Bill Mick Back to Defend Jews

Bill Mick Back to Defend Jews

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Cocoa, FL

#1 Aug 5, 2013
Bill Mick the ex drug cop wont say a word about Jews controlling drugs from top to bottom. Now he's in the media and wont say who runs the media top to bottom.

He wants to be a casino securit guard defending the Jew owned casinos. He must like porn and kosher food all over our grocery stores because he has never once mentioned that.

We know he loves the Jew Federal Reserve because as soon as anyone even mentions those Jews they are cut off.

If theres a Jew out there committing a crime (and they always are) Bill Mick is making sure you hear about someone else. This is what he calls free speech and America.

It is pathetic folks and you need to demand free speech or this slime is what you get. Levin, Savage, Mick, Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck....all Jew buttwashers. You arent allowed to have one human being on the radio who tells the truth about these psychotic nutcases, not one.

Cocoa, FL

#2 Aug 5, 2013
As his Hispanic (that can be anything including a Jew) these days says "Mick will hang up on you (taze you) and you know he will"

Of course we know he will because you and him are Jew butt washers. In real life if he tazed me I'd drop kick his fat behind all over this county.

Is Jorge the screener on Adderall like Jorge Zimmerman was? It isnt important that Zimmerman was on uppers and downers and had a history of psychological problems. You dont take Adderall for nuthing folks.

Bill Mick the drug cop has nothing to say about it and you have to ask why? It can only be that Zimmerman is a biological Jew- period.

How many people would get to have their father meet with Norm Wolfinger, the DA and the Sanford police chief Bill Levy the night of the shooting? Why did this happen folks? Because Jews run the Talmudic courtrooms because of pussies like Bill Mick in the local media.
Chief Bill Levy

Cocoa, FL

#3 Aug 5, 2013
Im taking votes on why Bill Mick is totally sold out to Jews. Please pick a reason below.

1. He needs the money and he'll do anything for money like he did when he looked the other way as a drug cop and umpire.
2. He is a Jew and lying is natural to him

3.Jews have his bollocks in a vise for something really really bad.

My bet is any one of these, but he is a Jew between the ears if he isnt one biologically. Only someone without guilt can do what this reptile does. You see if he allows free speech in about the tsunami of Jew crime he is "fired" and if he doesnt he is going to be "fired" for eternity. He knows he already is.

There is just no other explanation how someone could spend his life defending Jew crime all over the county and world today. Its almost impossible to do if you have a soul unless they have some really serious goods on Mick. It must be really really greasy stuff.

Ask yourself this... if someone was claiming you are a coward or a Jew house slave or a Jew, wouldnt you take that person on to prove him wrong? Whats to fear?
They dont want truth they want Jew Hollywood crap. They want to be feared, loved, praised, adored while you are completely muzzled. Ive got news for Bill Mick, it aint gonna last much longer.

Cocoa, FL

#4 Aug 5, 2013
Tell em chief. I wonder what Bill Mick thinks about all the Jewish child molestation going on. Huh? What?

He hasnt heard of that either. You have to wonder where this guy learned how to never offend Jews even if they are the biggest criminals on the planet.
Sonof Schmuel

Cocoa, FL

#5 Aug 6, 2013
Bill Mick doesnt see the Jew drug kingpins or the Jews who controlled slavery or the Jews who control porn or the Jews who run the pill mills or the Jews who run the abomination called the Fed, he doesnt see the abomination of Jews in our Supreme Court, he doesnt see the Jews controlling the diamond trade, oil, the kosher syndicate in our grocery stores, he doesnt see Jews in control of our media, he doesnt see Jews in control of our churches that are muzzelled today, he doesnt see Jews all over Hollywood, he doesnt see Jews in the homo and lezbo organizations, he doesnt see Jews who lead America to war, he doesnt see AIPAC, he doesnt see Jews like Rothschild and Warburg, Oppenheimer or Jacob Schiff, he doesnt see Jews who started the Bolshevick Revolution and murdered the Czar and his kids, he doesnt see the Jews who assassinated McKinley, Kennedy, Lincoln, etc., he doesnt see the Jew child molestation epidemic that dwarfs the so called Catholic one, he doesnt see the Katyn massacre, the red terror, the Armenian genocide, the Jews who started all the wars etc.,etc.,etc.......... He doesnt see a cotton picking thing folks. He works for jew criminals period.

This guy needs to be chucked out on his fat arse or you are nothing but complete and total lemmings that allow this to go on.
Sonof Schmuel

Cocoa, FL

#6 Aug 6, 2013
You see the gutless liar, Bill Mick wants you to believe Jews are innocent, those poor poor Jews kicked out of so many countries, city states, etc..

Thats BS folks, they arent innocent in the least, our ancestors kicked them out of our countries because they are contrary to mankind- period. And if you say Paul was a Jew I will stick a wet bagel in your hole. The word Jew didnt exist (now youre thinking "duh"). Jews know they are completely bamboozling you and Bill Mick knows he has to keep the truth shut out or he is out.

Bill Mick wants you to believe whites brought Black slaves here not Jews, he wants you to believe Germans killed 6 million Jews and its final. Nothing about the 66 million Russian whites Jews killed, however.

Ladies and gentlemen DO YOU HAVE ANY CLUE HOW MUCH JEWS ARE BSing YOU? Well you wont ever know without free speech and honest debates. You will get Jew crime blamed on whites over and over and over again.

Our ancestors were 100% correct about Jews because they take control of things and pervert everything. Most of all they take away your ability to have free speech and you cant even see it because you have been pummeled with Jew propaganda 24/7. Bottom line is you have zero free speech and that is tyranny. That is when you are supposed to start chucking Jews out, starting with this greasy reptile Bill Mick.
Sonof Schmuel

Cocoa, FL

#7 Aug 6, 2013
All of these callers on the Mick show including Bill Mick pretend to be whites and make you think what they think is the way white people should think. The truth is they are all, if not all, a very large percentage JEWS!

Cant you morons SEE THIS? They are Jew propagandist LIARS!!!

Wake UP!!

Jews will whistle your tune straight to hell.
Sonof Schmuel

Cocoa, FL

#8 Aug 6, 2013
Jews brought Blacks here as slaves, Jews then started the NAACP and the KKK.

Folks, Jews are on both sides of the fence to destroy everything pure and decent on this earth.

They will make marriage to dogs legal and take away your free speech (they already have) and make you a criminal against dog lovers.

Ladies and gentlemen you better start calling it what it is- your priests wont. These priests and pastors wont say a damned word. You have to ask wth they do say.
Rabbi Earl

Cocoa, FL

#9 Aug 8, 2013
Only a gutless pathetic piece of trash could act as if he has an honest talk show without remorse knowing full well his phones are shut down to anyone other than his crypto Jew synagogue.

Think about it, all of these people that call into the Mick show were pro Iraq war, all pro Jew state, all never equate Jews with Communists or banker ripoffs, they dont talk about the Jew involvement of 9/11 and tell us we need to follow Jews when it was Jews who were in control of Logan airport on 9/11/2001

No word of the Jewish molestation epidemic, it is as if it isnt there. Nothing about Jews controlling the media (thats antisemitism) even though Jews named themselves "Ashkenazi's" who arent the lineage of Shem.

When they speak about Christianity they dont say who sought to kill their own saviour and want us to believe they are our friends.

No talk about that BS Holocaust- Jews have a story and it cant be debated and thats final and at the same time these gutless talkshow hosts like the disgusting grotesque Bill Mick say Jews have no control in the media. Truth is Mick will sell you out rather than be "Helen Thomas'd" or "Rick Sanchez'd"

He is a sold out POS folks and I would absolutely flatten him in a debate- when he leaves town he has to shut his pathetic show down because he knows I will call in to prove who the pussy is.

He doesnt see Brevard County Forum and none of his listeners do. When they do please let me know and I will discuss it with the entire cast of Jew callers and the Jew Bill Mick himself for a full 3 hours. They cant do it folks. Who is the coward? I'll prove to you every one of these Jew callers are cryptos claiming to be white Christians.
Rabbi Earl

Cocoa, FL

#10 Aug 8, 2013
One of Douche Micks callers:

"Dose Mexicans, day have doity boots on deir steps. Day aw wowkews wit dose doity boots. You don see doity boots on nobody ewlses powches nowheah, day ah wowkews, wight Mick?"

Thanks for the call, call back anytime, just dont say anything about Jews accidentally. Even someone like this two brain celled idiot could start the conversation about that Jew elephant in the room (not Mick himself).
Rabbi Earl

Cocoa, FL

#11 Aug 8, 2013
This guy has obviously never been to Tijuana. In fact he has probably never been anywhere but up and down 95 to Stupidville, West Virginia where Jews disguise themselves as white country boys.
Cecilia Marrano

Cocoa, FL

#12 Aug 12, 2013
Hello Angel.

This is the Jew marranos usual address to the fat pig Bill Mick.
She doesnt know there are good angels and bad angels (or does she?).

She is one of the usual 12 day to day callers on this pathetic show. Jews are welcome to call in and bash Blacks, Arabs, priests, Germans, but nobody can call in and bash the biggest criminals of all time you know why?
Because people will wake up and throw Jews right back into Auschwitz as 120 other city states already did.

If you go to AA like Glenn Beckershtein you must first admit you have a drinking problem.

America, you have to admit we have a Jew problem or we will never see normality again.

The media is 100% controlled by Jews, the schools are 100% controlled by Jews. If you say a word about Jews destroying your country you will lose your security clearance, you will be degraded in their media even crucified, but if you are a Christian you do it however the cost.
These media crypto Jews want you to believe Jews are Gods chosen people and its the biggest lie on earth outside of Jesus was a Jew.

Remember growing up you heard that whites brought Black slaves to America every day? Why arent you hearing that now? Because Jews know they will get slammed with the truth the same way they will if they start talking about ANYTHING with wide open phones in the media today. Truth is they cant say ANYTHING with open phone lines NOTHING, because they will be proven to be the LIARS Jesus said they were right in front of your eyes and ears.

So they have Glenn Beck doing all the talking- some faggot who takes it up the rear end talking for America.

If it doesnt disgust you to the point of PUKING I dont know what will! The entire media is Jew baggages boys who need to be put in front of a firing squad and return free speech to America. Glenn Beck isnt frr speech it is Jewish FILTH!
Carpet Baggers

Cocoa, FL

#13 Aug 14, 2013
Bill Mick has almost all new callers today. He must be picking up new listeners from his synagogue with all the foreclosures in the area.

Not one caller as usual, disagrees with the mullet head however. They all love the mullet head and dont see a thing wrong.

That means you lemmings out there should all follow along like lemming ducks in a row.

Do you realize this show is nothing but Jew brainwashing propaganda? If they are pointing you in a direction it is away from where you should be looking. If they are begging you to listen to them like Glenn Beck they are singing for their Jew suppers.

Folks, wake up, the media is a Jewish cesspool of Jew fables. Are you on drugs that you cannot see this?

I would put a yarmulke on my arse before I put that rag on my head. They are contrary to mankind- have you heard any of these talk show hosts say that? They wont because they cant believe Christianity and Idumean/Canaanite/Kenite/Nephe lim Jews at the same time. Its IMPOSSIBLE. You are either hot or you are cold.
Bialy Boy

Cocoa, FL

#14 Aug 15, 2013
Bill Mick is back and he has his shoebox. He wants to earn his Jew money today enough that he will have a job on Monday.
"Get your shoebox, Mullet Head."

"And bring a rag, Jews may want their dirty arses washed too"

Mick and his crypto Jew callers are all meeting at the 9/12 gathering at the local synagogue. Better yet why dont we have the local synagogue meet at WMMB in the mornings as usual?
Mick N Mitch Hour

Cocoa, FL

#15 Aug 15, 2013
This is Bill Micks old every day co-host on WMMB and Bill Mick hasnt said a word.

He is gabbing with Matt Reed about bicycling on Pineda bridge however. Much more important stuff to discuss.

You can meet them at the local synagogue for bagels.
Mick N Mitch Hour

Cocoa, FL

#16 Aug 16, 2013
Mick the Jew shoeshine boy has now officially thrown Mitch under the bus.

What are old friends for?
Mick N Mitch Hour

Cocoa, FL

#17 Aug 16, 2013
The Jew Matt Nye is taking credit for getting Needelman arrested, but the truth is if Bill Mick had open phones Needelman wouldnt have made the dog pound office.

Bill Mick brought this guy in his studio every morning, propped him up, gave him a soap box and cut out callers who would put him to the test.

If you want to cut out corruption, start with the Bill Mick show. Needelman or park bathroom politicians would never have happened if it wasnt for completely bogus shows claiming to be of free speech such as this.

They are not and never have been pro free speech, it is pro propaganda. Larry Brewer had free speech when this fat ugly fool was over on Turtlemound road talking to Hal every morning from his shack.
You want a corruption case? Bill Mick is the poster boy to start off with.

If there was free speech in Brevard you would know it.
Mick N Mitch Hour

Cocoa, FL

#18 Aug 19, 2013
Bill Mick wants Brevardians to demand their politicians be investigated top to bottom for corruption now that his pal Mitch Needelman has been busted.

Only one slight problem- you cant expose them is they are Jews because Mick is one himself and why he has the stupid job he has (to keep the phone lines cut off). So its ok to expose non Jew corruption, just dont expose that elephant in the room Jew corruption that you have to step in everywhere you go today.

He could start with the Jew Fed that is creating 90 billion a month now. Hmmm I guess thats the answer, Jews making money to feverishly keep their ponzi scheme afloat and not a word from the media.
Jewdy Infantini

Cocoa, FL

#19 Aug 21, 2013
Trudy Infantini, whoever the hell this yenta is, says the Bill Mick show is a great venue.

Does she read this forum?


Bill Mick does not believe in free speech, he is an IDIOT as well.

Trudy Infantini thinks this Bolshevick show is a great venue, however (even knowing there are 10 callers at best and that Larry Brewer had 500 callers over 10 years ago. Trudy doesnt see that Bill Mick is defending Jews over Americans.

Trudy has Jew blood, no other way around it folks. She certainly isnt an American. I wouldnt vote for her next time if I were you, I certainly didnt and wont.
Jewdy Infantini

Cocoa, FL

#20 Aug 21, 2013
What is Trudy doing about illegal immigration in Brevard? If there was free speech on this mulletheaded mutts show I would tear these politicians to shreds right in front of your eyes, but the entire show is controlled just like the buildings on 9/11 were controlled demolitions.

You cant talk, you just listen. Just total idiots can talk. Its time folks! Time to take back your rights that YOUR founding fathers gave you and not JEW fathers (they aint my fathers).

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