Todd Stirns Bill Mick Kissing Jew Arse

Todd Stirns Bill Mick Kissing Jew Arse

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Baruch Goldstein

Cocoa, FL

#1 Jul 21, 2014
Imagine that, two crypto Jews kissing Jew state arse and anyone is an antisemite if they disagree.

Folks its Walter Mitty land, its John 8:44 land- period.

Isreal is a people not a land mass and Jews whether they be Khazars or Judeans, they are not Israrl folks. The fact that the media and the churches arent telling you this means they are all sold out.

Free speech ends with Jews in America. How pitiful?
Baruch Goldstein

Cocoa, FL

#2 Jul 21, 2014
Jews are as much Israel as Mao Tse Tung was. Your lying media plants lying crypto Jews all over your media to deliberately sway you against nature itself and if you disagree with a jew destroying nature you are a hater when jews are the biggest criminals on the earth we are to remain silent.

Does it make a dimes worth of sense folks? You are supposed to defend the truth NOT JEWS and their LIARS.

How can you just blindly trust this media when they dont believe in free speech? Of course they are going to do their fathers deeds their father has horns folks) whether it be satan or a goat. They are not his sheep.
Baruch Goldstein

Cocoa, FL

#3 Jul 21, 2014
Remember the King David Hotel? That was the Stern Gang, Todd Starnes Gang.

They blew up White people and blamed it on Brown people Jews are mutt people). Just look at Bill Mick and Todd Starnes, its Woody Allen the child molester and a West Virginia Melungeon.

Folks you are being taken to the cleaners. How will you know without free speech? You have to demand free speech if you want the truth. If Jesus came here today and wanted to say what Jews are today he would be silenced anywhere in this Pharisee Judean media and you go to church on Sunday after listening to his enemies all week long.

They are laughing at you folks.They cant let me talk because I will bury them before your eyes.
Tod SternGang

Cocoa, FL

#4 Jul 21, 2014
There are two sides to every story but in our media there is only one side to every Jew story. How do you so called Christians live with this seeing this every day?

They are BSing you out of a country. SNAP OUT OF IT!

For God sakes! Cant you see it? Doesnt every fiber in your being despise this injustice? If it doesnt you are spiritually deceased.
Tod SternGang

Cocoa, FL

#5 Jul 21, 2014
You have to be a Jew or a sold out traitor to be in the media today. I dont consider Jews traitors I consider them parasites wherever they are.Jews have their "Igor's" to help them parasite off of you. Twice the children of hell.
Tod SternGang

Cocoa, FL

#6 Jul 21, 2014
Todd Stirns and Bill Mick are great friends, Bill Mick was told by his jew boss to allow Stirns on to spread his Jewish BS each week and act as if he is a close friend of Bill Mick. Folks its pathetic and so are all these callers to the Bill Mick show who go along with it.

Part of Bill Micks job is to destroy any chances of an honest politician or judge getting into office. He will let the Jew go through unquestioned and punish anyone who could possibly tell any truth about what is going on in Brevard or elsewhere in the world (in that craphole diaper bin Jew state especially). Jews are the richest people on the planet and they cant even feed themselves, they want our borders open and milk us to death to keep their borders secure from people they rape, rob and steal from.

Will you people ever wake up? If you are trusting anything coming from this jew media you are severely gullible to say the least and masochistic.
Tod SternGang

Cocoa, FL

#7 Jul 21, 2014
Bill Mick or Todd Sterns couldnt tell the truth if they wanted to. Imagine either of the two talking about the King David Hotel today or the Lavon Affair or how about the USS Liberty. What if we started talking about who Murder Inc was or the Purple Gang, Jews in the Kosher Nostra they arent white Italians folks so who are they?). Bill Mick isnt white either- LOOK AT HIM. That is a Jew if I ever saw one. If you think you are going to get the truth from that lying skunk you are a lemming.

He believes Misha the Jewess lived with wolves when she escaped the Holocaust or Henry Rosenblat and the apple story "It was true in his imagination". He believes Germans white people folks) gassed 6 million Jews in a 2 car garage through a shower head as if they had to sneakily kill them if they wanted to) and then burn all the bodies into thin air like jew money.

We cant talk about all these jew lies and must listen to jew lies unfettered day in and day out or we are HATERS.

Folks LISTEN UP and listen good- THEY ARE THE HATERS! Lets have American free speech and we'll see. Truth is we dont have free speech with Jews around- period. They are the exception to our rule or at least your dumb rule. Im going with truth not Jew fables folks.
Tod SternGang

Cocoa, FL

#8 Jul 21, 2014
In the meantime the Jew NKVD headed up by Jews most notoble Joe Stalin (Steel) who was born Juseg Dhughasvilli (son of a jew) and who also took the name "Bar Kochba" in relation to the Judean Bar Kochba revolt.

This Jewish lead and operated NKVD killed over 30,000 Catholic Poles and blamed it on the Germans in cold blood 2 slugs to the back of the head and into a pit).

Historians dont even want to touch it folks. So we have Katyn, Communist Russia (Jews systematically murdering over 60 million people), The Holodomor in the Ukraine, The Armenian Genocide by Turkish Jews (the Donmeh), we have the WTC bombing that no member of our media will touch with a stick, we have the USS Liberty, Jews in drugs, Jews in porn, Jews in gambling, Jews in organ harvesting, Jews in snuff, Jews in child molestation (through the roof), we have Jews pushing for open borders in America and Europe..........folks it goes on and on and on and on, but the media isnt going to say a cotton pickin word.

They need to HANG folks.

Just google Jews did 911, check out the Fox News report about the Jew spy ring that Fox News now disowns Tony Snow is dead he cant talk about it). They either lied to us one way or the other folks, but we cant find out or we are.........antisemites, haters, Nazi's.

So be it- you are a Jew or a liar or both!
Tod SternGang

Cocoa, FL

#9 Jul 28, 2014
Howard Starnes, I mean Todd Stearns is on with the Melungeon Bill Mick trying to act like white men, but you can tell they arent white men by their Jewish kibbitzing. Theyre having a friendly conversation that they want you, the gullible goyim, to overhear.

Theyre going to give you a gold nugget, unfortunately it isnt gold its Jewish ca ca.

Todd is almost done taking up time on Brevards ONLY call in show which is entirely run by Communist Talmudic Jews from the call screener right up to Orit Gadiesh and above. Its all Jews. Tell me, how in the world did you ever come to the conclusion you could trust a jew? Are you masochistic or a fool?

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