sarah freeman
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LOOSE chicks

United States

#1 Mar 15, 2009
this chick is seriosuly a dumb whore. i wonder if she realizes what the hell she is doing. she's only a sophomore in high school at sherman and she acts like a 40 year old french whore. she's way too loose and it's not just bad for the relationships that she has broken up but its seriosly bad for herself. at the rate shes going she needs to go get herself checked atleast once a month for STDs ive already heard three times from reliable sources that she has genital herpes. those kids at sherman really need to tone it down a bit with the sex there are atleast 5 girls pregnant at that school which in my day was alot...but to these girls its nothing what are the teachers at that school teaching? obviously nothing about sex. hey girls its called a CONDOM! and theres also this thing called a clue...those guys are just wanting "some" they dont care about matter how long yall have been going steady he really doesnt care about you or his baby that you'll be carrying

Daniels, WV

#2 Mar 18, 2009
yepp. sara is a big ole whore. buuuttttt, i myself have a kid and personaly you shouldn't be spendin your time talkin about the kids havein babies, maybe you should watch your own kid...
maybe you could have a kid if you wasnt such an ugly butt and somenody would screw ya ;)
from the sherman preggo'ss!!!!!!!!

Dunbar, WV

#3 Mar 18, 2009
sara is a huge whore at sherman. she moved from madison w.v. and came here because nobody liked her over there.i guess tryin to get a fresh start..nottttt.because she really does have sex with everybody...and brags about being with so many people in one night! and i have heard that she has the clap, and i would like her to go back to where-ever she came from, she really must not have anybody telling her what to do, that is in any mature state of mind

Dunbar, WV

#4 Mar 18, 2009
and loose not talk about how none of the mommy's in our school, and daddy's don't have anything to do with our babies, because we deffinatly put our lives on hold to give our children a more attention

Barboursville, WV

#5 Mar 18, 2009
Sarah Freeman is a nasty girl. I know of atleast 15 guys she HAS had sex with... Just since school started THIS school year. She won't stop having sex with all these guys. There are quite a few girls who have got there "heart broken" because they found out Sarah had sex with there boyfriends. That is AWFUL. I have also heard she has Herpes and the "Clap." I don't know if those statements are true, but I wouldn't doubt it. She has been in several fights in a period of only a couple months. NOBODY likes her. She needs to stop having all this sex, with all these guys... before her vagina falls off. Sarah is a NASTY SKANK ASS WHORE BITCH, who needs to STOP having sex and move FAR FAR away before somebody REALLY kicks her ass, for the last time!:)
Michelle Hamrick

Sumerco, WV

#6 Mar 18, 2009
I agree with everything you are saying about Sara, but seriously don't talk about the young mommy's like you know anything. Agreed, MOST of the daddy's don't help, but not all of them. I had Brayden last year, and I don't cheer and I am not nearly involved with as many school activities as I would have been. Why? Because I am taking care of my baby like a mother should, I don't do what I want like a normal high school senior would and it is hard. So before you talk about it, why don't you live through it? And as for the guys "just wanting some" and "not caring about the girl or the baby", Ben is the best daddy and he works and goes to school so that he can pay for everything Brayden needs & he does care about me, so don't say it is ALL of them, because I don't like being thought of the way you described. & even if a guy wears a "CONDOM!" doesn't make it any more right to have sex with them. Just next time, consider the people who have it good, I don't want people to feel sympathy towards my baby because of the bullshit that someone who has no clue what they're talking is saying.

Gilbert, WV

#7 Mar 18, 2009
yea you should deff. leave the moms alone because all the moms at this school take care of their kids... whores like sarah they dont have kids they just have STD's and every sherman dad doesnt just want some
most of them are ready to take on the responsibility of being a parent so shut the hell up

Barboursville, WV

#8 Mar 18, 2009
she is disusting and needs to leave boone county before she gets whats REALLY coming to her not these little sissy fights she's been in ..... SOMEBODY BUST HER ASSS OUTTA THIS BITCH!!!

Daniels, WV

#10 Mar 19, 2009
Uhm...i think sara isnt even a sophomore...she is a freshman and shes like 16 or 17....what dumbass...cant even pass the ninth grade!....such a waste of a person...
Heather Sheppard

Powellton, WV

#11 Mar 19, 2009
okay, well as you all kno i really hate sara freeman with everything in me. she has been with more guys in the six or so months she been here then i have in my whole life. Also, she is a dumbass this girl is my age and in 9th or 10th grade, either way thats still pretty sad. & I love how she tries to call me a dumbass and say i need to grow up when she is the one goin around having sex with anything that has a dick and walks. she is nasy and i advise everyone to stay the hell away from her. i honeslty would not touch her with a ten foot pole, unless i was kick her ass!! which i plan to do May 29. so sara be ready just tell you ahead of time ;) & that cyst she has on her ovary, issss prolly from havin wayyyy to much sex with radom dudes. further more, I agree that people do not need to talk shit about the moms at sherman i persnonally kno them all and they are good moms! michelle hamrick is prolly the best mom i kno she has put everything on hold for brayden. & ben has too. they are both amazing parents & im really proud of ben because i used to not care for him at all. but he has really taken responsibilty for everything. sooo my point is talk shit about sara all you want it makes me happy, however DO NOT talk shit about the teenage mothers because they are tryin there best and doin what they know how to provide for their children.

Forney, TX

#13 Mar 19, 2009

seriosuly dont hate

Ithaca, NY

#14 Mar 19, 2009
dont hate on the moms and dads of sherman
but dont hate on the the person who wrote this thing either they're just messed up but i sort of agree with them about the whole sarah freeman thing she is nasty and people should be warned about it shes truly disgusting and needs to close her legs

Dunbar, WV

#17 Mar 30, 2009
okay. everyone on here needs to get a life and grow up. How mature it is to make a discussion about a person..stuff like this just makes our county look even worse than it already does. thanks =)
hey anthony

Teays, WV

#18 Apr 3, 2009
your sooo freaking dumb
do you not realize that you just posted something on the website which u just said "everyone on here needs to get a life and grow up"

haha ur ignorant
mr man

Charleston, WV

#19 Jun 14, 2009
I think i need to meet this sara girl
scott nasty

United States

#20 Jul 15, 2009
sarah is a joke, just like all of you guys for wasting time talkin shit instead of doin anything to her bout it, since she did sleep with all of yor boyfriends

United States

#21 Dec 28, 2009
shes never at school
but its ok no one wants her there
i wish she would fall of the face of the
earth cuz if she dont quit screwing
around something bads gonna happen
either shes gonna get
pregnant or get and STD
and spread it.,. but i think the
pregnancy is worse because we dont
want another sarah running around

United States

#22 Dec 28, 2009
Sahar I am here for you1

Oak Hill, WV

#23 Jan 27, 2010
you know this is so bad, I am not even going to try to even speak of it, hey Sarah , do you have a mom & dad ,I am sure you do.but why are they not defending you. and try and shut some of this little click;s mouth. and I can bet you a million dollars, that this is one person writing all this crap, or they have this little gang. please the parent's of this girl, why don't you stand up and do something. if that was my daugther. these little rice girl's. would get there computer shoved down the mouth. and this goes to the prg. ones to ,Sahar I guess these girl's just woke up that way. just because there parent's have little more money then maybe her. I don't know. it is the difference is those are ------ with money!!so get off the hate ban ------ and leave this girl alone or you will be sorry. because what everyone of you are doing is called slander. so just look me up Sahar. And I will gladley take you to the court house,myself.Someone who has a daugther.

Charleston, WV

#24 Jul 28, 2012
Btw heather Shepard why are u talking shit about Sara when you have naked pics of itself everywhere, and didn't u sleep with Jp while he was with Carissa.! Sara is not a whore she is a good person and is very caring y'all quit judging others by what they do if she was a guy this would be a whole other story

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