A bit too much nerve gas.
However, all of Marin was scheduled be sprayed from the air for the Light Brown Apple Moth 450 people including children got very sick in Santa Cruz in the first phase. Outrage and action stopped it here, although ground spraying is coming to your yard soon.


Stuart Resnick and his wife who live in Beverly Hills and were big donors to Bush own Fiji Water, Teleflora, Franklin Mint, Paramount Farms, Wonderful Pomegranates, POM Wonderful, Wonderful Nuts, Everybody's Nuts,
Costco is full of Resnick's pistachios and pomegranates, right now. Please boycott their pistachios.

Then, there is Resnick's involvement in the Kern County Water Bank... and Resnick is involved in horse-trading to supply Delta water to huge new Central Valley subdivision(s)...it should be criminal!

Suterra also owns and manufactures Checkmate, the pesticide that all of us were going to be aerially sprayed with until the citizen revolt stopped it. EPA later decertified it. Ground spray is still scheduled. Got gas masks for your children?

Please boycott Resnick's products!