I just wanted to let people know to watch out.
I was druged (msds I believe) 12/23/2011, the assailent (Ronnie aka Roy, from Ronnie and Carol Here at Boss's RV Park in Wrens Georgia) then broke in my house while I slept, raped, burnt, bit, and vomited on me. They introduced the bite mark on my shoulder to the police before it showed up by fabricating a story about me falling. The police sided with the assilent, and told me I was better at functioning in my sleep than I'd even imagined. I apparently sleep crawled to to stool, flipped it over and vomited in the bucket it formed. Never trust Jefferson County police to do thier jobs. They won't. They'll tell you "It's your fault you've been sexually assulted, after all you had two shots of vodka and two shots of wild turkey. Now run along lil' doggie." Which I'm going to do. ONLY after alerting the FBI & CIA was I able to get the bite marks left on me documented. The Medical college of georgia, knowing I'd been raped did notrun full STD tests on me, and I am looking for a good lawyer. I'm waiting for my ride to another hospital now. I'm looking to relocat to Mississippi as soon as possible, however I have no clue when I'll be able to do it.
~Angie Marie May
(I am angry @ em a -I)