Jews are Kenites Not Judahites

Jews are Kenites Not Judahites

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Cocoa, FL

#1 Jul 14, 2014
Finally, and most recently, there are the DNA findings. Although difficult to interpret, they appear to indicate that a number of Eastern European Jews are genetically closer to populations in Central Asia, the Caucasus and Iran than to the Jews of Western Europe. This has led to a revival of the “Khazar theory,” the belief that part or much of Eastern European Jewry originally came not from points west, but rather from the Turkic tribes that inhabited the shadowy kingdom of Khazaria, the medieval state between the Black and the Caspian seas whose rulers, along with some of their subjects, were said to have converted to Judaism. When Khazaria was destroyed by its enemies in the 10th century, the theory goes, many of its Jews fled westward, multiplying by many times the numbers of Jews in Poland, western Russia and the Baltic states.

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Bill Mick wont entertain this because even though a Jew wrote it we cant talk about Jews in any fashion. Jews are a protected species in the media and in politics and anyone who dares speak about Jews gets greased (not with money either). Well Im not a politician and Im not in that Jewish toilet media either.
Alan Derschitz

Cocoa, FL

#2 Jul 14, 2014
What is a Kenite? Read the book. If your priest or pastor is telling you Jews are Gods chosen or that Jesus was a jew and Alan Derschitz is a Jew.....start running, they are liars.

Priests and pastors dont debate they just run their creamed cheese bagel holes uninterrupted. The truth needs to be put to the test and if it cant it isnt the truth or anything representing it- period.

A Jew cannot be 5 different things at one time. If your pastor or priest have not educated you on the difference between a Jew and a Judean....start running.

If your priest or pastor did not tell you about the Idumeans who took over Jerusalem at the time before Christ and kicked out the Levitical priests..........start running. They have no intentions of ever giving you anything but Jewish Canaanite Edomite Kenite and Khazar TRASH!
Alan Derschitz

Cocoa, FL

#3 Jul 14, 2014
Why did the land of Judah (the man) become the land of Judea?

Sean Hannity and Bill Mick aint goin there because they are sold out traitors, married to jews or jews themselves. Nobody is that sold out folks.
Alan Derschitz

Cocoa, FL

#4 Jul 14, 2014
Jews speak Yhiddish not Hebrew, when they were in Khazaria they spoke with their behinds and when they were in Idumea they spoke with their schmekels. They are not humans folks, not mankind, they are contrary to mankind.
The Talmudin your eye

Cocoa, FL

#5 Jul 15, 2014
Everywhere you look there are lies about Jews in the Bible. Constantly we see the words "Jewish Bible" over and over again.

Ladies and gentlemen let me let you in on something. Jews do not believe in the Bible unless it is a corrupted writing of the true Bible. Jews say they believe in the "Torah". Folks the Jews Torah is the Talmud and it is the Edomite interpretation of the Mosaic laws. They most certainly dont believe in books like Obadiah that says Jews will be stubble.

Jews (Edomites) had their own "Law" like Morgenthau and Kosher Bill Mick say "Laaauw". Their law is the Talmud not the Mosaic laws. How could they believe the Mosaic laws they break each and every one of them every day.

The Torah was for Israelites NOT EDOMITE JEWS. Look up Edom is in modern day Jewry. What is Jewry folks? It isnt the pure lineage of Judah. Do you actually believe Adam Sandler is the direct lineage of Jesus or David? He is the direct lineage of Cain through Herod and Caiaphas (yes Caiaphas an Edomite too).

Why arent your churches teaching this? Because they are sold down the river thats why. Go on and make a fool of me right now.

They cant folks and people are too brainwashed by Jew fables hitting them from every angle. The more you trust jews the more you become deluded.
How is it Jews run our fiat money system based on usury? The Israelites were vehemently against usury and were without it until Jews made their way into Europe. Our priests are too cowardly and or too incapable of ever discerning what the Bible really says in its correct context. They believe James was writing to some fantasy 12 tribes scattered abroad. Its just lunacy folks.
The Talmudin your eye

Cocoa, FL

#6 Jul 15, 2014
Israel is a People not a Land Mass and Jews are definitely not Israel. A people descended from Israel (Jacob) and a people descended from Edom. Edom race mixed, mixed his blood with Canaanites and were called Edomites. I guarantee you your priest has never once taught you about Edomites or Idumeans. Edom was the first born and through away his birthright because he was a race mixer- period.

Now go look in the mirror, are you white or are you mixed? if you are mixed like Jews obviously are, mongrels shall not enter into the congregation of YHWH. If you think Jesus or Ya saves or Yashua came to change that or anything else other than REDEEMING Israel you are looney. Israel are or is unmixed people, now ask yourself right now, who on this earth are unmixed people? If a white and a black mix it is a black folks. If a Jew and a white mix it isnt a white anymore and probably why Hannity and OReilly are sold out traitors, maybe their kids have become them. Its impossible for me to believe any true white man could sell out his people the way those two do. Glenn Beck is without a doubt a pure Khazarian mongrel Mongolian Khazar Edomite Jew.

Its just facts folks.
The Talmudin your eye

Cocoa, FL

#7 Jul 16, 2014
Khazars were phallic worshipers, in fact I knew a Jewess who had a rock collection that were all shaped like schmekels.

Glenn Beck is a khazar and folks I know a homo when I see one.

Take a good look at Glenn Beck, he is a split tooth and he is a pole smoker without a doubt. Jews and reptiles go both ways folks.

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