Jews Push For Gun Control
Barbie Boxhead

Sanford, FL

#1 Dec 17, 2012

Jews hate the US Constitution because not one word of it was ever designed for them. In fact it was designed to protect Christians against them.

Jews will blow up buildings, manufacture manchurian candidate shooters, whatever it takes to get their way because they are running out of time.

They fear the truth will get out about their lies and back to the ghetto they will go.
Barbie Boxhead

Sanford, FL

#2 Dec 17, 2012
Jews didnt push for gun control when Baruch Goldstein shot up a mosque in Palestine. Jews want us disarmed not because we may shoot up a school, but so they can shoot up schools and provide more of their so called Homeland Security.

Jews are freedom fighters, yet they enslaved the Black Africans and brought them here like farm animals. They brought in porn as "free speech" and took away our actual free speech to criticize them.

If you cant see the hypocrisy you aint breathing, you are a lemming.
Barbie Boxhead

Sanford, FL

#3 Dec 17, 2012

They will use their own Jews to make this gun confiscation take place and the Jewish media (all of it) will go along like white on rice.

The media didnt give you the truth on 9/11 so why would they give you the truth on these shootings? They want your guns folks and if you give them to them you might as well just throw yourself off a cliff. When they start taking guns from Americans there will be hell to pay so the Jews get what they want either way and it is because we let these nutjobs in in the first place.
Barbie Boxhead

Sanford, FL

#4 Dec 17, 2012
What Jews really want to do is go after white people and call them "white supremacists" when white people dont want to be supreme over anyone, they may want Jews gone, however. Jews dont have a Christian government in the Jew state and America should not have Jews acting on behalf of America in a Christian state.

If you just take a step back and look at all the Jewish hypocrisy it should blow you out of your socks, but you have been so brainwashed to allow Jews have free reign and never to be criticized as Jesus Christ, John the Baptist and all the apostles did. Why arent our churches doing the same thing today?

Because they are OWNED, folks! Just like the media. The Jewish mob is in control of America just as they controlled Russia and Germany. You may not want to hear this, but the bloodbath you should be in fear of is the same bloodbath thats been going on for centuries by the same Jews. It wont be debated because its the truth and Jews hate truth. They cant stand up to the truth because it destroys them.
Barbie Boxhead

Sanford, FL

#5 Dec 17, 2012
and what do you know, yet another shooting botched

Schmuel EaglebearJew Chavez
Baruch Goldstein

Sanford, FL

#6 Dec 17, 2012
Jews go to the beach with kalishnikovs in the Jew state and once they have whites disarmed here they will go to the our beaches with kalishnikovs.

You want someone to blame for the school shootings? Blame the media because without free speech it is Constitutional to use your 2nd Amendment rights against it. That is what you are supposed to have guns for. The school shootings are nothing but diversions to stunt you from doing what the Constitution was designed for. Jews are the terrorist who are controlling your minds like Pavlov dogs.
Barbarmitzvah Feinstein

Sanford, FL

#7 Jan 8, 2013
This is one of those topics where jews used to call me an antisemite, but they cant anymore because it will draw too much attention to the truth and the facts. Jews dont like facts, they like pilpilism (look it up) and why you should never put them in a position of trust ever. You shouldnt even have them living among you.

Instead you sit in your armchair listening to Jerry Sternfeldt and Jeff Foxdung joke around on the Jewish toilet TV while your country and culture is being pillaged.

What good are guns when you listen to lying Jews for your information? You will end up using them on your own family before you wake up.

Turn that Jew TV off, turn that Jew radio off and get back to the basics. Understand that the Bible and the Constitution were never written for JEWS. I know that hurts your head (because you have been boondoggled by jews your whole life), but it is the TRUTH. You want the truth or Jew fables?

Jews are not Israelites- you are scratching your thick heads. You have the internet, research it. Understand why someone would say something so erroneous to you. You will find what you believe is erroneous not me. Your churches wont tell you, they wont tell you anything about Jews. That should be clear to you by now. But the truth is they did at one time for a long long time FOR DAMNED GOOD REASON!

Just take a look at Jewish controlled Bolshevick Russia for a start. 66 million white Christians murdered by Jews and you are watching BS Holocaust stories on the Jewish Hitler channel.

Wake UP!

Tˇrshavn, Faroe Islands

#8 Feb 21, 2014

There are WAY too many jews in government - They push for centralization/communism and globalization and for gun control!!

Juiffrey Dahmer

Cocoa, FL

#9 Feb 21, 2014
plenty of them in the schools too pushing lies to our kids.

Tˇrshavn, Faroe Islands

#10 Feb 21, 2014
Juiffrey Dahmer wrote:
plenty of them in the schools too pushing lies to our kids.
Positions of "authority"

I was surprised to find out how much jews dominate - i feel obligated to warn people.

Jews infiltrate churches to push for zionism (the bible was invented by jews, the "chosen people")
jews infiltrate the school system to push for globalization, enviromental lies, and obidiance to the government.
Jews infiltrate governmetn to push america to wars against arabic countries.
And to centralize power (because they already have the power)
And they try to maintain the Rothschild federal reserve monopoly over the ecconomy (thats why people who tried to develop diffrent currencies such as the gold standard are in jail now accuced of "terrorism" - thats also why countries that want to trade in other currencies are being attacked by the US government)

This can easily be verified if you examine who dominates IMF and fedral reserve - and to read abit about jewish central banking monopoly history - examine the Rothschild family and how they also tie into the creation of Isreal.

Jews are heavily involved in the media where they slander arabs and stir up fear in order for us to accept their insane laws their "war on terror".

Tˇrshavn, Faroe Islands

#11 Feb 21, 2014

Bernhard von Nothausen tried to develop a gold based debt free currency. He is in jail now accused of "terrorism".

The jews hate people who challenge their monopoly.

Thats also why jews hate people like Ron Paul who challenges the fedral reserve and who is against the foreign wars and against the income tax.

Nothing is more blantant example than this interview where jewish goons call Ron Paul an "anti-semite"

If you wish for peace, and liberty you are an "anti-semite"

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