Bill Mick Doesnt See This Forum

Bill Mick Doesnt See This Forum

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Cecilia Marrano

Cocoa, FL

#1 Sep 17, 2013
Wouldnt you like to have Bill Micks entire audience take me on?

Wouldnt you like to hear how many times Bill Micks call screener wouldnt allow me free speech?

Would you like to hear me debate the Melungeon Bill Mick and that FOOL Earl who says he is a Christian preacher?

We could discuss what in the hell Bill Mick is- is it a human being? I dont think so folks, but we could find out with a debate.

Wouldnt you like to know how sold out Bill Mick is to Jews and with the Jews over you all the way?

All this and a lot more- get me on the show. I will then take Earl and the Melungeon on both at the same time in the parking lot after the show for anyone to watch.

You know what folks? He doesnt see this because he is a Jew behind washer- thats all he does. He has no spine, just a slimebag fool kissing Jew arse over America every weekday morning with his crypto Jew callers.

Get me in a debate with this pathetic clown and I will show you how pathetic this traitorous Melungeon is.

The Jews wont allow it, you see they only allow Muslim, German and Catholic bashing..........its pathetic folks. I will take this fat fool and the Jews on (all of them) and day of the week, Let the fat fool know if he pretends he isnt reading this.
Lou Winsky

Cocoa, FL

#2 Sep 17, 2013
The whole show is a pathetic Broadway Act. You want to see what these actors arent talking about? Get me on this show and get ready to be hit with a thousand years at least of Jew crime right up to the day.

They cant do it folks. Its too much truth and as they say, the truth hurts. The truth has sent Jews into the camps they truly do belong in, but when they have control of the media they are never guilty of anything. Amazing how that works, no?

You want to question that BS ridiculous bollocks Holocaust? Feel free to call in the day that scumbucket Melungeon takes me on (he wont do it folks because he is a gutless coward).
Halacha Hal

Cocoa, FL

#3 Sep 17, 2013
Dont let the facts get in the way of this pathetic Jew Fables show.

Folks, you have to have your heads up your buttocks.

One rule to live by.

"No free speech and there is a Jew in the woodpile"

Remember that!

And if there is a Jew in the woodpile it is going to burn down whatever you have built anywhere near it.
Halacha Hal

Cocoa, FL

#4 Sep 17, 2013
These pathetic traitorous talk show hosts are stabbing everyone they can in the back day by day (except Jews of course). There isnt a lower life form on this planet.

I have never been a traitor for 5 minutes of my life and these traitors are selling America out every second they are on the airwaves.

We are supposed to fear taking these bastards on? The pathetic Melungeon sack of dog doo is the one in fear not me.

Take me on!

Just tell your sephardic Puerto Rican to let me get through and post it here.
Matt Riedner

Cocoa, FL

#5 Sep 18, 2013
The grotesque pukes website is all over the place, today he is reporting that the porn industry is back up and running after an HIV scare.

Its just a great family show isnt it?

Could any more pollution come out of this Ariel Sharon Jr looking Melungeons bagel hole?

Jews love porn and they dont like you to report the truth about Jews. Those are the requirements of being an American talk show host today.
Matt Riedner

Cocoa, FL

#6 Sep 18, 2013
He doesnt want to offend his Jew audience with the truth so the natural step for someone defending Jews is to offend Christians with porn.

Do you not see the psychotic nature of this or are you completely lost.

Jews run our money, the run the media, they run porn, they run the homoe/lesbian orgs., they run Hollywood, they run the food in your grocery stores, they run the malls, they obviously run your churches and military.

And you cant even hear about it. Bill Mick doesnt want you to offend the Jews- so on with the porn and on with the Jew show is what you will get right out of a home.

He has to keep his phones cut off so he can show how much everyone in Brevard loves him. Its the same Holocaust BS folks. Just let the truth in and you will see. No truth and guess who is running the show? This guy claims to be a Christian- so did Tony Alamo.
Bruce Vexleh

Cocoa, FL

#7 Sep 18, 2013
Bill Micks entire audience believes the same things Limbaugh, Hannity, Glenn Beck, OReilly, Savave, Marc Levinski and every other Jew behind washing talk show hosts says'

Folks, how can you not see the Jew treachery?

They dont let you speak and call you a liberal defending the biggest liberals on the face of the earth.

Folks, they have to be run out on a dirty rail.
Amy Neeceyshtein

Cocoa, FL

#8 Sep 18, 2013
You pay for your own kids to be Jew indoctrinated. The schools are no different from Bill Micks show- it is Jew propaganda. You arent allowed to hear the truth. You can hear how bad white people are for putting Jews in camps, pales and ghetto's for a thousand years, but never WHY.

Amy will make sure you get the Jew side and your kids will grow up as Jew slaves.
Gefilte Gullet

Cocoa, FL

#9 Sep 18, 2013
You think Amy would admit on radio or in a classroom that Jews controlled the Black slave trade?

You think she will tell you who ran Bolshevism (and still does)?

You think she will tell us who murdered 13000 Catholic Poles in cold blood at Katyn?

You think Amy would tell us who the Purple Gang was or who Murder Inc was or who runs the Mafia's and drug cartels today?

Will she tell us what Jews can do, like the Armenian Genocide, the Holodomor, the USS Liberty, King David Hotel, involvement in the IRA?

No folks, you are blamed for all of that, yes you.

Take your kids out of these pathetic schools. Jews dont want your kids smart they want your kids stupid, especially if you are white.

Im calling Amy and Bill Mick out- kids you can come listen to this one. I wont be doing any cussing, but they will to make sure the truth is polluted as usual.
Contrary toMankind

Cocoa, FL

#10 Sep 18, 2013
Not only did the Jew Bolshevick NKVD murder 13000 Catholic Poles one by one in Katyn, but they made it look like the Germans did it.

Once you understand how Jews pulled this off you will know exactly how they pulled the Holocaust off. Any time a Jew opens his mouth about the Holocaust (or anyone), bring up Katyn.

Folks, if you dont know everything about Katyn, it may never click in your mind what kind of psychotic nutjobs Jews really are. Once you see Katyn- it will all open up to you.

Again, Jews dont control the media to make sure us non Jews get the truth, on the contrary.
Contrary toMankind

Cocoa, FL

#11 Sep 18, 2013
Your local Catholic church will make saints out of Jew supposed Holocaust victims *Saint Edith* and let gefilte breath old women into the church to speak about the terrible terrible eeevil treatment the Germans did to them..........but not one word about Katyn (not a word folks).

So the churches are no different folks- its in your face.

If a priest talks about Katyn he goes to the hospital like the priest in Cocoa Beach. These nutjob jews will attack an old lady- they have no conscience, no morals, nothing there folks. They understand one thing- brute force.
Marc Rich

Cocoa, FL

#12 Sep 20, 2013
Debbie Rich wins latest WMMB contest. 2% jews in America and they run the media, the money, Hollywood, the drug industry, the malls, the grocery stores, the us government, abortion clinics, homo and lesbian movements, the school books, TV as a whole, slavery, NAACp, the nazi and kkk groups, the Supreme Court and jewdicial system, etc etc etc AND they win all the WMMB contests.

The posterity of the foundng fathers isnt important anymore and why the USA is going down the toilet.
Mary Bolinsky

Cocoa, FL

#13 Sep 20, 2013
The fat putz (very very ugly) Bill Mick is telling his listeners about American rules and regulations based on the Constitution and he has the phones cut off.

Ladies and gentleman, this is only possible if you are a gutless, spiritless, morally absent, incapable of truth, Jew.

Why doesnt anyone that calls Bill Mick every day demand free speech? Because they dont believe in free speech folks.

They like to use that old line "Free speech doesnt mean you are free to scream fire in a crowded movie theater if it isnt true", but the truth is all of these Bill Mick callers are in that movie theater and it is burning down and they are allowing it to burn down with you inside.

Free speech means free speech. You Christians out there would silence Jesus and John the Baptist and you think I am worried about offending Jews? Why is Bill Mick so offended by allowing truthful information in about Jews? Why does every single one of his callers know never to offend Jews and know to say whatever they please about everyone else? You have to be living in The Twilight Zone not to see it, but somehow you believe I am outside reality. No, you are outside reality because you wont even demand free speech so people can freely call in to agree or disagree.

What they dont want is for people to agree with me and if you look on the internet today you must know lots of people agree with me. America was built on free speech for this very reason, so we would not have an overthrown government or media. The truth is it is overthrown and they are called JEWS folks. Not Arabs not Nazi's, Not Christians, but Jews (who were also the Bolshevicks that killed 66 million white Russian Christians) and your churches have been neutered into not saying a word.
What you can do is call Bill Mick and tell him you want me on his show for 3 full hours with the phones wide open and we will see what the truth really is.

Otherwise you are listening to Joe Stalin, Kaganovich and all the Jew Bolshevick murderers take over your media. If that isnt important to you to understand and to take back your free speech you are finished (exactly what they want).

Bill Mick and the entire media today give you nothing but Jewish Communist BS 24 hours a day and you say nothing. You dont even want someone else like me say it for you.

Shameless- and you pray to God as if he will help you? First allow people right here on earth to help you by standing up for free speech.

You are indeed in that movie theater that the Jews indeed set fire to- that is the Gods honest truth. Go ahead and deny it in your brainwashed brains, but for God sakes dont allow Jews to allow you what to say and not say or you are toast.
Maggie Sandstern

Cocoa, FL

#14 Sep 23, 2013
Not one of Bill Micks callers will call in and tell this traitorous piece of dog dung that he needs to have his phones open to everyone because all the callers are obviously not Americans and want to be part of an anti free speech forum.

You see they want you to believe all the old lies everyone knows is BS now. Muslims did 911 and not the Jews who benefited you see? How on earth would Muslims or Arabs have benefited from 911? They want you to believe everyone is painting swastikas on there synagogues when its always Jews too.

No free speech means "No America". No free speech is what Jews want folks and why they run the media. They cant handle truth, but you can demand wide open free speech.

Demand this sack of filth Bill Mick open his phones and quit the Bolshevick act. This guy has sold you down the toilet for 10 years keeping the truth out of your ears and replaced it with Jewish fables.

Folks, if you dont react to it, you are going to be a victim of it and your kids will be born into it. Do your duty and I'll take it from there.

Bill Mick knows if he lets me on for just 5 minutes it will show any casual listener there is out there just what a spineless creature (I hate to use the word creature because God didnt create Bill Mick) he is and people will immediately call in to agree (like they always do).

Lets expose this show as the FRAUD it really is. Tell Mick I will take him and Earl on at the same time and we will see what is really in their hearts (goat turd).
Ceciliathe Yenta

Cocoa, FL

#15 Sep 25, 2013
Its wide open Wednesday today and all Bill Micks marrano pals are kissing his fat arse as usual. Not one caller knows anything about this forum except the FBI and not one caller has seen an ounce of Jew crime for 10 years. They dont see Jews control the media top to bottom, they dont see that our Federal Reserve is run by Jews soon to get a new Jew Fed chairman. They dont see our wars are all for Jews, slavery was Jewish, Communism goes on and on and on and on and not one of them see ANY OF IT.

It is a controlled Jewish House of BULLS@@t folks.

Call it what it is. Tell this toad to allow the truth in and to take his fat ass outta here.
Ceciliathe Yenta

Cocoa, FL

#16 Sep 25, 2013
When WMMB had Larry Brewer I was a welcomed trustworthy caller, but when I call Bill Mick or the Yenta Andrea Shea King I get the FBI called in after me. Folks Im either a good guy or a bad guy.

Why dont we find out in a 3 hour debate- no disruptions. You can shoot me in the back of the head after like you did to all those Polish Catholics at Katyn. The priests or pastors wont help me one iota.
Chief Bill Levy

Cocoa, FL

#17 Sep 27, 2013
How many young policeman and deputies have lost their lives because their bosses cant talk about who runs the drug trade at the top? Bill Mick, the freak of nature, has the Sheriff on once again and they wont be discussing the Jew control of drugs you know why? They will lose their jobs. So instead young police officers and deputies lose their lives, its just that simple.
If you are wearing a badge, military fatigues, etc. expect to die for the Jew because your leaders wont be saying a word.

Palm Bay, FL

#18 Sep 28, 2013
Don't forget to pray to your Jew god on a stick.LOL. And if you are a muslim raghead,which I suspect most of the posters here are, don't forget to pray to your pedophile prophet and your cult moon god. LOL.
The Jews will be around long after you trailer park morons are dust. You can't destroy the Chosen People.
Rabbi Earl

Cocoa, FL

#19 Sep 30, 2013
Steve wrote:
Don't forget to pray to your Jew god on a stick.LOL. And if you are a muslim raghead,which I suspect most of the posters here are, don't forget to pray to your pedophile prophet and your cult moon god. LOL.
The Jews will be around long after you trailer park morons are dust. You can't destroy the Chosen People.
And dont forget to swing your chicken around by the legs so they crap all over you and then stick them head first into a soccer cone...all while begging America for more and more money.

We could really talk, Steve (especially about your little child molestation epidemic that isnt making the media anymore), but you wont hang around- you will leave or cut off the media if you can like the slug you are.

You keep it up Steve and its back in the camps you go. I know its hard for you to believe, but one honest media network station and away you will go. From riches to rags again all while you invented nothing nor did you plough a field.
Chief Bill Levy

Cocoa, FL

#20 Sep 30, 2013
Steve wrote:
Don't forget to pray to your Jew god on a stick.LOL. And if you are a muslim raghead,which I suspect most of the posters here are, don't forget to pray to your pedophile prophet and your cult moon god. LOL.
The Jews will be around long after you trailer park morons are dust. You can't destroy the Chosen People.
God didnt make a group of mongrels his chosen.

"A bastard shall not enter the congregation of the lord"

So which kind of Jew are you, Ethiopian, Khazar, Indian, Melungeon, Sepharvaim, Eskimo, Amazonian Indian, Congo slave Jews took to America, Cuban sugar trade hatchlett?

Which Jew are you and while you are here, where is the House of Israel? The House of Israel dropped off the planet when the covenants were made to Israel NOT JEWS and certainly not mongrel Judeans.

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