Bill Mick Doesnt See This Forum
Chief Bill Levy

Cocoa, FL

#21 Sep 30, 2013
Chief Bill Levy wrote:
How many young policeman and deputies have lost their lives because their bosses cant talk about who runs the drug trade at the top? Bill Mick, the freak of nature, has the Sheriff on once again and they wont be discussing the Jew control of drugs you know why? They will lose their jobs. So instead young police officers and deputies lose their lives, its just that simple.
If you are wearing a badge, military fatigues, etc. expect to die for the Jew because your leaders wont be saying a word.
I think this had a bit too much truth for Steve to handle.

psssst Jews hate the truth- it is adversarial to them. Its like soap and water to them. How will you know unless you have me in a debate with one. I will spank that Jew right back under his rock. The Britney Spears nonsense will be over. The bee's will come back.
Rob Schliemer

Cocoa, FL

#22 Oct 1, 2013
How many truck drivers do you think have driven down 95 listening to talk radio in the last 10 years?

Not one has called in to disagree or even agree with this pathetic sack of pee.

Do you know why?

Because the show and I mean show, is completely FIXED! How many people out there have taken a look at this mullet head and said to themselves "this guy Bill Mick doesnt even look like a human being"?

Yet every one of his callers loooove him, they adoooore him (the same 10 callers he has had for 10 years.

Its a complete jew hoax folks- like the Holocaust. Bills latest hero- Rob Schneider. Yes the star of Deuce Bigelow the Gigilo and The Hot Chick. Little Jew in search of his schmekel- just what we want to see.

Its so disgusting it should make you puke, but you probably just turn the radio off like most. Thats the real reason Bill Mick is on radio.
Jorge Garcia

Cocoa, FL

#23 Oct 1, 2013
Bill Mick wants the USA to give more to jews, he is an unshakable antichrist supporter.

If our media is unshakable to jews what does this say about our churches and school system? It says the whole system is sold out. Only an honest media will ever expose the mountain of jew BS and they aint talking until they are over a hot fire.
Jorge Morales

Cocoa, FL

#24 Oct 3, 2013
Jorge the call screener for Bill Mick doesnt see the crime of not taking specific calls because he isnt an American folks (I mean that physically).

He is going wherever the Jew money and bananas are- period.
Walrus Face

Cocoa, FL

#25 Oct 4, 2013
The walrus faced slime ball is inching his way further and further away from Mitch Needelman, the guy he helped get into office to rip Brevard off.

There is no honor among thieves folks- plain and simple.
Henry Ford

Cocoa, FL

#26 Oct 16, 2013
The fat pig (Bill Mick)(and he is a fat pig, its the truth) tells Earl the Rabbi that he may have to taze him (you see Mick knows everything that is going to be said before the caller actually says anything and he calls that free speech), but Earl the Rabbi only offends Blacks, Whites and anyone that speaks Spanish and never ever those Jews.

Folks, if you cant figure it out by now you need to listen to me not them.

Its pathetic folks and you know it. You want to listen to pure BS- listen to Bill Mick and his BS round robin BS callers.
Walrus Face

Cocoa, FL

#27 Nov 8, 2013
The fat toad is back from his cruise and chatting about lesbians (one of his favorite perv subjects). While he was gone he shut down his show and played recordings of himself.

As is people wanted to hear his perverted trash talk for a second time.

The truth is he needs his phones 100% controlled so someone doesnt call in to tell Brevard how sold out this pathetic walrus faced toad really is.
Walrus Face

Cocoa, FL

#28 Nov 8, 2013
Wake up people, this show is a Jewish con job. One call and I will prove it to you. Ofcourse the walrus faced toad isnt taking my call. He will take Rabbi Earls call to bash white Nazi's unfettered however. Never will we hear what the Jews did to Germany or Russia or Poland or England or Ireland or Palestine or France or America or every country they have ever been in.

Its off limits and propaganda is the way of America now. They need to hang folks.

Clear Channel is run by Jews, if Mick the Melungeon offends Jews he is history so he does his Jew masters bidding against America- against the Constitution and whats more against God himself.
Walrus Face

Cocoa, FL

#29 Nov 21, 2013
Yes, Bill Mick is taking the day off so that means Brevard's 10 callers to his show also have the day off. And you can be sure his call screener has the day off or he has to stay and fiddle with the commercials while the fat walrus faced toad is gone.

Yes, Brevard's only call in station shuts down when the Jewish shoe shine boy takes a day off.

Folks, you know this is going to get turned right side up dont you?

You know this Communist trash cant go on much longer dont you?

Soon you will be listening to me bash this walrus faced Commie up and down that craphole Jewish stank mall he spends his mornings in ripping Brevard off day in and day out.

Slowly people are waking up, but surely. Eventually lemmings will wake up to what they arent hearing and ask WHY?

Just look at walrus face and you will know.
Judge Jewjeed

Cocoa, FL

#30 Nov 26, 2013
Bill Mick is interviewing one of our local Jewish appointed Indian judges. Neither Bill Mick nor this judge have ever read the Constitution not know who it was for, obviously.
It doesnt matter if you were in the Marines, Army, Navy or French Foreign Legion detached to Omaha Nebraska.

If you are anything but white, Jews brought you here to destroy America- period.

You want the truth? That is the truth.

Of course the fat toad Bill Mick doesnt want the truth, he is a professional LIAR. If he told truth he'd have the phone lines opened up to FREE SPEECH.

Its not free speech the toad fears its the truth. Its why they had to crucify Jesus. They cant live with truth. They can live with death and destruction, lies, child molestation, pollution, porn, snuff, organ harvesting, bombing people from afar, but truth they cannot live with.
Fat Toad

Cocoa, FL

#31 Dec 4, 2013
Its wide open Wednesday so that means Rabbi Earl will get a half hour to spew his crypto Jew nonsense. Today he is actually against Communists after calling people Nazis for 5 years. Does Rabbi Earl know Bill Mick is the biggest Communist in town with his phone lines cut off?

I think he does and I would prove it to you in 3 minutes if there was open lines, but there hasnt been open lines as long as Bill (the fat toad) Mick has been in town. He is 100% owned by Jews- period. He lies like most people breathe and has NO REMORSE.

That is reptilian folks. He cares for Jews and doesnt give 2 sh**s about anyone else. Cant you lemmings figure out you are being robbed? What is it going to take?

Cocoa, FL

#32 Dec 12, 2013
Bill Mick is being visited by his Fox News pals like Glenn Beck, Brian Kilmeade (who kisses Jew arse like there is no tomorrow) coming to sell their pathetic books to complete lemmings that happily believe the jew fables. The Jews want you all to read these jew stooge books for Christmas and dont read the Bible because you dont want to become a jew hater like Jesus.
Media control is the only method jews have to keep you completely oblivious to truth and Kilmeade, Beck, OReilly get paid big money from Jews to sell their BS books. Bill Mick is the baggage boy for the biggest traitors in America today.

Cocoa, FL

#33 Dec 12, 2013
God hated Edom, the Edomites had Jesus crucified and the Bill Mick show listeners love Jew Edomites and Christmas. You cant get any dumber folks.
Jorge Moralless

Cocoa, FL

#34 Dec 18, 2013
Bill Mick doesnt see jew terrorists like Terry Lee Lowen or Adam Gadahn, he doesnt see Jew shooters like Jared Loughner, major jew drug dealers like Jacob Ostreicher (pssst nothing about it at all from the ex drug cop).

Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Mick works for Jews not Americans not Christians and not for Filipino cruise ship buffet slaves. He works for jews in your face with his microphone day in and day out with the same blarney callers day in and day out.

Time to get a rope folks.

That day will most certainly come. You can feel the earth rumbling and you know it. Its comin! Its comin with the Sheriff eating bagels with Mick or not.
Jorge Moralless

Cocoa, FL

#35 Dec 19, 2013
In fact the latest Colorado shooter, Halva Nagila Pierson fits the jew profile as well, Bill Mick doesnt want to know. Now if a white homeless guy did something stupid after drinking some beer, the fat toad ex drug cop Bill Mick would be all over it.

Do you white folk see what this slob is doing?
Walrus Face

Cocoa, FL

#36 Dec 20, 2013
Bill Mick is taking the week off and it looks like his show will be taking the week off as well. All of his loving listeners and not one has been asked to fill in while the toad is on Christmas vacation.

Think about it, this guy defends Jews all year and then takes a Christmas vacation. You have to be completely absent of shame or a jew.

Either way "Bill Mick Lies" will not be live for the next week while the fat toad is eating, drinking and watching his jew TV. Im sure Rabbi Earl could fill in and take questions on the Bible he blasphemes like jews always do.

According to Rabbi Earl the Jews were born out of fornication, but which Jews are we talking about, the Canaanite Jews or the Israelite Judahites?

Rabbi Earl and the walruc faced fat toad will be singing Jesus was the king of Israel this season and equate Israel with that infected land mass in the Middle East that Jews named. Yes they will also claim Jesus was the king of the Jews and equate that with INRI which Jesus did not nail to his own cross. Jesus AVOIDED Judea and THE JEWS, he was a Nazarene from Galilee where none of these Edomite Canaanite Jews (Judeans) were Israelites.

Rabbi Earl aint touchin that one. Nor will he touch the fact that the high priest was an Idumean (not an Israelite). Idumeans are todays Jews (Ashkenazi's are another story altogether). The Bible is about Israel, the people that James was writing to in verse one chapter one (not spiritual Israel) and not a land mass. 12 tribes are not a land mass or THE JEWS!!!!

Bill Mick doesnt let me talk on his show (to give truth) so why on earth would he let Jesus? Yet this guy is celebrating Christmas? He is a mongrel Jew folks- LOOK AT HIM with your eyes. Dont let your own eyes lie to you.
Walrus Face

Cocoa, FL

#37 Dec 20, 2013
"Rabbi Earl aint touchin that one. Nor will he touch the fact that the high priest was an Idumean (not an Israelite). Idumeans are todays Jews (Ashkenazi's are another story altogether). The Bible is about Israel, the people that James was writing to in verse one chapter one (not spiritual Israel) and not a land mass. 12 tribes are not a land mass or THE JEWS!!!! "

Before your brain short circuits because of all the jew lies and programming I want you to read that over and over until it sinks in.

Who do you believe, James or the Jews? Either James is a liar or the John 8:44 Jews are lying as Jesus said. These Judeo churches are filling you full of jelly. Again the Bible is about Israel (the 12 tribes) not Jews. David was the king of Israel NOT JEWS. Jesus is the king of Israel (do you get it?) and for God sakes not Jews.

Learn the definitions of the word "Jew" in the Bible. Is it someone living in Judea? Is it someone related to Judah or someone from the House of Judah?
Todays Jews only relate to living in Judea and the truth is 95% of todays Jews have no ancestry in Palestine at all (Ashkenazi's). Sephardic Jews does not mean Spanish (Israelites were in Iberia long before it was called Spain by the Romans) and they werent JEWS.

Wouldnt you love to hear me take Rabbi Earl to school and prove he is doing nothing but bad mouthing Christianity and praising Jews?

Wouldnt you like to hear that? Whose side would you be on? I guarantee you if you are a non Jew you will be on my side.
Walrus Face

Cocoa, FL

#38 Dec 20, 2013
The Sheriff is on the putz's show today. Our Sheriff is supposed to be following the Constitution and hes on a Communist talk show, illegal aliens are all over our county, he wont mention the illegal Jew Federal Reserve, who runs the jew pill mills, who is bringing the illegals in.

WTF does he do folks? The same damned thing the walrus does. KJA!

And fat as a house.
Lox Breath

Cocoa, FL

#39 Jan 6, 2014
Bill Mick the toad is talking about jobs in Brevard today (after he chats with Todd Starnestein from Fox News). Mick was the toad who used to say Mexicans are just here for jobs Americans dont want.

And you lemmings refuse to see the treachery.

You have to know why the walrus faced bagel eating putz has to have his phones cut off and guarded by Jewish Puerto Ricans.
Rushoshana Schlimbaum

Cocoa, FL

#40 Jan 8, 2014
The walrus faced toad says he cuts people off the phone because they are idiots.
Now tell me folks, wasnt going along with this Neocon led Jew Iraq war with the phones cut off being an idiot?

Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Mick is going to have to hear me and he will hang. So will all his media friends too.

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