Bill Mick Wont Be Discussing This

Bill Mick Wont Be Discussing This

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Baruk Goldstein

Sanford, FL

#1 Apr 16, 2013 #!

You know why? He works for them thats why.

They get all the Homeland Security money folks and they get caught with bombs and no media whatsoever.

They get passed over as white people. No folks, they aint white people.
Baruk Goldstein

Sanford, FL

#2 Apr 16, 2013
Theyre not Arabs, not whites, not Eskimoes, they are Jews.

Guess what happens to Bill Mick if he talks about the real and only terrorists?

So guess what he is doing? He's aiding and abetting terrorists.
Baruk Goldstein

Sanford, FL

#3 Apr 17, 2013
These Jews had explosive devices "with intent to USE" and it didnt make Hannity, OReilly, Beck, Limbaugh or any of the 50 other Jewish talk show hosts.

America's media is corrupt to the bone folks.
Baruk Goldstein

Sanford, FL

#4 Apr 17, 2013
Bottom line is you aint gonna get the truth folks. Jews run the media so they can pin crimes on other people. Jews run the crime industry and all you have to do is google it and see for yourselves.

Jews need to bomb things now as they poisoned the wells, bombed the WTC, started our wars by blackmailing and bribing our politicians, they have police chiefs and sheriffs in place to bodyguard them

AND YOU ARE TOO STUPID AND OR COWARDLY TO SAY IT. It wont go away folks, if you know history it never goes away. You are being brainwashed all over the media, in your churches and in academia to let the enemy of mankind right into your living rooms.

Certainly you must see something. Is it because your brain shuts off when you learn too much truth about Jews? Does that BS Holocaust nonsense cloud your thinking?

Its a big hoax so get over it. You would know it if there was free speech.

Do you believe Jewish fables? Then you aint Christians.
Baruk Goldstein

Sanford, FL

#5 Apr 17, 2013
The putz Bill Mick says "Israel faces these bombs on a daily basis"

You think the British thought that too when they were in the King David hotel?

You think the US Navy thought this when Jews bombed the USS Liberty?

Jews were running (Israeli's) were running the security at Logan Airport on 9/11.

Everywhere Jews are there are bombs, Jews were all over the Irish IRA and the person who got the guns into Ireland was a Jew named Briscoe.

Jews will give you guns so you can blow your own brothers brains out, thats what they do, thats what they have always done.

Look at World War II Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill, Eisenhower, Morgenthau all Jews folks. Bolshevick Russia was led by Jews. The Katyn massacre was done by Jews, Murder Inc- Jews, Purple Gang- Jews, Italian Mafia arent Italian they are-Jews, Russian mafia isnt Russian- theyre Jews,


Its just plain psychotic that an American would care for Jews more than American citizens (because he is a Jew folks). I dont care if he goes to Pastor Bumsteins circle jerk church in the middle of town.
Jabotinsky Movement

Sanford, FL

#6 Apr 17, 2013
You see Bill Mick really wants to know who did 9/11 and who did the 9/11 bombing, but whatever you do dont say its the people who actually did it.

You will be booted off the show for being a "hater" and get that nasty nasty title- an antisemite.

They not only prove their cowardice they prove their ignorance on the way out too.

Its so pathetic folks this guy has to be yoked in front of City Hall or your country is toast.

The media will help lambaste the founding fathers before they go against their Jewish masters. They are traitors through and through if there ever was one.
Lavon Affair

Sanford, FL

#7 Apr 17, 2013
Bill Mick never saw Adam Gadahn in all his great detective work, in fact he has never seen a jewish terrorist in his life, but he's seen a lot of white girls on the street he has brought in his blue squad car.

What a pathetic fool traitor. This disgusting pig proves every day that he works for a foreign entity and not one of his regular callers will dare say a word.

They all have to be Jews folks- dont trust their word, trust their deeds. They all voted to go kill a million Iraqi's rather than expose the true terrorists. Pastors and Priests, you need to give that some time to think over because you were complacent too.
USS Liberty

Sanford, FL

#8 Apr 18, 2013
We wont be hearing about the Rabbi who forged papers for tens of thousands of illegals, we wont be hearing about the Rabbi who smuggled kosher syrup barrels full of cocaine into Britain, we wont be hearing about the kosher scam in our grocery stores, we wont be hearing about the Jew Federal Reserve Usury Ponzi scheme racket, we wont be hearing bad things about the Boston bombers until the Jewish FBI director on the case claims it was someone else, we wont be hearing about all the Jews involved in the WTC bombing or the Jews caught recently with bombs and the intent to blow up a building, we wont be hearing about a Jewish kid just yesterday who threatened to blow up his own High School etc etc etc.

No folks, today we will be talking about white prostitutes who are on the street supporting their drug habits from the Jewish pill mills they are addicted to.

Its right out of hells kitchen folks and if you dont see it you are stoned lemmings!
WestVirginia Melungeon

Sanford, FL

#9 Apr 22, 2013
Bill Mick didnt hear of the Jewish school kid who threatened to bomb his school, no folks he has a brand new diversion back in his home town West Virginia (the whole state) because he had to look for a diversionary story first in W Virginia and then act as if it was "dear to his heart". Folks, the only things dear to this reptiles heart is that he is able to feed his fat face and will do anything, stab you in the back, lie, cheat, steal, but nothing of any good whatsoever to sustain his pathetic job. He will do what Americans wont do and does a job that a real American could never do, sit on his fat decrepit arse and BS America until it is penniless.

Is it possible that even his regular callers could be so ignorant that they cant see it too? No folks, its impossible.

Only one people on earth can do this folks and there is absolutely no sign of that changing. This guy is an arse kisser through and through. He could wait for the last second and hop ship because he will kiss arse like there is no tomorrow. There isnt a sorrier speciman on planet earth.

You have to ask what this guy diets on, I used to ask the same question about Ariel Sharon. My guess is creamed cheese, pudding and grasshoppers. There really is no telling how someone can be so ugly outwardly and inwardly.
WestVirginia Melungeon

Sanford, FL

#10 Apr 23, 2013
None of the genius listeners of the Melungeon even see that this Boston bombing thing was another pile of BS from your Jewish occupied govt and your Jewish media. Not one has the guts to say it, not one.

Everyone in the Melungeons audience hate Arabs and Muslims, but none of them are telling anyone that Muslims and Arabs run all our gas stations, hotels, 7/11's, Dunkin Doughnuts stores all over the USA.

They wont say who is hiring all of these illegals and also forging paperwork for tens of thousands if not millions of illegals to take our kids jobs as a Rabbi was recently caught doing.

Not one caller knows yet that the Federal Reserve is a Jewish crime racket.

No folks, they call in to keep all the crime fully oiled. Not one of them is an American or a Christian, they are Jews just like all Bill Micks co hosts have been. He cant handle the truth so he tells his Judean call screener (another Mongolian) to keep those calls limited to the regular lemmings only.

The Melungeon used to catch small time Latino drug users with his Latino accent and now he has one as a call screener. He doesnt have a false Jewish accent, you see he wasnt after the Jews even though they are the biggest drug dealers in the world, yet not one word is ever mentioned about them. Jorge the call screener doesnt care, he is going to go into work and pretend he doesnt see the hypocrisy each and every day.

Folks, no conscience means no morality and no morality means Jew.
Ugly Slob

Cocoa, FL

#11 May 22, 2013
You think Bill Mick will be discussing the Kosher Scam in the grocery stores down the street ripping off every non Jew who enters?

You think we could discuss Jews getting their own stores or is it a constant reminder to us that Jews are Gods chosen people?

That depends on who their God is of course.

If they are supposed to be a separate people why are they in our stores at all?

So many questions (a ton) that you wont hear this runt Bill Mick ever discuss. He is going after young white girls and anything pure. You see they (Jews) only destroy what God has made pure. Thats what they do.
Lard Arse

Cocoa, FL

#12 Jun 24, 2013
How about those new Jew commercials? Jews are in a restaurant discussing what they will have for breakfast "twin hemmorrhaging eggs"

These are the same folks in all the abortion clinics just having a little laugh.

Its the only advertisers this pile of dung can get. It just gets more polluted folks, it wont get cleaner, it wont get fresher, it will get continually worse and more perverted as they are left unchecked.

Just take a look at Bill Mick, its like looking at Ariel Sharon, almost impossible that a real human being could achieve such ugliness. It must be that kosher food that keeps them so fit and attractive looking. Nose jobs, boob jobs, botox lips, plastic surgery, liposuction ........ folks, they need to doctors to look like human beings.

Enjoy your Jew breakfast commercials on this completely perverted, lying, trash show while your country burns to the ground by psychotic nutjob perverted Jews.
Lard Arse

Cocoa, FL

#13 Jun 24, 2013
These are the people who claimed Mengele was using Jew twins as guinea pigs.

That was a joke too!
Rebbe Micklejewsky

Cocoa, FL

#14 Jun 24, 2013
Bill Mick converted to Christianity when he was 6 years old. You see these days a Jew can convert to Christianity and a Christian cant convert to Judaism even though Jews are no relation to Judah whatsoever and Christians trust Jews that Jesus came for the "spiritual" House of Israel.

Jesus said he came for the "exiled" sheep of Israel (the person) and Christians believe that the descendants of Herod and Caiaphus are related to Judah today.

I have news for you, a Jew can never be a Christian and a Christian can never be a Jew, one is the people of the 12 tribes ("12 tribes") and the other is a mongrelized nephilim hybrid. God is not the author of babel and its pretty black and white.

If your priest thinks he can convert a Jew into the House of Israel you better check his mothers last name.

Get your priest or reverend on here and I will put him in shame right before your eyes.
Jewdy Infantini

Cocoa, FL

#15 Jun 26, 2013
We arent supposed to say Jews are starting all the wars, running the pill mills, running the abortion clinics, make money out of thin air- lend it to our Jew controlled politicians and charge us interest, we cant say Jews control our media and what we see and hear whether its truthful or not (which it never is), we cant tell people that Judaism is a fraud, we cant say Jews were never intended to even be citizens of the USA because they were never the posterity of the founding fathers of the USA, we cannot look into our own history because it conflicts with the Jews lies, we cant talk about the Jewish child molestation epidemic and let our kids go out unaware of these reptilian monsters, we cant talk about the USS Liberty being bombed by Jews, the WTC bombed by Jews, the Lavon Affair, Jews caught on the Geo Washington bridge on 9/11 with explosives in their van with a picture of a plane crashing into the WTC, we cant talk about the Jew Intl. drug trade, the Jew porn all over our Christian countries, the gambling halls, you name it, Jews are behind it, but we have willing traitors to protect these criminals day in and day out like Bill Mick.

Folks, you are gonna have to get out the tar and feathers or you will lose everything including your souls.

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