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RANK Views Performer-Title 1 794,740,420.00 Justin Bieber -Baby 2 615,344,830.00 Jennifer Lopez-On The Floor 3 614,065,496.00 PSY-GANGNAM STYLE 4 510,019,319.00 Eminem -Love The Way You Lie 5 497,965,254.00 Shakira-Waka Waka 6 495,970,862.00 LMFAO-Party Rock Anthem 7 493,294,359.00 Lady Gaga-Bad Romance 8 492,222,792.00 "Charlie"-Charlie bit my ... (more)


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Beograd, Serbia

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Nov 3, 2012
Hackers attack me again, but what they are doing
terrorism since the interruption of talks between
me and the FBI.
I do not believe that the FBI would kill me because nothing
I made ​​... all what I was saying was interesting.
I am neither a terrorist nor a criminal.
I do not find it on the FBI wanted list.
hakeri.Nista wisely did not do in life.
So opting to old age
kill (?) people with ambition.
I am struggling to Jennifer becomes president.
I'll write one more CD and there is a chance that
and I'm the president.
Hackers and terrorists do not like it and publish
war ... we simply do not have a goal.
They hate Jennifer Lopez.

Beograd, Serbia

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Nov 3, 2012
Who are these crazy people ... laugh.
They attacked me and before
the FBI started by the gun
but the FBI does not want to kill me,
I was just scared as the rest of the population
has no ambition.
Killing people.
I gave the FBI the essential information.
hackers to read.
These are the only information!
The right of a person to see the video.
It can not be fake.
Maybe Jennifer can do that but I do not act out.
I'm not an actor.
So, there is nothing to provocation.
And so ... stupid hakeri.TERORIZAM!
Receive nothing if they kill me.
That's another story!
Maybe Jennifer sent me money.
so someone said.
I do not know.
Many strong biographies.
Like I'm a superstar in America.
So Jenny, go somewhere???
Is Jenny going???
jennifer ... let's go somewhere.
Who are the two of us ... are identical.
Jennifer probably does not hate me.
If you love me then this is a real booty
terrorism being waged against America.
Jenni ... understand that.

Beograd, Serbia

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Nov 3, 2012
online reports that FBI Director has
the biggest collection of porn.
And no one did anything to them.
This topix have to type in
numbers due to the large number of non desired
These are the little things.
hackers read what I write to the FBI.
These are all the information.
This is my life and worse
IT'S ALL paranormal!
It investigates the FBI, but the FBI is angry
looks when you mention the story here
something for their associations.
jenny ... let's go somewhere.
Paranormal and mentions.
The most powerful woman of all time.
I won TERRORISM and hackers!

Beograd, Serbia

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Nov 3, 2012
Jennifer victory!
Jennifer WIN :)))
Imagine ... they threatened me
murder and before the FBI
I started to mention a
I write the FBI for 3 years and as many
I have long been haunted by terrorists.
I do not know ... the FBI and the police can ...
to write what I want ... and how to explain.
I have experience.
More than 10 times I've been arrested for drugs
street.Oni nowhere and stare until the FBI
does not want to be a support for me and
My plan on making money.
Videos are not installed ... or so.
Alas what a story.

Beograd, Serbia

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Nov 3, 2012
Who edited the footage.
It just ... did not do anything to them.
Just like you ... attacking the human society
to no avail.
I was in neuropsychiatry and
the police ... I know a good law.
Such a person will never be let out of the hospital.
You may be angry that I love J.Lo.
Do my videos have been edited and
edited by whom?
Hehh ... I KNOW!

Beograd, Serbia

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Nov 3, 2012
Almost nobody wants to believe in the paranormal.
Who, then edited my videos.
Hehh ...
And terrorists do not have any benefits that will
to kill me.
Just venting anger.
So ... hate America!
Come on ... well some hate but they struggle
against America.
I do not have to pojma.Mozda and anonymous.
Maybe they are interested in who edited the video.

Beograd, Serbia

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Nov 3, 2012
Do not fall for provocation
and to organize because it reduces
to fight against the police.
One will go to jail and what will
others do?
Nothing ... no benefit.
Who kills me not benefit
and that the police immediately to the hospital.
And who knows what awaits them after.

The paranormal nobody believes.
Well ... then I'll hackers and terrorists to
Send messages of a personal nature in this
Listen to the next thing.

Beograd, Serbia

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Nov 3, 2012
My murderer ... monster!
And this has TOPIX defense against cyber terrorism
therefore you need to type numbers when
we want to publish a comment.
So the same and Yahoo!
People have started to earn money and work
their job while on the other hand, we have terrorism
who has no idea and ambition.
It's dangerous.
The police know.
I was visited by the police one night;
and took him to the hospital.
With no news
call right away ... they took me in neuropsychiatry.
I was aggressive but I did not use
Anti continental ballistic keyboard.

Terrorism does not like Jennifer, or simply fly :)

Beograd, Serbia

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Nov 3, 2012
First things first.
I am not a terrorist!
More than 10 times I had a conflict with
Police and got 2 years probation
2 years and I am imprisoned in neuropsychiatry.
The reason??? Nervousness.
It's a perfect cake for other people who do not
I can find a different kind of pleasure and
who have never tried drugs because it
they make their exit from Chapter bugs.
Intoxicating poison ... but each set of satisfaction.
You should not advertise it, but ...
Marijuana is an easy and good drugs!
just ... any ordinary person can
to be satisfied and it will work
if I went to America.
I'm not a terrorist.
I have these videos ... and I'm not over it
they advertise.
Killers are people who do not have any satisfaction.
Only in crises occurring murder or
So some combination.
Sex is outdated but marijuana is not.
If anyone has some send me a little marijuana :)
Otherwise, I drink strong drugs so that they can
through the crisis.
There are people who condemn Jennifer.
That's what I am talking about!
If you smoked marijuana would otherwise see.
Menu can not erase the image from his childhood.
Jennifer is older than I am 10 years old.
By coincidence becomes my girlfriend but potencionala
people do not want to believe in the paranormal.
So that I will emphasize more and more that I will not mention the FBI
because no one gave me money and many are interested in
ubostvo ... moral satisfaction.
These are the special price and it is impossible to get out of neuropsihijtrije
with such thoughts!
I got out of Neuropsychiatry and I think that it is J.LO
I dressed up.

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