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Bronx, NY

#1 Jun 28, 2007
Mahwah, NJ Reply
|Flag |#1 Thursday Jun 14
My experience with them has been pure harassment, trumped up charges, and an abuse of government power to serve their own personal agenda (and it's NOT the animals' best interest!). It's pure corruption, and I believe we have to start fighting corruption at the local level. Tyco is not acting in the best interest of animals either, they have a personal agenda and are trying to use their power to get what they want from people, and making up laws as they go along. I'm tired of being harassed by them, so I'm reaching out to learn of other bad experiences people have had with our "animal control" officers. Something must be done.
Roselle Park, NJ Reply
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The Board of Health is playing a part in this corruption too. They are using harassment tactics to enforce their personal agenda to go along with the animal control officers' personal wishes and vendettas (a mother and daughter team, in the case of Tyco). They cannot MAKE you do what they want because it's not against the law, so they will harass and find something else to charge you with unless you give in to their "demands".

My personal crime was trying to rescue and adopt a stray cat that subsequently died. I tried to get medical help for the poor sick cat, all at my own expense. Unfortunately it had to be euthanized and tested for rabies and I had to pay Tyco for their services in this matter. That's when they began harassing me. Once they realize you have taken in a stray cat, they will lie and try to trick you into believing you are breaking laws. This is classic abuse of government power for a personal agenda. They misrepresent laws, trick and deceive. Do not ever answer any of their questions because they will try to use any information against you. Unfortunately I realized how corrupt they were too late and foolishly talked with them before realizing they were trying to use any information to charge me with something, unless I would do what they wanted me to do. The only way they can enforce their non-existent laws is to try to harass you and hang you for something else till you give in to them.

I think this corruption must be exposed to the public. I plan to inform the media as much as possible. Who knows how many people have been fooled by their lies and harassment, and for that matter, how many people's pets have been picked up by animal control and put down as well. I do not think any government agency should be getting away with such harassment and misrepresenting the laws to the public to serve their own purposes.

These people are spending resources and energy harassing people who care about animals rather than getting those who actually dump unwanted pets, abuse animals or deliberately run down wildlife. The more dead animals they have to show, the better for their business. It's sad but true. It's all very twisted.

They are using government power to try to enforce their personal viewpoints and beliefs, even when there is no law to enforce with... they will desperately try to get you with something unless you give in to them.
Roselle Park, NJ Reply
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I don't know why this says I'm from Roselle Park... I'm not.
Mahwah, NJ Reply
|Flag |#4 Monday Jun 18
Anyone with bad experiences with Tyco Animal Control and or the Board of Health (harassment, abuse of government power, etc.), please email me: FedUpNJ@gmail.com

Thursday Jun 21
You are not alone, reading your story was like reading the hell we have gone through in the past 3 months of our lives. The similarities of your issues are uncanny, it is almost like we wrote it. Would like to touch base with anyone else who is going through similar issues -

please contact me at skybear@optonline.net

Victorville, CA

#2 Feb 13, 2008
I am having a time with my local A.C offices as well, durin a move my pigs and goats were stolen and A.C was involved although they deny it. I reported them stolen with the Sheriff and I got my goats back, A.C told the Sheriff to forward all corespondence to her because if I want my pigs back I will need a court order......since when does A.C override the Sheriff??? I have gone as far up as I can, this behavior can not be allowed to continue. I contacted the Public Health Agency Director, my District Supt., my state senator, as well as both offices of the Governor here in California. It seems A.C is busting rescues and breeders alike using the "abandoned/neglected " excuse. They put innocent people all over the news and ruin lives to gain public sympathy to raise money for thier new shelters. Do not be fooled, they are using the Sheriff as well. That is how they found out my new address.They showed up at 8am on a Saturday to begin an investigation about my abandoned/neglected horses that the sheriff had called in. One person I know stated A.C was at thier kennel and out of no where a Sheriff pulled up saying he was in the neighborhood, he demanded access to the property. Know your rights, Animal Services is out of control! Make sure you document all of your proof and get an investigation going with your counties Grand Jury- every year county agencies are looked over, get your issue out in the open.

email: herotgreatdanes@yahoo.com
Sue Rhoades

Sunrise Beach, MO

#3 Mar 27, 2008
We have the same problem here in Missouri. It's awful. I work with a rescue and since AC found out, they've been to my home performing an illegal search, taking videos and pictures when I'm not home. Interviewing neighbors. Asking them what time I get home from work. The city here will not work with rescue groups. We've offered a foster program, spay/neuter, adoption events, all at our expense. They stopped photography by one of our volunteers, citing "liability" and that we could portray the animals in an "unfavorable light." WTF?

We have a 3 dog limit here and rescues get no reprieve. I live on 1.25 acres, plenty of room for rescued dogs and practically begged for a permit of some sort, I was willing to pay, and the answer was no.

There are other animal controls, like nearby Franklin County, MO where the only animal control officer is a demoted cop. Not only does he have an in with the police department, he accused a rescue worker of stealing a dog from there, sent the cops to her house, and she can't even go into town now without the cops following her. No dogs get adopted out of there, he'd euth them all if he could get away with it.

If any city official comes to your home, they must have a warrant. No warrant, no entry.

What can we do? How do we get the corrupt, evil, stalking, control freak A**holes out of government? I just keep complaining. I'm a pain in their asses and I'm making sure every time they do something stupid I make it public.

It's not helping the animals, though. That's the sad part. I don't know what else to do. I've written legislators, county government, attended city council meetings and complained, and each time I get a load of crap like they will "look into" the situation.

I'm not going to give up, but I don't know what else to do except keep plugging away. There are a lot of us rescue people out there, wish we could all band together as a group and shut these places down, one at a time.

Big Bear Lake, CA

#5 Oct 23, 2008
The corruption goes so high it is really hard to say where to begin or end up. Keep submitting letters and send them everywhere just when you think no one is listening or paying attention people are working behind the scenes. My mom is now being harrassed because of a letter I wrote condeming Animal Controls actions. They seized her horses from a BOARDING FACILITY and are now attempting to charge her with animal cruelty when she hadnt seen the horses in 2 months. Trust no one in the web of lies the D.As are also in on it. When tax dollars and promotions are involved the possibilites are endless to what lengths they will go to pass the agendas and get that pat on the back. Animal Control here seems to be breaking down as far as public approval goes, no one is safe and the public is getting tired of the lies. The media is also no help they will exploit the stories and animals then do no follow up even when you give them the information they need...be persistant is all I can say. File class action law suits and catch them in all of their lies. The arrogance needs to stop and these agencies need to be exposed for exactly what they are- a waste of payroll. They are closing down rescues for their own revenue, even if it doesn't effect you "Truth does not fear investigation" so why does animal control continue with the playground you messed with me now we will mess with you additudes? Grow up and go back to what your job was created for, helping animals! Otherwise go back to the welfare line you were plucked out of.
Concerned Citizen

Big Bear Lake, CA

#6 Jun 3, 2009
Ok I am back with an update...I have started a new blog http://corruptionandriversidecounty.blogspot.... what this is called is Public Corruption and it needs to be reported to the FBI Public Corruption Section as well as the US Department of Justice. PLease do not wait until they have completely crippled you. Riverside County is in terrible need of restructure. All of the letters I wrote have done nothing...these are the poeople you need to get involved- The Grand Jury, The FBI, Attorney General at the Dept. of Justice. I hope this helps someone as I would hate to see what has happened to us happen to anyone else.

Tacoma, WA

#8 Mar 26, 2014
We have three cats and two dogs all are licensed and cared for one of the dogs is a service dog my town auburn washington past a 4 pet limit 2 years ago now animal control is trying to make us get rid of one pet because we are one pet over the limit where can we get help I can't beleave they want to take part of my family and kill it for some stupid pet limit law

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