I'll Skip the Chinese Food From Now On

I'll Skip the Chinese Food From Now On

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Lucy Lewinsky

Cocoa, FL

#1 Jul 5, 2013
Chabad Chinese Missionary Propaganda Found On NYC Subway

Chabad Chinese Yechi Adonaynu propaganda sheet NYC subway 7-3-2013 side 1Chabad Chinese language missionary propaganda declaring their dead rebbe is alive and is the messiah was found on the Q Train last night in New York City.

The top Chinese line says,“Messiah is Here!”

The second line's meaning isn't clear.

The third line says “Think truth, speak truth, do truth.”

The line below the flag is the Chinese translation of “Yechi adonenu….,” Chabad's declaration that the messiah is alive, well and is their rebbe – who died in 1994.

The second half appear to be the 7 Laws of Noah (Sheva Mitzvot Bnei Noach) that according to halakha (Jewish law) non-Jews are supposed to follow:

Lucy Lewinsky

Cocoa, FL

#2 Jul 5, 2013
Ever notice everyone are Jews nowadays?

The entire House of Israel somehow disappeared off the face of the earth and all we have left are 50 different mixtures of Jews except the pure racial lineage to Judah.

Ladies and gentlemen, if a Judahite mixed with any other lineage than the white race he was no longer a Judahite or even an Israelite.

All you have to do is check out who Judah's first children were and what the punishment was and why it was.
Now we have supposed Arab Jews (Arab means "mixed") called Sephardic Jews and Ashkenazi Jews who named themselves after a tribe of Japheth and not Shem (so they arent Shemites folks). They mixed in with Turko Mongolian Kenites and converted "religiously" in 700 ad- they were locked up in the pale with the Sephardic Jews, and therefore mixed in with them as the Jews mixed in with every other race on the planet.

What they want is the white race race mixed right off the face of the earth. That is just one way of a dozen and if you arent woken up to this fact with free speech you will cease to exist. You have to demand total free speech (truth) no matter who it offends. Thats what you were supposed to have learned from the New Testament, but your priests and pastors are all sold out to the Jews.

Who was Herod, a Jew or a Judahite? Who was Caiaphus, a Jew or a Judahite? You better know the difference and go hit your pastor over the head with it in a crowd of people.

Why are Jews pro abortion and at the same time supposedly awaiting their Messiah? Because they arent waiting on a Messiah, they know he has already come. They want death, perversion, confusion and mayhem and they will use your emotions to sway you from the true law- the one based on Christianity and tattoo'd in your hearts.

How can you make a decision based on total Jew control of the media? Jews will take you on a wild goose chase your whole life if you dont turn around and chase the Jew.
Lucy Lewinsky

Cocoa, FL

#3 Jul 5, 2013
I am going to tell you something right now that your priest, reverend, pastor will never tell you in a million years.

Are you ready?

Herod and Caiaphus were not Israelites or even of the House of Judah (family of Judah), they werent Benjaminites or Levites they were Idumeans....are you with me so far?

What is an Idumean? An Idumean is an Edomite, descendants of the offspring of Edom and the Canaanites (offspring of Canaan and the daughters of Cain). Why were non Israelites in control of the government and religious seats of Jerusalem? If you read the apocryphal books you would know.

Herod had the first born Judahites killed, why? Because this king would have put the Edomites back into the hole they came out of so they had to kill all the first born male Judahites, not Edomites, not Benjaminites, not Levites, not Josephites, but Judahites.

Edomites were in control of the religious laws and government at the time not REAL Israelites. DO YOU UNDERSTAND???

Why are these Edomites NEVER discussed in your churches? Because they fear the nutjob Jew (Judean Edomite/Canaanites) not Judahites. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

Now go and ask your pastor if Herod killed his own first born son and why he didnt. Tell your pastor or priest to tell the truth or get the hell out of this church NOW!!!

Now if Herod killed the pure PURE first born sons of the House of Judah (or PURE Israelites in Judea at the time) were they awaiting their Messiah then?

They have no Messiah folks. Plain and simple. They have a totally different father from us with a little f.

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