I have a situation were a friend of mine was being kicked out of a home in VA where he lived for a year without paying any rent his "rent" was supposed to be "paid" by him doing home improvement work while he lived there for free. Well they were in the process of kicking this "Christian" friend of mine out onto the streets of Virginia I helped him gather his stuff he had cluttered up their yard with two vehicles neither of which were registered or ran (he was driving a Jeep I had lent him for the last 5 months so he could get to his part time job at UPS) I helped him tow his Le Car to the scrap yard then offered him to move in to my home in Houlton Maine he could help us out around the house and look for work up there so he could find his own place and get a new start.
Well he did very little around our home leaving all of his projects partially completed and of course blaiming us for not giving him enough money to get the projects done. Well long story short he has become boligerant with my wife loafing around doing as he pleases (playing his video games most of the time) and eating us out of house and home! We had some precious items and money go missing in our home during the time he has lived in our home we could never have imagined that he might have been the blame at first due to his great knowledge of the scriptures and seemingly Christian good will. Well here it is a year later the truck I helped him tow up to Houlton still sits on his trailer in my yard he has threatened my wife and child and so we called the police to get him ejected from our property. Do you know thatr that police officer sat in the cruiser with this man laughing and carying on for about 10 minutes before the officer informed us that we could not have him removed from OUR home because HE had rights to live there until we go through the courts to evict him even though we never had any written or spoken contract with him as a Landloard Tennant relationship!!! He was a guest in our home for a year which is way longer than we had expected him to stay.
And now HE has rights to stay in OUR Home and terrorize my wife and child while I am away working for the US Army as a contractor.

Is this really the truth!?