Commie Bill Mick and Gun Control

Commie Bill Mick and Gun Control

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Baruch Goldstein

Sanford, FL

#1 Jan 22, 2013
Bill Mick knows our Federal Reserve is run by Communist Jews who print money out of thin air and charge us interest on it. He knows the media is completely controlled by Communist Jews, he knows the drugs industry (legal and illegal) is run by Communist Jews, he knows Jews brought Black slaves here and blamed it on whites, he knows that Jews bombed the Liberty and the WTC, he knows Jews want gun control in America, he knows the wars (occupations) were because of Jews, he knows Jews are pro diversity in America and anti diversity in the Jew state, he knows all the hypocrisies of the Jews, he knows all the damage Jews have caused America, he knows Jews will never stop until we are drained of our blood, food and money.......... and the fat toad Communist traitor and all his callers WONT SAY A COTTON PICKING WORD (because the entire show is controlled Jewish Communism).

There has to be a payback folks!
Baruch Goldstein

Sanford, FL

#2 Jan 22, 2013
His boss is Orit Gadiesh, an Israeli, not even an American. He takes his orders from that biatch as to what to say and what not to say. Nothing American about his show folks. It is thee most anti American show anywhere. He calls it a local show and will not take calls from anyone who tells the truth about the destrution of America. Folks, he is the destruction of America.

He is a Jewish shoe shine boy that cant handle free speech. If you think thats American folks you tell your dead ancestors they died for fat traitorous Communists like Bill Mick to kill free speech.

He says it HIS show, but this guy is poisoning Brevard County with Communist trash. His show then becomes MY SHOW and YOURS!

Sanford, FL

#3 Jan 22, 2013
You know what the Jewish Bolshevicks did in Russia just before they murdered 66 million white Russians? Dont look for the answer on that Jewish toilet TV.

They took away free speech. More importantly they took away free speech about the Jewish Bolshevicks behind it.

This is EXACTLY what Bill Mick is doing and oddly not one of his callers see the slightest thing wrong.

Very very odd no? It is a scam folks. It is a bar mitzvah over the radio.

Sanford, FL

#4 Jan 23, 2013
Bill Mick converted to Christianity when he was 8 years old. It was a big decision to become a marrano for him. A marrano will always be a marrano folks. Its been over 2000 years (actually 1300 for Ashkenazi's like Mick) and they havent changed one iota. They cant change.

As the jewess Carly Simon sings "Its Comin Around Again"- the Ghetto that is. The time is almost ripe for it.


Sanford, FL

#5 Jan 23, 2013
The fat toad mullet head is having a discussion with his favorite caller on "open line Wednesday" none other than "Keith (the wheelchair bound on the dole local bum). Keith once called in about someone having "lots of guns" as if he was dangerous to others because he owned guns. What country, what mindset do these people come from? Certainly not America folks. This same idiot called for cameras in the classrooms (so he could sit home and watch).

This is what Brevard gets for free speech? And you wonder why the country is in the shape its in today?

Ladies and gentlemen, the country is in the shape its in today because our media is overrun by Communist Jews- period. They were kicked out of over 120 European city states throughout time. It doesnt change folks.

The callers on this mullet heads show are all cheating off the same Jewish page and know what not to say. Why would they? They are the same people doing all the harm yo America and you know it.

Sanford, FL

#6 Jan 23, 2013
The Bill Mick show is a complete and total scam. Not one caller has called in for years and told Bill Mick he is a pathetic traitor on the wrong side of every issue there is.

He was a drug cop for 17 years and didnt know nicotine was a drug.

Folks, this guy is a dumb Communist boot licker.

He works for the people who controlled and always will control the drug trade (legal and illegal).
Kagan obich

Sanford, FL

#7 Jan 28, 2013
The absolute buffoon Bill Mick is talking about his days as a "drug cop" today. This traitor wont even say who controls the drug trade, why on earth would you trust him on anything else?

He wont even touch it folks because he is a rotten scoundrel.

if his phones were open you would know it.
Irv Rubin

Sanford, FL

#8 Jan 30, 2013
Its open phones today- the Communist toad is taking calls, just one rule, you must say exactly what the Communist toad says you can say and do not ever say Jews run the Federal Reserve and are printing Americas money right into a 3rd world nation (not to mention making us thee most hated country on earth).

You will put the mullet headed toad out of business.
Mullet Head

Sanford, FL

#9 Jan 30, 2013
You got that right Irvingk.
Mullet Head

Sanford, FL

#10 Jan 30, 2013
You can say what you want about me, but you cant deny that Bill Mick does in fact look like a Mullet Head and you know it.

This guy is on a diet of jelly and squid. God only knows what someone eats to become so perverse in looks and in speech.
Bagel Breath

Sanford, FL

#11 Feb 1, 2013
The Jew state just bombed Syria in an attempt to start WWIII with our guys in the middle of it and not one word from this piece of dog dung Bill Mick.

Now he is talking with his police pals about being a drug cop. The idiot doesnt even know what a drug is. he didnt know nicotine or caffeine was a drug. Can you believe someone can be that STUPID?

The guy wont dare say that Jews control the drug trade, no folks it isnt Christians bringing the drugs into America and they didnt bring Black African slaves in either, JEWS DID!

If you are listening to this traitorous lying fool you must be a complete LEMMING. This is a guy who likes to tazer people like its a joke. This pathetic sack of jello cant even have a fair debate because he is a coward and whats more is he doesnt even care he is a pathetic coward.

He is just a scoundrel asskisser and he has to screen his calls like it is Bolshevick Russia. He is a Bolshevick fols and he is not on your side if you are Christian. You have to have your head wired to your arse if you think otherwise.

He is talking about guns now- I challenge this pile of manure to a gun duel. Watch the pathetic coward run like the fat grotesque toad he is. Id take that gun from him and slap him over his ugly head with it.
Dung Mouth

Sanford, FL

#12 Feb 7, 2013
Could someone please ask the Mullet Head Mickelshtein who controls the drug trade? If he says Columbians ask him if there are any Jews in Columbia and what they are called in Columbia.

Kind of put it right in his fat face like a Jewish Taco Bell burrito.

A marrano is a Spanish speaking Jew who claims to be something else. So I guess we should go along with the Jew show and blame the drug trade on someone else.
Falafel Face

Sanford, FL

#13 Feb 8, 2013
Bill Mick was a tough guy with his gun when he was a drug cop and didnt know what a drug was. He sits on his fat Melungeon rump now as if he still has his gun and scared sh**less to even answer his phone unless he knows exactly what the caller is going to say.
He is inside a booth like a Carnie kissing Jewish arse day in and day out and offending everyone else.

Folks, it doesnt get any slimier than that. Think about it. He is too scared to answer his phone unless they say exactly what he wants to hear.

These people have no shame whatsoever. Only shameless immoral Communist Judaic reptiles can have a controlled fake show like this. Just think about it, the guy has been on the radio for over 10 years and he has to watch his phones every day for truth to accidentally get in that will make this turd mouth the Commie he is right in everyones face. He just cant have truth folks. Think about that. Who hates the truth? Think real hard.

Only a gutless slug could have a show like this and he has had the exact same callers since he started on the Jewish owned WMEL years ago. You can call Arabs names, Germans names, Catholics names, but if you say anything about Jews they call the FBI on you.

Folks, that is not America, that is a Jewish Bolshevick craphole! And I bet he stinks to high hell too.

Where are his pals, Bruce Wexler and Aaron Lyons now? Nowhere to be found folks. They were Communist Judeo's too.

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