As a student or young person, youve undoubtly had people, teachers, parents, or coaches tell you what you could do or day about something. You may have had someone tell you that you couldnt express your opinion, especially about a contriversal subject, such as voilence among young people, war, or a government policy. But you do have a right to your opinons and a right to respectfully share them with others even in your public school.
This is exspecially important to know today: conmcerns over "shcool safety" exspecially following high profile school shootings, have led some schools to try to restrict or punish the speech or actions of the students even further. Schools may fear anything that they think could lead to voilence- for instance fights between people or groups with very different opinoins.
As you may know many young people at BCHS have been turning up pregnant these numbers are outrageous. As many abstenince prevention classes as weve had its still happening. Where is the youth of this generation going?!? They think its ok because everyone else is doing it...Its completely not. Everyone makes mistakes but we are making it look ok. Its went so overboard that one girl has even had to have a DNA test. These girls are getting a little PROMISCUOUS with there new found promisscuity.
Accepting pregnant teens back into high school is likely to encouraging them to keep having unsafe sex and getting pregnant. Emphasis should be put on preventing highschool girls from being pregnant rather than accepting them back to school, a move which clearly indicates failure to maintain discipline in schools as observed by one anylist. I think that there should be a designated place for them to finish there schooling. It is a distraction to our youth. It is encouriging other students and peers to make the same mistake. I hope you readers as parents and students will agree.