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Lake Zurich, IL

#1 Jun 20, 2011
Hi people.
Okay, so a lot of people have been watching videos on YouTube by a user named "Katiethesinger123" just so that you can ridicule her because of her looks. Now, I'm not trying to persuade everyone to do this, but after reading some of those comments, I think everything that's going on over there is just wrong. Stop going on about how she looks! So what if she doesn't meet the beauty standards of this modern society? So what if she's big? So what if anything's wrong with her appearance? Who cares? All you mean haters out there who posted things like "She's Hagrid's child" and "She knows she's ugly", just go away and get a life. The only people who would sink so low are those that feel that they need to make others feel bad and make fun of others in order to make themselves feel better. That's just wrong. She's a good singer, she's beautiful on the inside, and people need to stop judging her! She's obviously got a good soul, and in the end, that's all that really matters! I don't see why people have to judge people so much by their looks! What has the human race come to? Also, it's just as bad when people who are against judging this wonderful, gifted girl and type hateful comments to those who make fun of her! That's just as bad, and this whole thing is wrong. Go to YouTube, type in "katiethesinger123", watch some of her videos, and read some of the comments. You'll then know what I'm talking about. People need to stop this nonsense. It hurts, you know. She must feel really bad now, and it's all because of all the haters who have probably made her feel just plain wrong. If you ever read this, katiethesinger123, know that I believe you are beautiful, and you are obviously surrounded by people who love you, and that's all you should ever need. Don't listen to them, they lie in spite of themselves.
I hope this has made you feel better, katiethesinger123, and I hope this has made all the haters really think about what they have done.
Thanks for reading. Bye.

Pearland, TX

#2 Oct 12, 2011
Nice post and I agree! She doesn't live in fear or remorse for her passions! That is very inspirational. She is stronger than most of us can be

Droitwich, UK

#3 Nov 29, 2011
Hi all.

What a fantastic young lady katiethesinger123 is. She posts videos and you can see the confidence in her. Most of you who place nasty comments have little self esteem and have to make yourselves feel as though your important and part of something which is not the case. I thank Katiethesinger123 for being who she is. A beautiful, strong and passionate girl. GO ON KATIE!! Keep it up these small minded fools have no talent or confidence thats why they try and pick on you. Be strong katiethesinger123 God bless you... And keep singing and sing loud. I and millions of others enjoy your videos.
John Cage

Philadelphia, PA

#4 Dec 28, 2011
It's sad that the human species are divided into either "jerks" or "idiots"; personally, I rather be a jerk than an idiot.

Look people, just cause she's ugly on the outside it doesn't mean she's "beautiful on the inside"... What on earth gave you that idea? In fact, UGLY people are more likely to be "ugly inside" compared to average or slightly above average looking people. Why? Because they are likely the target of a whole lot of abuse... Abuse breeds Abusers.

Katiethesinger123 is actually a known racist and xenophobic BIGot (pun intended). Check out her Facebook... She lashes out at people to make herself feel better at being so ugly.

Santa Clara, CA

#5 Dec 29, 2011
Well besides the fact that she is opening herself up to this crap. And how she should know people talk like this online. And knowing she is a bad singer. She is only putting vid's up for views if you haven't realized. Internet should be known not to be a comfort zone so videos like this are a very bad idea to post and so basically she is asking for the hatred of others. Not saying I hate her just saying what she is doing is taking advantage of all of you who give her views giving her profit. She doesn't give a shit about the hate I am sure, she just get's views from all of this and that's all that matters to her. Yes I understand she probably has a hard time and all and I feel bad she has to deal with all of that but she is only exposing herself to worse treatment by posting video's just like these online. IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME, people want views so they can get a partnership with YouTube and thus being said HI PROFIT. So it's a waste of time to argue with people who make fun of her simply because she doesn't care. Now reply to me with as much hate as you will because I am happy to accept it and most likely reply to it though I care as much as she does. Not at all.

Victoria, Seychelles

#6 Feb 14, 2012
its not just looks
readin wikpedia Obesity increases the likelihood of various diseases, particularly heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, certain types of cancer, and osteoarthritis.[2] Obesity is most commonly caused by a combination of excessive food energy intake, lack of physical activity, and genetic susceptibility, although a few cases are caused primarily by genes, endocrine disorders, medications or psychiatric illness. Evidence to support the view that some obese people eat little yet gain weight due to a slow metabolism is limited; on average obese people have a greater energy expenditure than their thin counterparts due to the energy required to maintain an increased body mass
also dont kid yourself she cant sing she can barely breathe! i cant understand her when she talks and she has a monotonous voice that is unappealing and shes short of breath. in a world with daughtry, rihanna, hayley williams, jared leto etc how can she hope to compete

Leighton Buzzard, UK

#7 Feb 22, 2012
To John Cage:

She isn't ugly at all, and I love her hair; it's really pretty (:
And that is not at all true. I could just as easily argue that pretty people are more stuck up and feel they can get people to do whatever they want. But I won't. Why? Because that is a generalisation and yes some pretty people are like that and some more average looking people are going to lash out because they want to look like the celebrities whose photographs are modified and wear lots of makeup. But by no means anyone.

I've never looked on Katie's facebook but I've never seen anything on her videos which implies she isn't a truly lovely person. And if she did lash out, it'd sort of be understandable. NOT because of the way she looks, because there is nothing wrong with how she looks; I certainly wouldn't be ashamed to look like her, I'd die for hair like hers :), but because of the DISGUSTING fact people think they can post on a young girl's youtube, REVOLTING, HIDEOUS things telling her she's ugly. What's ugly is the shocking way people think they can laugh at her. Because even if she did look bad, which she doesn't, ANYONE COULD BE BORN THAT WAY. ANYONE CAN BE BORN "UGLY." How would YOU feel if you were born like that? Tormented by people who are too cowardly to say anything to her face, sitting there on their computers, insulting a perfectly nice young girl because they have nothing better to do. And we should laugh at HER?

Leighton Buzzard, UK

#8 Feb 22, 2012
Anon from Santa Clara, CA:

I would simply leave this topic be if I knew Katie would hate people talking about her online but I don't think she'd mind since she doesn't shut down her youtube. And good for her, not giving in to cyberbullies. It's so brave to make videos of yourself singing for the world to see. I know if I did I'd be terrified. And if I got horrible comments made towards me, I'd be crushed. Even though I knew I shouldn't be.

The internet can be a vile place and I hope Katie hasn't got too upset by those disgusting comments made towards her. I hope that she's been warned about how people can talk online.

At the same time, people on the internet are real people, their comments can be just as hurtful, if not worse because people won't say as much in real life, and people have no right whatsoever to say such horrible things. Who cares if it's the internet? It gives them absolutely no right to treat someone that way.

Perhaps they're underconfident themselves.:/ I can understand that. But it's no excuse for bullying.

Westland, MI

#9 Mar 12, 2014
Yeah, this is sad. She needs love, not hate. F****g society

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