Deb Drexler good for Allen County

Deb Drexler good for Allen County

There are 12 comments on the Lima News story from Nov 1, 2008, titled Deb Drexler good for Allen County. In it, Lima News reports that:

Allen County's juvenile court system has cried for change for years. Former Judge David Kinworthy's slap on the hand policy, in which accountability was nil, is the result of the growing juvenile crime rate in ...

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#1 Nov 3, 2008
Deb Drexler was the magistrate over my custody case with me two kids. With all the evidence that proved I was the best caregiver for my children she choose my ex-husband. Yes, I was leaving the state but I knew and so did the guardian adlidem (sp?) that the kids would do far better with me and not my ex. She decided that the best interest of the kids was to stay with their father. Decision made in January, by August my daughter wanted to move with me and she did. A year later my son wanted to move down with all of us and he did. She does not listen to or take the FACTS in to consideration of the decision she makes. Not a good chose.

Also, I live in Florida and recieved a notice to support her in the election. Good way to handle the taxpayers money??!!
Concerned parent

Findlay, OH

#2 May 14, 2009
Did you appeal? She is the magistrate in a grandparent visitation case and is totally oblivious to the mother in the case and totally disregarded counselor testimony, police reports and etcetera and gave an outrageous verdict.

Iola, WI

#3 Dec 29, 2011
In 2010 I took my ex back to court for custody of my 2 kids. His lawyer was aloud to say what ever he wanted to me. Even though BOTH of my kids stated there was abuse in the house Deb Drexler did NOTHING. She gave him custody and put them back into a house of abuse. She also knew that Allen County Children Services had been contacted. And nothing has ever been done. It was ok for this women(my exhusband GF) to take a belt to the back of my son. Leaving marks. Also that when the GF attacked my daughter and pulling out hair along with leaving marks. Drexler said my daughter was being unruly. What so abuse is ok in allen county. Guess it makes sense since more kids have died under allen county's watch then most county's in the state. When is someone going to step in and take control of Allen County's Coruption!!!
Eli Post

West Chester, OH

#4 Nov 16, 2013
Magistrate Drexler gave my son to an abusive father, his girlfriend with multiple felonies on DUI's. Both parents left multiple bruises on youngest child. On the oldest child, the father beat on the son when a water bucket cracked, dragging him by the throat. Oldest son went through multiple challenges due to the abuse of the father. Used a visitation exchange agency from 2007 to 2012, until they lost their funding. All records of the visitation exchange home shows he refused to pay medical bills, be involved with sports or school and was very antagonistic in communication with all parties. Drexler refused to hear evidence, allow a trial from 2003 to 2012. 2012 gave custody of youngest. Parents on Politics Unite (PoPs Unite)...all attorneys prior from that time period, each stated, Magistrate does not like women, refuses to have a trial, feels the 'father paid enough', did nothing when the father broke all her orders and rules of visitation homes and when a police report was filed Drexler was mad for the father getting in trouble and did nothing. Magistrate Drexler other times had attys tell mother that she didn't care about the evidence and did not want to hear it or the witnesses, video tapes/audio tapes/letters/texts of father interferring in communication, mental abuse, and several psychologist/therapist reports on both children regarding the abuse . Drexler changed the mother's address illegally in child support agency and the two staff members in 2007 Aug/Sept stated Deb Drexler does whatever she wants despite the law.

Check out Richard Ducote in Pittsburg PA, who advocates for women and children who have been abused and/or dealing with system/GALs etc. Richard referred an attorney who was willing to do a 60B motion compared to the mother's previous attorneys who refused to fight for the child/children's human civil rights to be free of mental and physical abuse.

Drexler uses her seat of power to enable abusers and as a tax payer for years in that area, along with other parents, defrauds our system's human civil rights and use of tax payer's money. Her actions, do they not add another form of abortion? Another form of white slavery? Providing a negative role model to society?

How many other children were sold out in Allen County or Mercer County?
Eli Post

West Chester, OH

#6 Nov 16, 2013
Magistrate Drexler, reported in the postings above in the 2011 case, ignored and justified abuse, punishing the mother for moving.

What does that say to our children with parents in the military? How many military men and women, who fight for our country, have Drexler punished for moving? How many parents has Drexler punished for protecting their children? Is it true what an attorney in 2005 said to another Mercer Co mother,‘Deb Drexler hates women’?

It takes a community to raise a child and requires good, solid role models who show integrity, compassion and respect for the civil human rights to be free of mental and physical abuse.
But…what if our system endorses magistrates/judges, who willfully subject a child to abuse?

In an essence, endorsing child slavery to abusive homes; ignoring/teaching their rights and safety are not important; failure to judicate ethically and morally; committing fraud in accepting the tax payers' money/salary, letting others (GALs – Guardian ad Litems) sit back and let them decide the rulings for the child when they are not capable; making subjective decisions.

In 2008, it was shown Drexler presided over possibly 36,000 cases. One Mercer mother, 2003-2008, was informed Drexler wanted to only use ‘people she knew and trusted’. Or is it shopping for the decision/people/outcome she wants/can control? How many Mercer/Allen Co. monopolies were created and children suffered, slid through the cracks by using her friends, because she ‘trusts’ them?

What does it say to the GALs who only do surface checking based on conversations with parents/character witnesses only? One case reported a GAL telling false truths to make the character witnesses change their stories. These conversations are subjective and intrusive to a child and indirectly selling out a child and creating controlled outcome.

Objective investigations come from a thorough review of history of parental involvement prior to custodial trial, reviewing evidence of text messages, visitation exchange agency files which all communication between parents of who encourages open communication, interferes with communication, copies of emails, audio/video tapes, letters, parental involvement in sports, school, medical bills, etc.

Review the link of GAL’s code of ethics below…Where does it say, GAL sits on the bench and rules?

(GAL code of ethics/duties link) )
Eli Post

West Chester, OH

#7 Nov 16, 2013
Another Mercer Co mother was informed Drexler allowed GAL to make (bench) custodial decisions for her (Drexler) because she (Drexler) has known her a long time and trusts the GAL which goes against the law. By refusal to protect the children from abuse in several cases, has Drexler oppressed evidence, proper checks and in protecting our children? Drexler will be presiding over a case this week in Mercer Co regarding a child she refused trials/evidence to be heard formally for 8 years…

Another mother of Mercer Co informed she had audio taped an attorney stating Drexler was furious for another county allowing a restraining order against a parent for abusing a child and felt her (Drexler’s)‘territory was invaded’ and once again, refusal to acknowledge the evidence of abuse. The attorney stated she (Drexler) would give custody to that parent if the mother did not drop the restraining order.

As in the 2011 Mercer Co mother/posting above? No child should have welts, hair pulled and markings. A live in is not the parent and should be treated as the ‘private babysitter’ and background checks BCI/FBI checks should be done during custodial evals (by law – all parties within the home is stated to be evaluated during custodial evals). Our daycares would not hire someone who pulls a child’s hair, places welts, bruises or have a history of multiple dui’s/felonies/job history in alcohol related settings.

(Child daycare laws)

In another Mercer Co case, Drexler refused to have trials from 2003-2012, hear/review long history of evidence of tapes/video-audio, therapist/psychologist reports, texts, witnesses, pictures of finger bruises, live-in’s long continuing history of felonies/dui’s/bench warrants regarding alcohol abuse/job history related to alcohol/cares-decides for the child the majority of the time, giving bruises to a child for not coming to dinner fast enough, reports of the live-in and parent drinking and driving with the child in reports, a visitation home exchange file dating 2007 to 2012 shows letters from parent/girlfriend refusal to be involved in the child’s sports, school, paying medical bills and interfering in communication.

What would MADD say about a child being cared by a woman who has a long history on alcohol abuse/dui’s/alcohol-related jobs only and yelled about her favorite bottle of wine broken on the above?

(MADD link)
Eli Post

West Chester, OH

#9 Nov 16, 2013
Due Process Clause ( )

Procedural due process is the guarantee of a fair legal process when the government seeks to burden[jargon] a person's protected interests in life, liberty, or property, and substantive due process is the guarantee that the fundamental rights of citizens will not be encroached on by government.[71] The Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment also incorporates most of the provisions in the Bill of Rights, which were originally applied against only the federal government, and applies them against the states.[72]

Hamilton, OH

#10 Jan 21, 2014
can all who posted on here let me know a way to contact. Had the same thing happen to my sons significant other. I want the Ohio bar association to investigate her and could use some cases to get her the hell out of that position. I can get your my information to contact if you are interested in justice being done!
melai bresson

Akron, OH

#11 Jan 29, 2014
Dana wrote:
can all who posted on here let me know a way to contact. Had the same thing happen to my sons significant other. I want the Ohio bar association to investigate her and could use some cases to get her the hell out of that position. I can get your my information to contact if you are interested in justice being done!
...inbox me on Facebook melai Sherrell bresson

Findlay, OH

#12 Apr 16, 2015
I don't understand how this lady is still where she is. I know a handful of women including myself who has had to deal with her and her idiotic way of thinking. We are doing what we are doing to protect our children! But in the end we are the ones in the wrong in her eyes. What if it was her kid? Would she stand for this? We have to take a stand and fight for our kids and future kids. I don't want anyone going through the hell that she had put us through. This lady makes my blood boil and I am willing to do whatever it takes if we can join together and have this done!

Celina, OH

#14 Sep 17, 2015
Dana wrote:
can all who posted on here let me know a way to contact. Had the same thing happen to my sons significant other. I want the Ohio bar association to investigate her and could use some cases to get her the hell out of that position. I can get your my information to contact if you are interested in justice being done!
In my case, facts were completely disregarded as well. This woman is biased and does NOT put the children first!

Zanesville, OH

#16 Wednesday Sep 28
That woman needs fired and shipped off to an island where she can live by herself because no one is as good as her. She thinks the sun shines out of her ass. I had a case with her (domestic violence) and to this day I cringe thinking about how DUMB that woman made me feel. I felt cornered and attacked that I had to dismiss my own case to get away from her evilness she tried stowing upon me. In her head she thinks well if you were in a violent relationship that it's your fault. To this day I will never ever have any respect for that woman. And I truly feel sorry for anyone who has to experience what I had gone through. "Good for Allen county" yeah... right.

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