Yes this is what Bill Mick said with his phones cut off for at least 10 years. He sold you down the toilet and is still selling you down the toilet and you believe you have free speech.

Free speech exists only when truthful people run free speech. This Melungeon Jew Bill Mick fears free speech like the plague. He knows who is safe to insult Muslims, Blacks, Catholics, etc who pretend to be white people.

Ladies and gentlemen I have news for you that you need to understand... White people dont shut off free speech and bash people like Jews do. Only Jews shut the phones off to protect their own abominations that they know is going to send them straight to Auschwitz.

White people dont have the conscience to do what Jews do, like run porn, run drugs, the pill mills, etc. Whites have morals, Jews do not- period. You can always tell a Jew by their reptilian behavior who can lie and or change colors at the drop of a hat.

Christians cannot do this because they have guilt. Have you ever known a Jew to have guilt? Can you imagine waking up in the morning with a talk show knowing you let all speech in except speech about Jews, the worst criminals of all time?

That would be gutless and Bill Mick, Matt Reed do it every day.

You can call me an antisemite, but I am no different than kings, monarchs or leaders of countries who kicked Jews out (not just Hitler). I stand with the kings and not the Jew govt. Who are you with?