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wake up

Oneonta, AL

#41 Jul 3, 2011
Rosie, i apologize for getting so defensive. You are absolutely correct that ALL public officials should be held accountable for their actions and asking questions is something we all should do of ALL officials. I understand what you are saying that it seems she is alienating herself but actually what is happening (in my opinion) is that she refuses to be swayed by the "good ole boy" way of thinking and that scares some people. Oh, and actually, she DID go into office with a broke budget..remember how Roundtree screwed her over in that area? Well, truth be told, he managed to screw her over in other areas as well.....difficult and/extensive cases were diverted by Mr. Roundtree since last summer so that once Casey took office, her workload was more than tripled and much more cumbersome.
Anyway, Like I said, I apologize for snapping back the way I did and I certainly didn't mean to suggest that anyone should stop asking questions.
Clem, ease up man...I KNOW I didn't say that drunk driving is not a violent crime because it most certainly is...
Ok, I just actually understood what you were saying about the whole drug test/classes thing..sorry...but yeah, I agree that the county drug tests as well as the county drug DOGS are rigged atleast half the time to keep the fine $ rolling in. Thats why our fine state likes to change laws and not tell anyone til you get busted for doing something that was legal the week before. I get it, man.
Concerned citizen

Oneonta, AL

#42 Jul 11, 2011
Rountree had TONS of lame duck spending after his little panties got in a wad for losing the primary.

I'm not related to anyone involved. The bashing of Ms. Casey HAS to stop. Are you blind? She's there most times 14 hours day. How often do you think that happened with previous DA? No one is perfect, but she has lived up to every word she promised. And really....bash someone that is trying that desperately to do things right?

There is always going to be some lunatic in the bunch that will complain about anything...

Oneonta, AL

#43 Jul 12, 2011
deos anyone know how big the gas tank is on a county cruiser for tha sherrif dept because there was one sitting at th gas pumps at th busy bee in algood for at least 30 mins monday mournin or he could have just left it sitting there at the pumps in the way of of good ole tax payers u know the people trying to do bussness at a place that pays more than there fair share of taxes i'm sure an then when we ask th owner or partner why she don't ask them to move there car she replys what good would it do they (police) think they can do what they want and that she didn't want to be harrassed by them (police) wake up people i ask whos car it was to no reply jusy ingnred me like i wasn't even there imagine that

Oneonta, AL

#44 Aug 5, 2011
tuesday august 2 2011 after talking to a friend of mine who wittnessed a happing up co rd 42 well not the whole happing that would have been th garabage truck driver they came apone a lady getting her head beat against the pavement in the mittle of the road co rd 42 the man then jumped in his car left then my friend came by th lady was begging someone to take her to hospital but not wanting the lady in car said she would call th police but th garbage truck drive said had already 10 mins ago she then left the sceane drove 1 1\2 miles to th end of the road turned left then made it to wal mart before even seeing the police so it take the police an parametics at least 30 mins to respond to a lady getting her head busted up in the middle of th road that is unreal we have a poor excuse for protection in this county
every decant caring human

Gardendale, AL

#45 Sep 3, 2011
i am ot a bad person but i know some people do things that they should go to jail for their own things,but noooooooooooooooo thats not good enough u let them go and let them get other ppl in jail in thier place sometimes even they dnt dont do anything and they are crooked and deserve to rot in jail,and honest cops that care and do their job and dosentneed weak as snitches to do thier job while they plant shit,beat compliant ppl,and try to ruin ppl anyone except snitches and themselves. dear lordjesus plz try to change cops snitches everone.blount couty needs help oboma

Blountsville, AL

#46 Feb 19, 2012
If you want to bring changes to Blount county then vote. Vote in the best candidates rather then voting for your friend or etc...!!!

Rome, GA

#47 Feb 28, 2012
Yep, you can vote for:

Mr. Ratt L. Snake

Ms. Copper head


Mr. Cotton Mouth

You get to CHOOSE which snake-in-the-grass bites you!
What a JOKE!

Warrior, AL

#48 Aug 18, 2012
Its no secret that the Blount County Sheriff's Department is dirty. They hire uneducated people and give them a badge, a gun, and a vehicle, and they create monsters by doing so. Weak minded, uneducated people cannot mentally handle this much power or responsibility and as a result, a career long "power trip" is born. The fact is that they are uneducated people who cant seem to tell the difference between a badge and a crown.

Warrior, AL

#49 Aug 18, 2012
Pamela Casey is nothing but a dumb bitch on a power trip. F.Y.I. She needs the new Tahoe to go see her black boyfriend in Birmingham. (Save your comments. I know this for a fact.) I guess her husband isnt um well... man enough. She is fat and looks like Miss Piggy with buck teeth, so I dont understand why her hubby (or anyone) would keep throwing his hot dog down her hallway anyway. Yuck.

Oneonta, AL

#50 Sep 2, 2012
You do realize that Ms. Casey is NOT married, right?
the truth

Blountsville, AL

#51 Feb 23, 2013
blount co has bush monkeys that crawl on there bellys in the woods peeping on you why you piss off the porch i live back in the woods and theres more peeping toms around my house then birds my wife is diaple and i work for my self it just kills them that they cant see in your ass hole the law gets these punks to terrorize you while your trying to live i have to put blindes on all my windows and these boys are packing heat people need to beware of these cockroaches they see you piss of the porch and they go tell the law a lie so next time your on hwy 26 beware some little punk will be raceing his loud little car down the road and the cops will just watch them
the truth

Blountsville, AL

#52 Feb 25, 2013
Jeff wrote:
If you want to bring changes to Blount county then vote. Vote in the best candidates rather then voting for your friend or etc...!!!
you cant change spots on a leopard. change has never been here a never will.
disquested-reade r

Macon, GA

#53 Dec 31, 2013
long time resident wrote:
yep Oneonta Police as well as the Blount County Sherrifs and Court System Still believe in the "Good Ole Boy Network" where its not about what you do or know but WHO you know and if your friends with the judges or attornies then you are too "invincible"
You ppl bashing the county and its servants are idiots! You think u all have the answers, well sit back and criticise everyone cause they not u! If you could wash the be out of your eyes and off your breath you could see why things like road blocks are done as well as patroling. Next time you cone home and your house is not broken into and all your belongings are still there, you should call the sheriffs dept and thank them they stil serve and protect even morons like yourself. If you have a problem with them, then next time u need help instead of calling 911 call a crack head for help! I haven't ever seen a bunch of cry baby morons in one place. If you back woods redneck know it all wanna-bees know all the answers then why don't u step off the poarch, put your big boy panties on and get a job in law enforcement and put your life on the line everyday to protect a bunch of ungrateful titty babies who cant do any thing except whine bout everything! Grow up and grow a sac.

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