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WarsawGhetto Boy

Cocoa, FL

#41 Jan 22, 2014
Its open lines Wednesday and that means Jorge the Jewish call screener is earning his Jew pesos. Of course nobody is calling in about anything of any significance whatsoever.

Nobody is calling in about illegal immigration and who wants open borders or who is hiring these illegals and what their excuse is. Bill Micks callers like to say Americans are too lazy, but all of these callers are for Americans (non jews) to go overseas and protect the Jew state in wars against Muslims.

Nobody wants to call the ex drug cop who chased after small time weed smokers and looked the other way if he saw the big Jew fish as he does right now. Jews control the drug trade soup to nuts and not a word from him or any of his callers.

The Jew Supreme Court never comes up and means nothing to any of the callers or Earl his supposed Baptist preacher caller. You see he is the closest resemblance of a Christian you will ever get on this Jewish show.

Catholic church child molestation will come up frequently on this show but never the Jewish age old gargantuan molestation epidemic will ever come up that dwarfs anything else in the history of the world.

Child porn will often come up, but never the people who brought porn into our lives to begin with and call it free speech.

The Jews who took us to endless war are never discussed. The Jews all over 9/11 are never discussed. The Jews who bombed the USS Liberty never discussed, Jewish Al Queda never discussed.

The Jewish controlled media never discussed, Jew controlled Hollywood, publishing houses, schoolbooks, Jews in Ivy League schools who statistically dumber than whites and even Palestinians.

Jews in the medical field, abortion doctors, pill mills, billboard tube tiers, suicide doctors, etc etc

No talk about the BS Holocaust stories like a Jewish woman being saved by a pack of wolves or the apple story and Henry Rosenblat. No, everything is true on this pathetic sorry excuse of a local talk show.

Folks it is Jewish propaganda- forget Nazi Germany this is Jew USA.

If you dont demand free speech we are looking at a blood bath when the levi breaks. Its well on its way to. Just save this rotten bastard Bill Mick for me.
Tod Starnestein

Cocoa, FL

#42 Jan 27, 2014
Bill Mick has found a new pal. No it isnt someone local who can talk without fear of losing his media job, its Todd Starnestein of Fox News.

You people out there driving on the road listening to that have to be 100% total lemmings.

All this is is Bill Mick kissing some Fox News arse kissers arse. It really is perversion. The Fox News, Florida Today Jew baggage boys can just drop in and Bill Mick just loves them (he will do a lot for a little jew money). If Brevardians want to call in he has the phones shut off.

Folks, its almost hanging time. Do you feel the earth rumbling yet? You will soon if you dont already. That sound is the Aushwitz Express and Bill Mick is gonna be on it.
Tod Sterns

Cocoa, FL

#43 Feb 10, 2014
Hey lets find out what Todd Starnes is thinking on the jew controlled WMMB and Fox News eh? Like we give a rats petuti.

Todd Starnes is on so you ARENT!

If you care what Todd Starnes has to say over who is bringing drugs to your kids YOU ARE STUPID. If you care more about Todd Starnes more than who really did 9/11 YOU ARE STUPID, if you care more about Starnes than who started, maintained and still runs Communism today right here in America YOU ARE STUPID, if you care more about Todd Stern than who is wrecking America and the world in every venue there is today YOU ARE STUPID or you are a Jew and just made that way.
Tod Sterns

Cocoa, FL

#44 Feb 10, 2014
Do you actually think WMMB would have a non jew as a regular guest? Think of Bruce Vexler, or Aaron Lyons- those two had a disagreement with Walrus Face Mick, but they arent calling in to tell us why.

My guess is Vexler likes sun dried tomato bagels, Lyons likes bialy's and Bill Mick likes 3 times the usual creamed cheese on his Everything bagel.

Not one of these clowns would ever introduce the fact that Jews did 9/11 and claim the US government did it. They lead you dumb goyim around by the nose with BS and you just keep believing them.

I suggest you read John chapter 8 10 times and then figure out what a Khazar is and what the real meaning of Sephardic is that pretends to be related to Israelites and couldnt prove it with all the Jew DNA scientists in the world.
Tod Sterns

Cocoa, FL

#45 Feb 10, 2014
Todd will tell us he was brought up Methodist like John Cohn Kerry was brought up Catholic and now in the Jew state every other day working out "dveals" with Jews.

Star as in Starnes is the same thing as Stern as in Sterns or Stearns. Think of Stern gang (terrorists).

Ask Howard Stearn, he will tell you, he may not give you the whole truth however as usual.
Tod Sterns

Cocoa, FL

#46 Feb 10, 2014
Bill OReilly or Sean Hannity, not to mention "beenie boy" Glenn Beck dont see all these crypto Jews just like Steve McQueen in "Papillon" protecting his jew pal Dustin Hoffman.

"ayaaaah yah ah yay yah, its jusht not there"

"I wanna see the warden"

Todd Sterns

Cocoa, FL

#47 Feb 11, 2014
Bill Mick of the Jewish Clear Channel Israeli CEO Orit Gadiesh WMMBAM Sephardic call screener controlled radio station wants the county schools to give the same bogus information WMMB does. You see if there was any real education in our schools today Bill Mick and this Jewish media would be in Birobidzhan right now.
Just think about it, this guy Mick is screaming out like a bumb in a dunk booth every weekday morning on how things should be with the phones cut off.
It truly is amazing how neutered Americans have become. If I was given 3 hours with this fat mongrel on the air he would go back under the rock he slithered out from or he would say something to me his fat arse wasnt able to cash..
Melungeon Face

Cocoa, FL

#48 Mar 17, 2014
Bill Mick and Todd Stearns doing their very best to pervert Saint Patricks Day. You see Jews hate Christianity and anything to do with it so they naturally have to pervert it. Any fool could see this is deliberate and you fools just laugh as if it is funny that jews can pervert everything and you cant talk about the most pathetic life form on this earth- jews.
Melungeon Face

Cocoa, FL

#49 Mar 18, 2014
No little perverted jokes about Purim this year, no Todd Stearns and the Melungeon Jew Bill Mick are after a Christian holy day.

Folks you have to be blind not to see it.

Can you imagine those two making little perverted jokes about Jew drunks on Purim?

They dont even talk about Misha the Jewess who was saved by wolves in the Holocoust, yes wolves gave her dead rabbits to eat. Ive never heard an Irish tale even close to that one. The Irish believe in leprechauns, but even those leprechauns were Jews they dont want to talk about.

Bill Mick on the other hand is a 100% without a doubt a Jew liar. If he isnt a Jew he wishes he was. Just the bottom of the barrel. No jokes about Purim this year folks, but wait till Easter, Rabbi Earl will be cussing his head off on Good Friday and Bill Mick will have him on for as long as he wants. Dont call in about Jews though, the people who have our monetary system, media, Supreme Court, school system, churches, etc in a death grip. Bill Mick doesnt even want anyone else to talk about it because he is a liar and a jew himself. Dont call in about jews swinging chickens around their heads or taking vows not to fulfill contracts with non jews or having their kids jump on Hamans ears (a mythical character of the jews because Jews arent of Judah through Pharez or Zarah. Jews are mixed mongrels and amongst all the countries and races of the world. How could these people possibly be the people of the book? If they are the good people of the book who in the hell are the bad people? Do you think the bad people wouldnt try to make you think they are the good people? Bill Mick is there to help them.

No white man would hate free speech and truth. Anyone on the path of truth is going to be hanged up on and anyone leading you the opposite way from jews can talk till their hearts content. Thats called a traitor folks. I would tell this grotesque skunk that to his face.
WVirginia Mongolian

Cocoa, FL

#50 Jul 24, 2014
The toad Bill Mick knows whats going on on Glenn Becks homo website, he knows what Sean Hannity is lying about, he knows everything Marc the midget Jew Levin says, he certainly knows what his boss Israeli Orit Gadiesh says, he even knows Brevards big fat Sherrif who doesnt do a thing about the illegals stealing out jobs....

but he doesnt read anything in this forum at all. You know why?

Because Jews like the toad Bill Mick HATE TRUTH! They live in an alternate reality, a reality of total Jew BS and you must play along or you are outcasted by Jews and their homosexual lackeys.

Which reality do you live in? Who controls your thoughts? Do you actually believe these people when they mention "The Constitution" and "The Bible"? They cant possibly be reading the same thing I am and you know what folks, they know it. They never read it in their lives or they are the biggest liars who ever walked the earth. Could even be both, but you will never know because they have the phones completely controlled. Jorge the Western Mongolian has been strictly trained to never allow anyone on to correct his lying, war mongering, jew fanning fat arse. He must be a proud American and a great American like that 2 bit sold out traitor Sean Hannity..
WVirginia Mongolian

Cocoa, FL

#51 Jul 24, 2014
He see young white girls who sent topless tweets but he doesnt see Jew crime or this forum. He saw Catholic priest (Marranos) knee deep in child molestation, but not one Rabbi, he saw Saddam with WMDs,but not one neocon Jew, he saw the illegal invasion but never the people who wanted them here to invade, he sees baaad white people but never baaad Jew people bombing defenseless Palestinians, doesnt see the Jew Fed, doesnt see Jews in drugs and he was a drug cop for 17 years and a SWAT cop. SWAT means Look the other way with Jews in Mongolian. he sees everything his deformed Deliverance Movie guest Earl, who claims to be a Christian with a Jew name, wants to say every day, but he doesnt see this forum or jew crime.

He would let someone like me speak to hang up on me only because he is just a toad who couldnt handle the truth if it was next to his Whopper and fries.
So you will continue to get Jewish HOGWASH day in and day out and not one person who knows anything about the parasite that has destroyed you. You will continue to hear that Muslims, Blacks, Whites, everyone but the Jew culprits are destroying our country and world today and Bill Mick will sit on his fat arse and watch it burn before any free speech is allowed into his pathetic dog (Canaanite) and Marrano (pig) pony show.
WVirginia Khazar

Cocoa, FL

#52 Jul 29, 2014
Bill Micks biggest supporter is a jewelry store that looks like a bank and a synagogue. He has Tea Party meetings at synagogues. You see Bill Mick is a crypto Jew claiming to be a Christian but its not possible he ever read the New or Old Testament. He is a Jew and he knows where the money is and he knows where his microphone is and what isnt supposed to be said.
Truth is Bill Mick is a Jew queer who shuts out true Americans from free speech. A true American could never sit back while Jews send our kids to bogus wars, bomb our ships USS LIBERTY, WTC on 9/11, King David Hotel, elect our presidents (Jews got Obama elected and their Jew media nobody else), Jews want our borders wide open and for us to send them our money, the fruits of our ancestors life long work, so that Jews (people not even in the Constitution) can have their borders protected.
Folks you have to be anti American to allow this pathetic toad to continue with a microphone. It should be like fingernails on a blackboard to you, but nobody see's it (because nobody is allowed to call in and put the obvious in your face) so he keeps those phones shut off and now helping his jewish candidates into every office there is.
Ladies and gentlemen, there is nothing American or Christian about it, in fact it is to the contrary.

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