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Crazy Avery County Deputies driving like lunatics

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Mountain Ray

United States

#1 Nov 9, 2011
The Avery County deputies who hit and horribly injured Kim Greene Chapman night before last were speeding, passing in a no-passing zone and they did not have their blue emergency warning lights or siren on to warn motorists of their approach as they drove at VERY high speed to an emergency call. While use of emergency equipment is not required by statutes, policy should REQUIRE deputies to use their warning equipment when driving in excess of the posted speed limit or when needing the right-of-way. Apparently Sheriff Frye does not know or care to enforce this common sense policy.
Are we all to fear lunatic officers driving like Steve McQueen in "Bullit" on our local roads? Are our children and school buses safe? Patrol cars are especially equipped with expensive and necessary emergency equipment to warn motorists. Why was the vehicle NOT using the warning systems?
What is wrong with the sheriff's office? Sheriff Frye is definitely a skilled politician but this incident shows he is no leader. This deputy bunch is a completely unprofessional, undisciplined, embarassing and obviously a lawless, reckless pack of cowboys with badges. I see deputies with crazy beards and foo man choo moustaches, uniforms that look like they slept in them; some deputies wear short sleeve shirts, come wear long, ties, no ties, assorted duty gear and assorted footwear that usually looks like it was shined with a brillo pad and a Hershey bar. They speed CONSTANTLY and in this case, they drove recklessly. They bust minor pot dealers and leave the coke dealing rich folks alone in Banner Elk, the same way Ed Gwyn did and was criticized by then-candidate Kevin Frye for such.
Mr. Frye, our Sheriff is a "Brady cop". He can't testify in court as a credible witness because the US Supreme Court ruled that officers who have lied to their agency can not be considered truthful and Kevin lied to Beech Mountain Police when he was a sergeant there about taking time off for sick leave when in fact he was moonlighting at Wal-Mart. He was disciplined for that incident.
As for this driving, it seems prudent to require deputies to drive in a safe manner, even to emergency calls and use all lights and siren, when exceeding the speed limit. Even though they might be slightly delayed in response, they will still get there and protect the public.
Because of this out-of-control sheriff's office, we now have a wonderful lady, a mother and friend to all fighting for her life, a brand new patrol vehicle destroyed, a civilian vehicle destroyed and 2 deputies badly hurt, with a valuable and expensive police K-9 with no handler for the near future and probably permanently, as Casey Lee, supervising training officer in that vehicle, was directly responsible for the trainee's driving will surely be fired. Probably the driver and possibly Lee will be charged with reckless driving. I question if Lee has been to Field Training Officer (FTO) training?
Avery County will now pay for massive medical bills for all, buy 2 vehicles, have 2 officers and a dog off patrol and pay HUGE damages in inveitable lawsuits. I conservaatively guess this stunt will cost the citizens of Avery County over a million dollars before it is done. The human costs cannot be measured in terms of pain and suffering.
The sheriff is a Constitutional officer but commissioners can step in and punish his refusal to reign in these careless cowboys by controlling his budget. Untrained deputies should NOT drive powerful, fast Dodge Chargers.
I am praying for Kim and the 2 deputies too, but I am furious over this inexcusable action. Kevin, you owe Avery County and the Greene family an apology and perhaps a resignation. I think a SHP reconstruction investigation and possibly an SBI probe is in order here.
billy the kid

Lincolnton, NC

#2 Nov 10, 2011
amen. they are a useless bunch of punks with attitudes because they have guns and badges. they are a joke of a police force. those chargers run around here speeding all the time and driving wild. i also think if you live in this county you should not be allowed to be a law officer in this county. i agree with everything you said, you hit the nail on the head. useless, arrogant, punks. when you fail at everything else in life you can always go become a cop.
rut stalker

Greenville, SC

#3 Nov 10, 2011
first off people need to get there storys straight the deputys did have there lights on they were responding to back up another officer on a man with a gun call witch they take very seriously do you remember what happened about nine years ago? when avery county lost one of the best men they had to gun fire
second officer lee is a highly trained officer who loves his job and his co workers i have known casey for a long time and he would not put any body in danger on purpose i agree that there are some officers that need to be relieved of there dutys such as the one who drives his county car to and from the other side of watauga county and likes to shoot warning shots at dogs but that is another story i feel sorry for kim i have known her for a very long time me and her son grew up together and she is truly a good woman i am also sorry that there are people in this area who would disrespect our law officers and say the things they do these guys go out in every condition possible and risk there lives for what 25.000 a year you talk shit but you will be one of the first to call for help no matter if they just sat down to a meal with there family they will still help you so before you talk bad about them walk a mile in there shoes
third you say that all of these guys are not well enough trained i my self have been through BLET which is 668 hours of time away from there family and friends what you see as a school is life for the time that they are there

once again my prayers go out to the chapman family and also to the lee and stockton family too also the acso and also for you who think that they are just cowboys out playing

Lincolnton, NC

#4 Nov 10, 2011
Mountain girl,(oops, ray), you are completely wrong in this instance, as I suspect you are about most things. And it sounds like you're either very bitter about something, or else planning to run for sheriff. I know ALL parties involved, including sheriff Frye. He has made more drug busts than any other sheriff in the area and is a good man. Casey is an outstanding deputy who has always been fair and honest. You've obviously never been in law enforcement, otherwise you certainly wouldn't be judging people who put their lives on the line everyday. While you get to sleep all warm and snug in your pretty princess bed, they are out dealing with the worst elements of society, rain snow or shine. You get to sleep in on weekends and spend time with your family on holidays. They are on the job, dealing with drunks, addicts and wife beaters and missing theirs. By the way, perhaps you should inform yourself of the facts before you run your mouth, or else have the proof to back up what you say in a court of law. Feel free to look up the terms slander, libel, and defamation of character. They are all on the judiciary web site for the state of N.C., civil code!
Mountain Man

United States

#5 Nov 10, 2011
First of all the officers did not have no lights or sirens going as there was many who witnessed the whole accicent when they pulled out of traffic at estimated speed of almost 100 mph in a no passing zone , to pass 2 cars in front of them only to hit mrs chapman who was turning in her driveway at a speed of 90 mph the impact from the hit threw mrs chapman car 170 ft 2nd an officer in training has no business being behind a wheel of a car going that fast when a " trained
cop" was in the same car And as for your 600 +hrs u spent away from your family while training you knew your family members were safe at home. Mrs Chapman has been fighting for her life now for over 80 hours + and her family doesn't have the comfort of knowing if she is going to be ok !!! She has so many broken bones in her body the drs are using a perament marker and writing the word yes all over her body showing what is broke and needs to be fixed she has bleeding on the brain damage to her lungs liver spleen kidneys her pelvic bone is crushed and the force of impact stretched her neck so hard it caused damaged to the artieries in her neck that allows blood to flow to the brain so she has had mini strokes as its too risky to try and repair them at this time so the drs can't do anything to stop them !!!! If the officers involved were backing someone up then they should have never been going that fast because a officer was already on the scene unless shots had been fired and no shots were every reported being fired ! I too am a good friend of the son of mrs chapman and I have had to sit and watch him and her family members pray and pray that she makes it. But do you know what not only are the chapman greene family praying for her life they have also been praying for the cops and their families involved in the horrible accident. So before you go spitting off about how hard you work and how dangerous your job is just remember Mrs Chapman may never get the chance again to work talk or be her normal self because she was turning in her own driveway and a officer could not take 10 more second to pull out into oncoming traffic because they felt the need for speed that one split second as she was only making her turn to go home !!!!!!
like it or not

Lincolnton, NC

#6 Nov 11, 2011
Avery County Sheriff does have some deputies that are wild and reckless. they also have some that are skilled and careful. i agree they should not have all the crazy young cowboys with the crazy beards and foo man chu's. Also all those hours they spend away from their families is their choice no one forced them to take over 600 hours of blet they had a choice. Chapman did not have a choice on the car ramming her at high speed and destroying her life.
Jessica Ollis

Vale, NC

#7 Nov 11, 2011
Billy the kid and mountain ray you all are a bunch of cowards, accidents happen all the time, I don't see you all risking your lives every day, Kevin Frye is a great sheriff and Casey Lee is a long time friend and a great deputy. If you were in an accident or someone was shooting a gun at you all then you all would probably be wanting help to get there as FAST as they could. You obviously don't know what it's like to have someone that you care about that is a deputy or state trooper, every time they don't answer their phone your heart sinks a little because you don't know if they are ok, or you get word of a deputy being shot or in a wreck and don't know if it's your loved one. I recommend that unless you have been in their shoes that you need to keep your mouth shut and appreciate their services
billy the kid

Lincolnton, NC

#8 Nov 11, 2011
i was harsh with my words i was angry i apologize. i have family that are law enforcement. they are professional's. avery has some outstanding officers. the young one's avery has needs to be calmed down before they kill someone,if they haven't already. they are reckless. the young punks need to go. call me what you will, just speaking my mind we all have opinions.
Cindy with attitude

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#9 Nov 11, 2011
If Kevin WAS foud to have lied to BMPD, he would be ineligible to testify for the state in court as a "Brady Cop" b/c the defense has a right to exculpatory evidence that he was not truthful. The US Supreme Court in Maryland vs. Brady ruled that a cop who lies to his-her agency may be presumed to be a liar in general and not credible in court; hence the term "Brady Cop". This was reaffirmed in the imfamous NC Duke lacross rape case, which required releasing exculpatory evidence to the defense.

This ruling mandates that the state has a duty to release BMPD would be a matter of public record if he opened his file to clear this up. Having a liar as a sheriff would not be good and a defense attorney would eat him alive in court. If this IS the case, I dread the inevitable lawsuit against the county in this tragedy if Kevin is called to testify.

As for the driving, the deputies were wrong in how they drove, that is not debatable. If they had their lights and siren on, they would probably not be criminially liable due to lack of culpability, unless the actions rose to a level of distregard for public safety that "shocks the conscience" according to the US Supreme Court. Speeding with or without lights and siren is legal under GS 20-141 though this could be reckless driving under GS 20-140 but I doubt the DA will press charges.

The passing illegally is another concern that may be reckless driving in and of itself. The deputies should have slowed down in traffic and when passing. Getting there 30 seconds later vs. not at all is a no-brainer. Regardless, this will be a very expensive tragedy for our county...

Pray for Kim and all involved!

Stanley, NC

#11 Nov 11, 2011
Not sure why my town came up Lincolnton, NC. ITs actually Elk Park, NC.

Huntersville, NC

#12 Nov 13, 2011
Ya'll should really get your stories straight before you go bashing a good man and his deputies! The officers reporting to the accident that evening DID have their lights AND siren on when responding to the accident. Kim Chapman was trying to get out of the way when turning into her driveway. The officers thought she was pulling over to the right hand side of the road and proceeded to go around her vehicle when she made a left turn and was tboned. Had officers known she was turning left instead of slowing down or pulling off the road for them to pass, they would never had went around. They were doing their jobs by responding to a call which required immediate action. As for Stocton who was in training at the time, he was doing exactly what he was trained to do. How is he suppose to learn how to do his job without hands on training? Casey Lee is an excellant deputy and does his job very well. EVERY witness to this horrible accident stated to troopers and investigators that the officers DID have lights and siren on when they attempted to make a pass. They did nothing wrong!
The same people presuming to know everything that happened when in actuality they know hearsay and what they want to think happened, are the same people who would have complained if officers hadn't arrived on scene to a possible shooting fast enough.
As for the slander you talk about against Sheriff Frye, that's exactly what it is, a bunch of bullshit!! I honestly don't know why it is even relivent to the incident you started talking about in the first place. Just something to run your mouth about. Before you pass judgement on someone trying to make YOUR county a better and safer place, try taking a good look at yourself, cause I'm sure you sure aren't a saint! And before you decide to talk about an accident you claim to know so much about, make sure you got your facts straight before you look like a dumbass looking for attention!!
Cindy with attitude

United States

#13 Nov 14, 2011
Driving too fast and illegally passing is not open to debate. My father-in-law was a NC trooper 31 years and he agreed with me, that the super high speed and passing on the wrong side of the road in a line of traffic and in an intersection were mistakes. If the call near the Mitchell County line was really THAT bad, they should have asked for mutual aid from the Mitchell County Sheriff's Office or Spruce Pine PD to get there first.
Driving at 120+ MPH did no one any good. Drive safely enough to arrive at all. A slightly delayed response is better than not arriving at all. Hurting citizens and officers is almost as bad as it gets; a fatality being the worst outcome. Thank God that didn't happen.
Had the deputies driven cautiously, no one would have been hurt and officers would have arrived at the call. Now the county is out a HUGE amount of money, lost a new patrol car, bought a civilian car, horribly injured a wonderful woman who will have at least half a million in medical bills and 2 deputies are off the road. Hundreds of thousands of additional medical bills and a valuable K-9 is out of service.
Aside from these human costs which cannot be priced, this episode WILL cost the county in excess of a million dollars in insurance money. Higher premiums from the sheriff's office will come from taxpayers one way or another. Take corrective action within the sheriff's office and move on.
As for the sheriff being disciplined for lying when he was an officer at Beech Mtn PD, he should clarify. If true, he needs to go. If it is not, SHAME on you mtn ray. If Kevin WAS disciplined for lying, he can't testify in court, that's not opinion or slander (which doesn't apply to written text, it is "libel" and neither apply to electronic medium; laws have not kept pace with technology). This is US Supreme Court case law, Maryland Vs. Brady.
If Kevin Frye was found to have defrauded BMPD and taken sick leave when he was in fact working as a guard at Walmart, he needs to do the right thing and resign. A sheriff who is disqualified from testifying in court is useless, as is a sheriff who is a liar and/or cheat. We in Avery County already had a crooked "brady cop" sheriff in Richard Buchanan, a convicted thief and we don't need another. Kevin should come clean either way and either defend his reputation or resign.
Deputies need FTO training. If Casey had such, he would have properly instructed Deputy Stockton to drive slower and not to pass at an intersection. All deputies need pursuit driver training to drive those super-hot Chargers and the appearance of the Avery deputies is probably the worst of 100 counties. I too have seen the fu-Manchu moustaches and beards in uniform, non-matching duty gear, shoes and boots of all types that are never shined, uniforms that look literally like they were slept in and a basic lack of pride or uniformity in officer appearance. I had pride in my DOC uniform when I worked there. If rules allow this pervasive slob appearance, it's wrong. In any case, the appearance of the deputies makes the sheriff wrong. He cold set a positive example and lose about 100 lbs too.
Mtn Ray, you are mean-spirited and over generalizing about peace officers as a whole. Quit being a jerk and stick to non-personal facts, not caustic opinions. There apparently are conflicting stories about the patrol car blue lights and siren being on at the time of the collision, but had the officers attended pursuit driving training, they would know they are outrunning their siren when going over 100MPH and that such a speed in heavy traffic or at an intersection is NOT prudent.
And as for Mtn Ray, valid problems in this sheriff's office that need remedy can be fixed now or the voters can do so in 3 years.
Pray for Kim and the officers and all the families involved.

Huntersville, NC

#14 Nov 14, 2011
I don't understand why the uniforms of the officers or their apperance have ANYTHING to do with what occured the evening of the accident. "Cindy with Attitude", you want to come down on others for discussing things such as this and call them "jerks", then you should also stick to this! The weight of another individual is NONE of yours or anyone else's concern! This is your opinion and should be kept as such!! I'm sure you would not like anyone going online and discussing whether or not you need to lose X amount of weight! The only thing this county should be concerned with is how it is being run and a select few are the only ones who seem to have problems. These problems happen to be how certain officers chose to wear their uniforms. I for one have never seen what you all are talking about with the unpolished shoes and wrinkled uniforms. I think our officers dress and act very professional.
As for the amount of speed the officers were going and what or if there is anything they could have done differently, that is for the investigators and the state to decide. What the county doesn't need is for everyone to go on about what they THINK happened and didn't. That's how rumors get started and it does no body any good. If you don't know something to be fact, keep your mouth shut about it until you do. The families of the individuals involved don't need members of the community taking things out of context and making their own conclusions. Further more, everyone seems so concerned with the sheriff's past...that's what it is, his past. Everyone has a past and I'm sure none of you would appreciate yours being thrown up everytime someone wants to make a point. The statements being made about his time at BMPD are completly false. I KNOW this to be untrue for a fact! This is a prime example of how good people become the targets of the unhappy ones who always want something to gripe and complain about!

Burnsville, NC

#15 Nov 14, 2011
Alright, who are you guys to sit here and bash this sheriffs office? Your not. How many of you have been in their shoes? Have been through BLET? Have a job where you walk out the door not knowing which dope head is waiting on the next curve for you? Have you ever went on a call where your best friend was killed? Have you ever been on a call where your shot at? Chances are no, because you don't have the guts to even start out in the field.
Until you can say you've walked in the shoes of a law enforcement officer, it might be best to keep your mouth shut. You have no idea what these men and women go through night after night, day after day to...JUST TO SAVE YOUR BUTT! And sorry citizens like you out there bashing them and everything else...who you guna call when your husbands beating you up? when your wife wont let you see the kids? when your kid so rebellious that he holds a gun to your head? when your driving down the road and almost taken out by the drunk driver? who??? yeah you'll remember who to call when your in trouble!

Show some respect here!

Burnsville, NC

#16 Nov 14, 2011
oh and by the way, for those of you that say they were driving too fast please send your name number and adress so that we can make sure that when you have an emergency we can advise the police to make sure they dont go over the speed limit...we'd hate for them to speed while responding to an emergency...
Cindy with attitude

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#17 Nov 14, 2011
You are a retard. They can speed while still using "due caution and circumspection" They WERE speeding, and moved Kim's car 130 feet, not open to denbate. They were SPEEDING and the illegal passing at an interrsection is not debatable either. They were plainm 110% WRONG! Not one police chief or sheriff in the US advocates your logic of speed as much as you want and if they wreck, who cares. They DIDN'T make it to the call you retard! You have not addressed one point I made, only raged that I dared to make them!
The crazy appearance (foo man choos, beards, long sleeeves, short sleeves, wrinkled uniforms and unshined boots, etc.) that is a fact.
If Kevin didn't lie to BMPD (a former ranking town official confirmed he did), then by all means clear this up by releasing his file. If he didn't, he is due an apology and a clear name. If he lied, he needs to go. Not ONE Avery deputy aside from Dallas Pate (Chief) has has 1st line supervision, FTO training or pursuit driving. Crucifying me and others who state the truth does not make it less true. The Sheriff has already by the way, admitted the deputies were in the wrong. Was he wrong in that admission you retard?

Clarksville, TN

#18 Nov 17, 2011
Even the post said the lights and siren was on.

Statesville, NC

#19 Nov 18, 2011
Mudd wrote:
Even the post said the lights and siren was on.
Thats not what people are saying who witness reck!!!!

Lincolnton, NC

#20 Nov 19, 2011
if somethang was to happen to that woman then there is gonna be a huge lawsuit on the avery county sheriffs dept i cant stand the avery county cops there always harrassing people or being nosey they all think there badass's cause they wear a badge they let all the power go strait to there head
Sam I am

Boone, NC

#21 Nov 21, 2011
Looks like a deputy of 2 is about to get set a court date! That is long overdue for this reckless mob of lunatics...

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