six busted for $47m medicaid scam

six busted for $47m medicaid scam

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Anton Levy

Orlando, FL

#1 Jul 21, 2009
Levy's accomplices included Alexander Levy, 54; Zona Castellano, 69; Aaron Bethea, 53; Leonid Sklyar, 30; Yelena Bogatyrov, 43; and Arthur Gutman, 42.

I know I know, youre saying thats an Italian or a Spanish name, Castellano. No, in fact it is a huge marrano name (Jewish)


What it is in a nutshell? Its another group of JEWS RIPPING US OFF!
Anton Levy

Orlando, FL

#2 Jul 21, 2009
I didnt catch this on that gay morons show, Becker, did you? Actually I cant listen to the idiot. He is so sold out to Jews I hear clarinets playing in my liver.
Anton Levy

Orlando, FL

#3 Jul 21, 2009
You like that name Leonid? Leonid, Leonid, smeahr some buttah on that bialy.

Did you know Kosher food costs Americans 6 more dollah's a meal for Jewish inmates? Its ok they probably wont spend more than a week. They will be on the next plane to visit your money in Yehoodeeville by the end of the month.
Anton Levy

Orlando, FL

#4 Jul 21, 2009
When you lemmings see this out there do you erase it out of your memory? Are you scared? What is it?
I think your wooses! I think you will watch America and your kids get stripped of everything they have and you wont say a damned thing. Ive never seen a bigger bunch of wooses in my life. I dont think anyone has seen as many wooses than the people alive today.
Go get your BB gun and shoot Muslims for the Jews who are raping your country you dumb pathetic idiots. Better yet, send your kids over there so they can be nuked and you can sit here with your mouth taped shut and starve to death. Why not speak out? They do it against you every God given day.
Officer Dankowicz

Orlando, FL

#5 Jul 22, 2009
Nothing here folks- go on home and watch that Talmudvision.
Talia Shirestein

Orlando, FL

#6 Jul 22, 2009
Officer Dankowicz wrote:
Nothing here folks- go on home and watch that Talmudvision.
This story will be replaced by Peter Schiff telling us what we should do about our new economy after the big ponzi scheme Federal Reserve dries up. You see Glen Beck and others in the media want you to think theyre actually against the media they work for and swindle in a new Jewish economy. They hope you will follow him because you're stuck listening to a-holes like him on the radio.
He said once "Why does Cindy Sheehan have the right to speak on national radio"? I asked him "what right do you have to speak on national radio?" I always get the same responses "its because Beck is cuter than Cindy". Its so Jewish its making my hands slimey right now.

Not only does Beck have the right to run his homosexual sold out pie-hole all day, but he never served in the military, never lost a son in the military- he's never done a damned thing but kiss Jew BACKSIDE!
Talia Shirestein

Orlando, FL

#7 Jul 22, 2009
Judge Napolitano who has been sitting on his little hairy behind in the Talmudic courtrooms of NYC and Beck will lead us into our new Jewish America. If these morons are your ideas of pioneers or leaders you are completely brainwashed. The reason why you dont see or hear any leaders on that TV telling the truth is because they wont allow them.

Everything these morons say in the main stream media has already been discussed on the internet. They just pick and choose the Jewish issues and turn them their way and make a living off it. It really is quite pathetic. Then they want to tell everyone- "if I can do it you can do it". We know we can sell out, we can go rob banks too if we want. The fact is I would rob a bank first before I would sell my country out like these traitors.
Talia Shirestein

Orlando, FL

#8 Jul 22, 2009
Some people lie to keep from being known as doing something perverted, but Glenn Beck lies to be known as doing something perverted- having sex with his sister. Thats how you know he is a Jew.

As an ex Canadian leader once said "Jews will erase all your kids morality in just 2 hours at the movie theater" in so many words. Part of this medias agenda is to poison your mind with filth. Why would they do it otherwise? Jews own all the supermarkets so they park all their BS magazines at the checkout counter so you can be pelted with trash there. Remember when America would be embarassed at stuff like that. Today America has no shame because its antiChristian or Jewish.
Ova Nazi

Orlando, FL

#9 Jul 23, 2009,7340,L-374...

Im going to ask you something and i want you to relax and consider the answer in peace. You wont be graded, but I want you to use your own common sense for the answer because life isnt about passing tests on paper for grades, life is about passing tests through experience and first hand knowledge so you can understand what makes the most sense of history yourself. History isnt concrete, but your ability to seek the truth is limitless. Like James T Kirk of the USS Enterprise you can go where no man or woman ever went before, but truthfully. You see, while your TV is taking you into new galaxies you can be finding new truth galaxies on your own planet without Scottie or Spock at your side.

My question is...... m/articles/1,7340,L-3749004,00 .html

we have the same people dealing in human eggs, the same people dealing in human organs, the same people dealing in laundered money, the same people dealing in the Federal Reserve, porn, gambling, homosexuality, the feminist movement, abortion, etc... etc... etc.... couldnt we have the same people doing the terrorist movement? As I said, you need to think about that for awhile. I dont think thats asking too much do you? Do you think Glen Beck would ask you that? You know why? Because its the Gods honest truth and you know it deep down they dont want you anywhere near Gods truth. You know it deep down and I know it. Youve been brainwashed not to so its ok. Understand this- the media knows exactly what not to tell you to make sure you dont ever put the puzzle together and when you simply realize that small tidbit alone you will see and it will ring like a bell and sting like a bumble bee, I guarantee.

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