Crazy Avery County Deputies driving l...

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#22 Nov 23, 2011
carolina wrote:
<quoted text> Thats not what people are saying who witness reck!!!!
What witnesses, give last names please? Were you at the wreck, did you talk to the witness? It is funny how so many people have the facts,when the highway patrol has not released, even a parcial report yet.Until you have accurate information please do not give an opinoin.
silver tongue devil

Mountain City, TN

#23 Nov 24, 2011
People we live in Avery county the sheriff department makes there own laws.
Cindy with attitude

United States

#24 Dec 14, 2011
I hear Kevin "Pinnochio" is lying again, now after first manninig-up and admitting his deputies were wrong, he is going aroud claiming no one was at fault, while some of his stooge deputies are claiming she should be charged. So what else is new with our "Brady cop" sheriff who can't legally testify in court b/c he lied to BMPD-US Supreme Court ruling, MD v. Brady? Some people can't tell a lie, some people can't tell the truth and some people like Kevin Frye can't tell the difference! He needs to be in the bread line in 2 yrs, 11 months. I personally hope Anthony Polygus runs and wins. He is a former Avery Deputy and NC Trooper who went on to be in command of the US Army's bomb squad in Washington DC, the team that along with the US Secret Service, protected the Whitehouse and Congress. He was in the US Army over 30 years, had a "Yankee White" ultra-top secret security clearance (same as the President of the United States) and he achieved the highest enlisted rank (Sgt. Maj., Grade: E/9) of the US Armed Forces. He has REAL leadership experience and capabilities with a truly big resume'. Only thing big on Kevin is his waistline and his inability to tell the truth. Maybe the church people in this county that he has snow-jobbed for years will wake up and see him for who and what he really is. Kevin has not only reckless, untrained and undisciplined cowboy deputies, he has some VERY sick and perverted deviant deputies on staff, along with unqualified kinfolk he made command staff. As for the sickos, there ARE some truly shocking and absolutely incriminating pictures of deputies doing illegal things that I can't address on here. These pics are floating around the county and will eventually come to surface. Retire now Kevin!
Ashley Cook

Morganton, NC

#25 Dec 15, 2011
Cindy-- I know you are referring to Trina in regards to the "Command staff" She has been a jailer and worked in several counties over the years. She is trained. She worked for McDowell county for many years, and only left that post when Kevin went in to be closer to home. If you will make up "facts" about her, then how much of the rest of your stories will hold water??

Stanley, NC

#26 Dec 17, 2011
Thank you, Ashley!! The only thing Cindy and the others have said on here is their opinions. They continue to say these are the facts but have no way of backing up any of it. Witnesses? Who? Names please. There are people who actually know these respectable officers which you so disrescpecfully talk about and they know the truth. The good people of this county know all the good Kevin and his deputies have done for them. Maybe the reason you have it out for Kevin so much is that he's caught you in illegal activity or maybe a friend? You seem to want to keep bringing up topics which have NOTHING to do with the accident that occured to make yourself look like you really know what you're talking about. Funny thing is, you don't. He's saying the fault was no one's because that's what the ruling was! He didn't make that decision! The investigators did. So if you want to slam someone for that decision, start with them. Secondly, before you go calling out "unqualified kinfolk", make sure you know they are unqualified and haven't worked in that line of work for longer than you can remember. If you have this much of a problem with the sheriff's department and the way they keep the county safe, by all means, give your full name and address so when you ever need them for anything, they can make sure not waste their time on someone who clearly doesn't want or need their help!!!
Ashley Cook

Ellenboro, NC

#27 Dec 19, 2011
They are all good people and would rescue "Cindy with attitude" anyway. I am not ashamed to sign my name to my thoughts; I will always accept responsibility for what I say! I don't need to hide behind ridiculous pseudonyms or toss around terms of the law to seem like I know what I am talking about. I could actually quote the general statutes in regards to some of this but once people make up their “minds”(if you could call it that!) there is little point.
Luke the Kook

Conover, NC

#28 Feb 18, 2012
Wow another crazy Avery deputy smashed into an innocent citizen this week. If this trend continues, we citizens will all have to drive surpluss army tanks to be safe and there will be no patrol cars left. Issue these clowns bicycles is my sollution, like the Bobbies in England! WTF is wrong with that insane department? I am told that none of the deputies have pursuit driver training like troopers do, none of the sgts or Lts have supervisor training and none of the senior deputies who train rookies have FTO training. Short sleeve shirts, long sleeve; BDU pants, uniform pants, armor outside uniforms, armor under uniforms, some deputies have foo-man-choo moustaches, some wear name tags with nicknames. This is the most unprofessional bunch of rabble I have EVER seen! What a podunk joke! Time for a new sheriff!
bob the biulder

Valdese, NC

#29 Feb 18, 2012
the deputy hits a truck in the rear and is not charged with anything. even when it plainly states the cause was the deputies failure to reduce speed. now tell me that our sheriffs office is not a bunch of crooks. the other two hit Chapman in the side while speeding and passing on a double yellow line and they are back at work with not so much as a slap on the wrist. those blue lights and sirens do not give them the right to drive the way they do. those lights and sirens are a way to ask permission to pass in a careful manor and act as a suggestion to let them pass. that information is from a retired police officer.
Mtn Ray

Blowing Rock, NC

#30 Feb 19, 2012
Yet ANOTHER Frye Barney Fife deputy smashes a patrol car into an innocent citizen this week. thank God this time no one was hurt. None of these deputy-slobs have any specialized training. None of the Frye gomers who are driving the souped-up Dodge Chargers have pursuit driver training (except Dallas Pate). None of the supervisors have 1st line supervision training (except Dallas Pate) and none of the senior deputies who train rookies have Field Training Officer training. Aside from being dressed like slobs and wrecking cars, what do these clowns do? We won't hve any patrol cars left soon. Put these clowns on bicycles! Why won't Kevin make his deputies all dress the same way? I know this aint the Army, but gees, some wear exterior armor, some wear it under the clothes. Some wear BDU pants, some wear uniform pants, some wear traditional uniforms and some wear polo shirts. Some have foo-man-choo moustaches, some have beards and some have nicknames on their name tags. This is the most unprofessional, undisciplined ragtag mob of so-called lawmen I have ever seen. Not wearing patches on dark clothing also puts deputies at risk of not being recognized as officers, esp at night in say a back yard on a call. If a scared citizen shoots a deputy or forces a deputy th shoot at him-her, where will all that lead things except to another sheriff-induced tragedy?Lets retire the fatman and get a real professional sheriff in 2 years. The fatman is a "brady cop" and because he lied to a previous agency, he can't truthfully testify in court according to the USSC ruling of Md. Vs. Brady. Time to put the fatman out to pasture!
Biker with attitude

Blowing Rock, NC

#31 Feb 19, 2012
The appearance issues are largely policy issues, not issues of misconduct. The lack of readily-recognizable uniforms is a liability to officer safety though. The failure to train, supervise and discharge bad de[puties is a leadership failure. Time for the fat-man to hit the dusty trail, I DO agree! Bye in 2 years Kev!
Rusty Shackleford

Mountain City, TN

#32 Feb 23, 2012
That texting and driving will get you every time....especially when someone is stopped in front of you!!!

Franklin, TN

#33 Feb 24, 2012
I would like for someone to contact me with some infomation that would help me concerning out of state drivers and how they are treated, please respond

Charlotte, NC

#34 Mar 9, 2012
Why does Kevin Frye REFUSE to enforce discipline and profesionalism with his deputies? UNREAL!

Brentwood, TN

#35 Mar 13, 2012
Question wrote:
Why does Kevin Frye REFUSE to enforce discipline and profesionalism with his deputies? UNREAL!
Why are these things allowed to keep happening in Avery County. Who Rules this town?

Boone, NC

#36 Mar 21, 2012
Deputy Casey Lee of Newland has a few skeleton's in his closet and I am one of them, a few years back, Casey Lee, then not a deputy, bought me and a couple of my girlfriends alcohol and had sexual relations with one of my friends. I can even describe the interior of his moms house. Another Deputy, this one from Roan Mountain, TN. gave me illegal drugs and at the time I was a minor, and I was "seeing" the now deputy, who then was over the age of 18, to prove this I can tell you things about him I would'nt know, right Mr Roy Dale Vance?(the other deputy)it isnt right that these men have the right to arrest someone for a crime when they were never brought to justice for the crimes they committed, Casey Lee's, distibuting alcohol to the delinquents of a minor, one crime. Roy Dale Vance's, Statutory rape, possession of an illegal substance, distributing alcohol to a minor. Do you think these officer's should be held responsible for there crimes? I take responsibily to mine. How could I ever expect to believe either one of the deputies could serve and protect me? what would you do in my shoes? I would take a polygraph anytime time or day.
Fast Eddy

United States

#37 May 16, 2012
Fatass Kevin switched to democrat this election to beat Reo Griffith as commissioner and Jon Millin as coroner. I'm bettin Kevil will get voted out in 2 years, fat, corrupt, lying swine that he is...
mouthy mandy

United States

#38 May 16, 2012
I think kevin is scared of ANYONE who will look over his shoulder and ask why he cant investigate deaths, why he cant manage a budget or why he won't make any major drug busts...
mouthy mandy

United States

#39 May 16, 2012
I cant see why the avery deputies are such a bunch of slobs in uniform. My granddad was in the army and he comments constantly how some of these Avery deputy rogues have beards and moustaches, some have foo-manchoos, some are shaven. Some wear long sleeves in summer, short sleeves in winter, no hats, ball hats, smoky bear hats, bdus, regular uniforms, armor over uniforms sometimes under it, they look like a bunch of clowns. Most don't even have patches on their outer uniform shirts or coats, so I would not even believe they are cops if I didn't live here and now that this freak show is somehow for real. If someone assaults one of them, they might have a hard time proving they were really believed to be cops vs say an impersonator "blue lite bandit". Mostly, they all look like the crew of a pirate ship from the pirates of the carribbean cept Bob Bowers and he is a retired highway patrolman, so he is neat. Most police agencies have appearance standards, but then again, look at all 400 lbs of sheriff fatso....
Fast Eddy

Boone, NC

#40 May 25, 2012
Looks like fatso himself blew it and hit a deer the other night. Seems like it is a condition of employment in his sleazy, rats nest sheriff's office to wreck a vehicle. And fatso was cryin' that he can't get enough money for NEW VEHICLES! Well fatso you and your barney fifes, quit wrecking them! Time to make those lazy, do-nothing detectives work nights and help patrol businesses and neighborhoods. What did we pay for those fancy pickups for? Also, it is time to let Fatso's dear auntie Trina go and divide her bloated salary (almost as much as Dallan Pate)up between WORKING deputies. Time to let RADAR boy Craig in his Mustang go too. WTF! A radar car in a rural mountain county sheriff office? PUH-Leeze! Gimmie a break. Eliminate those 2 salaries and sell that Mustang and that will go a LONG way to fix this deficit. Hey Kevin: quit bashing the commissioners!It is time for fatso to be put out of the office and we get a new honest competent sheriff. I think we should consider a removal from office pettition on fatso for maladministration in office, corruption and such...
Sarah B

Linville, NC

#41 Sep 11, 2012
Before this happened I have noticed a lot and Ive been dying to get in on surveillance. At night when I would go to Valero across from CVS around maybe 11 I would see two cop cars the White Chargers race across the red light. I have saw them going at least 90 through town late at night. This is NO LIE Ive seen them do it countless times.

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