Defecating Diamonds in Nazi Germany

Defecating Diamonds in Nazi Germany

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Irene Zissplatt

Cocoa, FL

#2 Sep 27, 2013
You have to ask how many Catholic and Baptist Buttwashing churces this woman has been in with the pastors and or priests permission to BS you through the roof.

These priests wont let anr Russian, German, Pole, Englishman, Irishman, Scottsman, Frenchman, Spanish Celt, Italian etc tell that same church how Jews absolutely ransacked their countries.

Figure it out on your own for once in your lives folks.

If your priest, pastor, teacher, Sheriff, etc are Jew buttwashers, everyone working for them are Jew buttwashers too because anyone that tells these fools they are Jew buttwashers then have to prove they arent AND THEY WONT.
Irene Zissplatt

Cocoa, FL

#3 Sep 27, 2013
Is that fair? Is that free speech? Is that even Christian?

It is a disease folks.

These churches want Jews to come in and tell how evil YOU were and are, yet somehow it is considered "hate" to tell the actual truth about Jewish history or "Jews" that is so bad that everyone knows just never ends.

Think about that and think about the fact that it is even happening in your churches. The Catholic church even has a Holocaust Saint Edith. Its just too much folks.

Tell them to tell the truth or get the hell out of that stupid gown. Get them out of your classrooms and especially out of your media and money. The BS is everywhere and you dont demand free speech except about Muslims or anyone who is the latest on the hitlist of Jews.

Folks, Snap the hell out of your stupor for God sakes! If they tell you its ok to talk about 6 million BS Jews you should be able to talk about 66 million true Christian Russians, Germans, Armenians, Ukrainians, Hungarians, Polish, etc etc etc etc its never ending. You are being BRAINWASHED! Demand FREE SPEECH. If truth offends Jews to hell with them! LIES OFFEND ME!
Irene Zissplatt

Cocoa, FL

#4 Sep 27, 2013

The priests and pastors wont admit that The Cheka were all Jews just as the Commissars were.

This is coming to America and your priests, pastors, Sheriff's, Generals aint sayin a word.

They are all sold out. Not one has the guts to put his life on the line and tell the truth, not one.

Instead they will send their parishioners, constituency and country into Jew slavery. Instead of all standing up against this Jew elephant at one time- they individually cower and use the power they have to silence the people who will expose them.

There is hell to pay.
Irene Zissplatt

Cocoa, FL

#5 Sep 27, 2013
What happened to Helen Thomas when she told the truth? Nobody ever said she didnt tell the truth. Her crime was that she told the truth AND EVERY PUSSY IN THE MEDIA KNOWS IT.

So who do we have in the media, a bunch of Jew ass kissers. It isnt that hard to figure out.

Do you get it? It isnt that they dont know Jews are nutjobs it is because they fear the nutjobs so much that they wont say anything truthful about them.

Instead we get the Dr Badens telling us about our so called psychological problems. Folks, Jews arent saying its the Jews either, therefore they are sucking up that obvious BS every day like some kind of alien species.

Only free speech will expose it all and you dont have it. Go to Helen Thomas or go to just plain HELL.

Palm Bay, FL

#6 Sep 28, 2013
Please don't forget to pray to your Jew god on a stick. Helen Thomas is dead and in HELL which is where these trailer trash Jew hating posters from that kneegrow infested Cocoa Fl are going to. That kneegrow sheethole Cocoa is where you crackhead welfare sucking Jew hateing thugs come from.

Palm Bay, FL

#7 Sep 28, 2013
Half of all murders are done by the kneegrow who is only 12% of the population. Take out the old and the women and now you have just 3% of the population of kneegrows that commit most of the crime. Just look at crime infested Cocoa overrun by the kneegrow.
And now we have the kneegrow Muslims who worship a pedophile prophet and a moon god from Cocoa who are bloodsucking welfare mamas with big fat bootys scarfing down their fried chicken.

Palm Bay, FL

#8 Sep 28, 2013
The kneegrows from that crime infested Cocoa have nothing better to do but eat fried chicken, hate Jews, and commit the majority of crime in that filthy kneegrow wasteland of Cocoa.
Chief Bill Levy

Cocoa, FL

#9 Oct 1, 2013
Steve Fred and Carl are pssst Jews folks.

They hate the truth. Its pretty obvious.

They have to cut any truth about Jews in the media completely while they claim to be pro free speech. It is 100% Jew certified BS folks.

Jews bash your people every day in the media and you cant say a word of truth about them even though Jew crime dwarfs every other peoples crimes COMBINED!!!
paul Revere

Bradenton, FL

#10 Oct 1, 2013
The crooked lawyers are coming , the crooked Judges are here , the Bernie Madoff , Eric Cantors , Mike Raphans , John Yoos and the entire Fusion Center wolfpack is here , in their clown cars with FL tags 668 PCK , 617 TIH , AFQ B30 , GOAMG , IAC 522 , ALL99, 644 PTL , J36 4LI, 243 PIE, 244 PIE , WAX 930, LXE 904 , 712 MAP, 043 WQW, M80 5EU , BUJ A54 , J12 2SY.
Chief Bill Levy

Cocoa, FL

#11 Oct 2, 2013
Jews send in their clowns as they do in any demonstration. I remember demonstrating against the Jew Iraq war and Jew Communists were in full force making it into a complete joke. Jews know the tactics to use to destroy honest demonstration and peaceful debate and thats exactly why it will come down to unpeaceful demonstration as it has hundreds of times throughout history.

And it will be why every one of them get thrown out head or feet first.

You wait and see. When free speech is gone bloody revolution is just around the corner. And the revolution isnt about democrats or Republicans, Catholics or Protestants, liberals and conservatives....its about Jews. Its always about Jews if you have read any history at all.

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