Bill Mick the Puppet and His Puppet

Bill Mick the Puppet and His Puppet

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Howdy Doodoo

Apopka, FL

#1 Mar 5, 2012

Isnt he just dashingly handsome? If you were to say what species this neanderthal was, which would it be?

Honest to God, folks he doesnt look like a human. I get the same feeling when I see Sharon, Begin, Barak, Peres and Netanyahu.

I am betting each one of these Jews were magicians (for the kids of course), dancers like Rahm Emanuel, comedians (that werent funny), just plain entertainers to get someones attention. They are all psychotic NUTJOBS, folks!

Look at this scumbucket and his little doll. He likes doing perverted jokes best with his doll because he feels like a pioneer of sorts (nobody else would even think about doing it).

Do you notice how Mick always has a pen attached to his button area (thats to sign autographs for the kids). He had 2 pens at the Greek Festival just in case one ran out (just in case).

What a buffoon (but he doesnt care, as long as he keeps that microphone, he will do literally anything).
Ehh Ehh Ehud

Apopka, FL

#2 Mar 5, 2012
Today he is interviewing his Jewish (crypto) politician that I doubt anybody even voted for. Diebold ( a Jewish company) runs the voting machines which everyone now knows is a complete abomination.

Whenever times get tough, jobs are lost, banks bail themselves out, etc. Mick knows what to do- "Kiss a Jew politicians ARSE!"

Honestly, are you so stupid, so obtuse that you cant see this Communist Vaudeville act?

Now, out of the blue people are interested in Rush Limbaugh. They are never interested in sending the Jew state 30 million plus a day (never), never interested that we have a Jewish loan shark syndicate in charge of our fiat money.

Folks, you can call me a nutjob till kingdom come, but the truth is I will never change my tune, because you are the nutjobs if you dont see this.

The callers on the Mick show are all actors just like Jew Hollywood. That shouldnt be very hard to believe. They cant even get a Black to follow along like Blazing Saddles. Its all Jews folks, I dont care if they tell you they a Catholic Italians living across the square from the Vatican. The truth is Jews run all the souveneir stands all over Vatican city too.
Paul Winchelstein

Apopka, FL

#3 Mar 5, 2012
Thanks Ehud, I agree 100%!
Kimmy Feinstern

Apopka, FL

#4 Mar 7, 2012
Another "open bagel hole Wednesday" gone by and the same retards as last Wednesday pushing the Muslim hating agenda. You see Jews hate Muslims sitting on their arses calling for our kids to go to war. They keep telling us about the Koran and how evil it is, but they never read from it or have one around so someone could call in and ask them to read another verse from it.
The Talmud (Jews holiest book) is not allowed to be discussed, but its ALL OVER THE INTERNET. Somehow some way these callers to the Mick show havent read any of it yet. They have no comment on it and it doesnt even exist as far as they are concerned.

Anyone with 2 brain cells can see that Jews are pushing for war again with their anti Muslim fables. What Christians fail to understand is, Jews are trying to get you into a fight so Jews can wipe you both out. Are you that stupid?

Where are the priests? Where are the pastors? Where are the American people? They are all sold out. All this pathetic turd of a man, Mick has to do is continue to lie every day. No-one will stop him, no-one will oppose him because he has the phone lines cut off entirely. Its a complete LIE folks.
You just sit there and let some Jewish Communist lie to your neighbors every day.

You are going to have to react. When someone throws a turd at you, you used to duck and chase them down. Now you say "thank you may I have another?" You need to get the pitchforks out and remove this grotesque offensive slime from your airwaves before its too late. They will be removed either way, but earlier is better.

Have you heard the retards calling this show? Ladies and gentleman IT IS A SHOW. Nobody is that stupid.
Jewlie Birnbaum

Apopka, FL

#5 Mar 9, 2012
Outside of the fatboys regular callers the Jewish women are calling in praising Mickvah for his "fantastic work".

You see Mick isnt alone helping to destroy America, he has lots of help from the Jewish community.

Today was the first time the state of the economy in Brevard has even come up (from a caller and then she praised the fat toad before she hung up). The fat toad says "use us as your voice" with the phones cut off and only 2 callers are able to get through in the entire 3 hours.

Nobody seems to care that Jews get 90% of all the Homeland Security funds, nobody cares that Jews are trashing the ponzi scheme they created through corruption of our politicians who are nothing more than prostitutes (that dont give 2 turds about you or America), nobody cares about Jews getting us into more and more war, nobody cares that Jews own America's media, run the drug cartels all over the world, run all the pornography, lead the homosexual agenda, etc etc etc. Not one person out in the audience can see that there is not one good deed any Jew is doing for America (no not one).

This show is a Jewish fable folks. Its a farce. You want to get the terrorists? Mick is our local terrorist.
Uncle Izzie

Apopka, FL

#6 Apr 16, 2012
Profiling is the big issue on the Mikvah show today as it has been numerous times. Mikvah is once again praising the Israli's for profiling in the Jewish state, but Mick would never profile the Jews who brought the Black slaves to America to begin with nor will any of his callers dare mention it. They didnt profile Loughner or Zimmerman (the shooters), they wont profile Madoff or a Michael Miliken or a Baruk Goldstein etc etc etc. So all this profiling talk is simply Jewish HOGWASH. Do you understand?

Maybe we should profile Zimmermans father who met with the Jew DA Wolfinger the night of the murder of Trayvon Martin and had the chief investigator removed.
They only want profiling for non Jews (those people that claim they are of Judah and are not).
Mikvah Mouth

Apopka, FL

#7 May 14, 2012
The fat shoeshine boy has a new sponsor "Spilker Roofing". Anyone think this is a truckload of Mexicans or is it just me?
Gefilte Breath

Apopka, FL

#8 May 23, 2012
Bill Mick's Mom is sick so lets not tell him he is a lying, traitorous, Communist, Jew behind washing fat pig today.

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