Marine Wakes Up
Barbara Zornstein

Sanford, FL

#1 Mar 28, 2013
Drug Smuggling in Texas National Guard

A True Story Regarding State Sponsored Terrorism

I am a USMC and Texas Army Nation Guard (TXARNG) Veteran with 15.5 years of honorable service. At one time, I was a highly patriotic Man who believed in serving God, Corp., and Country. That was before I studied the writings of USMC MG Smedley Butler. Major General Butler gave the following statement in 1935:

I am still a "Patriotic Man" albeit a little wiser than before. I no longer blindly accept second-hand information from any source. After discovering high-level drug smuggling operations in both the USMC and TXARNG, I finally comprehend the words of Men such as MG Butler. Before I separated from the USMC in 1981, a load-master friend on a C-130 aircraft took me inside his plane and opened a storage compartment loaded with about 400 kg of cocain from South America. Thus begins my story. You will learn of my two discoveries, i.e., 1. The Iran/Contra affair began in Corpus Christi, Texas, TXARNG armory; and 2. The DOJ and their purported courtrooms are not for us (The People). Everything we think we know about the courts is a lie, based upon fraudulently created fictional entities that only exist in contemplation of law.

Before going any further, you must be aware of two important factors regarding my discoveries. The first point is that you must comprehend the corporate "NAME GAME" being executed by all corporate/government entities. If you are unaware of this issue please review the massive amounts of information concerning the "CERTIFICATES OF LIVE BIRTH," otherwise known as the ens legis entity (straw man), 14th Amendment citizen/slave, created via constructive fraud during your Real Birth. It is designed as a method to steal our wealth and labor.
Barbara Zornstein

Sanford, FL

#2 Mar 28, 2013
The second point is, you must comprehend that there are no longer any "countries" or "nations" left on the planet, and the purported "Constitution" was constructive fraud from the beginning. I highly recommend that you study this issue and visit the following site and look-up a treatise by Lysander Spooner: The Constitution of No Authority Number 2- . Mr. Spooner lived pre & post (contrived) bankers war between the states. He stipulates that as of 1871, there were no countries left due to what we now know as the purported "New World Order." This stuff did not just materialize yesterday. By the end of my short story, you will realize that these 2-points really matter. There is a reason we have been deceived by the globalist - otherwise knows as a con-job.

Fraudulent War on Drugs

In 1985 I had the opportunity to join the Texas Army National Guard (TXARNG). In 1986 I started work at the 2-141st (M) Infantry in Corpus Christi, Texas. As a heavy vehicle mechanic I was assigned to the OMS #7 Maintenance Shop. This is where my problems began.

As a Full Time Mechanic, our job was to travel to the outlying units to provide support. When we departed from the Corpus armory, we left with a load designated for the units we were to support. We would return with a load of equipment from these units which had been allegedly damaged, and was to be disposed of. I picked-up a lot of weapons, i.e., M-16's, 45-cal pistols, M-60 and 50-cal machine guns. I also picked-up other equipment such as night vision goggles. It appeared that for every ten items I would pick-up from the units, only a couple of items would be returned back to the units. At the time, I did not know that I was helping to move these items for the Iran/Contra players. I later discovered that our military trucks were also being used to move drugs through the South Texas Check-Points by unknown soldiers not part of the Full-Time staff. This information is also covered in Drugging-America-Trojan-Horse 2nd Ed. by Rodney Stich.

It was during this time (1985-1993) that issues regarding the Iran/Contra affair were beginning to surface. Hind-sight being 20/20, I understand why TXARNG units were in such turmoil regarding allegations of high-level theft of property, drug smuggling, discrimination, and the Army Fitness Standards discrepancies etc., ad nauseam. Frankly, the high-level TXARNG officers within the Camp Mabry staff were more focused on smuggling drugs and guns than taking care of their troops! Remember, according to MG Butler, "War [military] is a racket." I also filed whistle blower complaints with the TXARNG Inspector General regarding official corruption within the Corpus Christi armory in 1993. For me, the results were devastating.

I highly recommend the following books that expose the Iran/Contra affair as it relates to the TXARNG:
Barbara Zornstein

Sanford, FL

#4 Mar 28, 2013
The war on drugs is a hoax- and your local and national media are a Jew hoax (both run entirely by Jews).

Yes that pos blubber mouth Bill Mick is part of that hoax on YOU the American people.

CEO of Clear Channel is an Israeli Mossad agent who served time in the IDF (not the French Army or the German Army or Swiss Guard or Russian Navy or Royal Marines.........the Jew IDF, those folks who steal all our information and sell it to other countries). Bill Mick, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity all work for an Israeli Mossad agent.

They need to be hanged folks.
Gilda Ratner

Sanford, FL

#5 Mar 28, 2013
I knew this was fishy, its written by a Jew and a bunch of Jew shills are pushing it.

Of course a Jew would be anti Constitution.

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