Jack Lewinsky

Apopka, FL

#70 Jan 16, 2012
If you took this money and gave it back to Americans just for housing it would buy America 108,000 homes a year for 100,000 apiece and no usury (because Jews arent paying this money back anyway). This would simply put the banks out of business because they thrive on usury. If we are being charged usury rates and Jews are not it is plain deliberate destruction of the American people (Non Jews)- period!

Not even the churches will stand up against this Jewish controlled usury that has put America in chains.

What does that tell you, folks? It better tell you something or you're not breathing. These churches have been neutered and no longer teach Christianity.

Apopka, FL

#71 Jan 25, 2012
The Jews in Washington DC say the money will continue to flow to the Jewish state.

Your politicians have already decided this for you and if you say a word about all the money we send to the craphole state you are a hater.

The truth is, the politicians and the media are the haters for not allowing the American public to openly discuss this and the American people are getting very very tired of both of them. If I were one of you I would be concerned, but the truth is you are caught in a log jam. You are toast!
Nappyhead Holder

Apopka, FL

#72 Mar 7, 2012
30 million a day to the synagoge of satan state isnt even discussed on the Jewish media. High gas prices is a good diversion. Talk show hosts are fumed at that. Sending 30 million plus and then sending our kids to fight for people who wrecked our economy just isnt enough.
The media- the entire media needs to be hanged or burned at the stake. Its the right thing to do to stop terrorism and stop all this Jewish lying fables from reaching our kids ears.
Not until these media slaves are hanging will America ever to start to cleanse. That is the Gods honest truth. These media liars are the worst of the worst who lie day after day for their Jewish blood money. Judas himself is a choir boy to these traitors.
Binyiman Miliekowsky

Sanford, FL

#73 Sep 27, 2012
Americans go homeless, food prices soaring, more bailouts and the money continues to flow to the Jew state like water.

Jews also get 98% of all the Homeland Security money as well.
The Jewish state gets more foreign aid from the US than all the other countries COMBINED!!!!
Its in your face folks.

As an American you cant protest this because JEWS RUN THE MEDIA.

Time to get out the muskets folks.
Mark Levinski

Sanford, FL

#74 Oct 25, 2012
How about those presidential debates? 30 million isnt enough for the jews each day. Our two house slaves will be fighting to give Jews even more at our expense while they riddle us with their Hollywood porn, child molestation, fiat currency.

Cant wait to see how they ripped off all our gold by filling the gold with tungsten. Anyone who trusts Jews with their money or gold has no clue he has already been ripped off and due to let it happen again.
Sheldon Adelsatan

Sanford, FL

#75 Nov 7, 2012
The media will talk about money, but never this money.

Sanford, FL

#76 Feb 14, 2013
We must give G_ds chosen lunatics another 30 million today. You dont want to?

You, my friend are an antisemite!
Daddy Warbucks

Sanford, FL

#77 Mar 5, 2013
Another 30 to 50 million to the Jewish state today because our polkiticians are all Jew ass kissers.

In fact Rubio just got back from the Jew state.

How many Americans lost their homes and businesses this month? A billion a month at least goes to Jews who dont work and run around with curly sideburns who hate Christians with a passion.

Our politicians and media need to be hanged and fried.

The police who defend these people are not Americans and obviously dont care that our media is completely controlled by Jews and look the other way for the cash.
Daddy Warbucks

Sanford, FL

#78 Mar 5, 2013
Jews dont want to be included as part of the sequester cuts or they will start whacking people and blowing up buildings. I say bring it on.

Americas politicians will be sending Jews our last pennies, but they will hang just the same.
Jacob Lewinsky

Sanford, FL

#79 Mar 22, 2013
cha ching!!!! Schools closing, people losing their homes, gas sky high when it should be dirt cheap, food prices going up, Jews printing more and more money

and our faggot Jewish politicians are sending even more money to the Jews in the Jew welfare state.

They need more guns and fresh underwear today.

By the way, thank you, no I take that back, you wont get any thank you's or even free bagels- nothing.

You will get a bigger Homeland Security bill thats all.

Have you had enough yet? WTF could you possibly be doing out there?

Sanford, FL

#80 Mar 27, 2013
I think Barak the Jewish schvartzer plans to keep the money flowing into the Jew welfare state.

He will be celebrating Passover with his Jewish Schvartzer wife and his Jewish wife's schvartzer cousin.

Obamas Jewish mother wont be attending.

Sanford, FL

#81 Apr 1, 2013
Good morning America, pay your Jew master. In fact send your kids to the Middle East as cannon fodder while you're at it.

You parents must be proud to send your kids to a war for the people who are turning your country into a cesspool.

Just bend over for Jews. And make sure you never offend Jews and offend your own country and people. Homeland Security gives all its grant money to Jews and that doesnt even get a word out of you.

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