Yelp. Paid People . Fake Reviews.

Cheyenne, WY

#22 Sep 23, 2011
So much complaining about Yelp! Boo-hoo. C'mon.

Personally, I love Yelp. I've written so many reviews and over time, it becomes easy to see which ones are authentic.
Glenn T

San Diego, CA

#23 Sep 24, 2011



We have recently implemented a system to outsmart yelp from hiding our filtered reviews:

Step 1- First of all, if you're advertising with yelp, we suggest you stop doing so and shift that money to optimize your own web site instead

Step 2- Have a graphic designer make a yelp badge that is placed on your web site. It should say "we have ...... filtered and unfiltered reviews on yelp".

Step 3- When a visitor clicks on the badge, it will go to another page ON YOUR OWN WEB SITE (instead of going to yelp's.(why help them get traffic and rank higher anyways)?

Step 4- On this page have your graphic designer get a screen capture (picture) of all your filtered and unfiltered reviews and have them pasted together onto one page (in 2 sections, the top section to be unfiltered reviews, leave a space, and then the lower section the filtered reviews). 

Now, all your reviews (filtered and unfiltered) will be visible to all your web site's visitors.

5- Add the following words on the top: 

"for your convenience, we have combined all of our filtered and unfiltered reviews on one page for you to view. If youd like to go to our live yelp page, please click here -------"

This is done so that your potential clients will not feel like you're trying to hide something or trying to cheat the system. 

6- Be sure to update your unfiltered yelp page every few weeks. 

Advantages of doing this:

1- Your visitors will stay on your web site instead of being re-directed to yelp's

2- Your visitors can't be redirected to your competitors page (unless they choose to go to your live yelp page). 

3- No more being a slave to yelp's algorithm

4- Yelp would not benefit from getting traffic from you and higher rankings on google. 

5- This system cost us only $150 to implement 

Just be sure to shift that $300 per month on yelp advertising and put it into KEYWORDS that people will search for. 

**Please pass this on to all small business owners that may benefit from this. 

La Habra, CA

#24 Oct 11, 2011
Only morons use Yelp. It's obviously a scam, so just don't bother with it.

Berkeley, CA

#25 Oct 21, 2011
Can we delete our account from YELP?
I feel there is a rope around my neck. Do
we really need this type of service to get more
I provide a service to about 300 people. Majority of
my customers rate me as a four-five star but they do
not see their ratings on YELP.
NOW...there is a 1 star rating by a Yelper who
is new to Yelp. He was able to get his rating
publized on YELP and slam my services. I work very hard and I employ people so my business needs to bring in new customers.
I have enough of the Democrats and Republican BS. Now we are controlled by another political BSr YYELP.

Upper Marlboro, MD

#26 Oct 28, 2011
Try . It’s a fairly new site, but they seem to have fixed everything I've always hated about Yelp.

1. They don't accept direct advertising. Advertising is only through Ad Sense.
2. They allow users to leave detailed reviews in 5 different categories: food, service, ambiance & two others that I don't recall.
3. If restaurant owners make their case, the folks who run American Eateries will delete reviews that don't have enough info to justify a bad rating.
5. Restaurant owners can leave special offers for their customers for free.
6. Users can post polls in the blogs section.

It seems that a lot of thought went into this.

The thing I like most about it is that reviews can be filtered by any city in the US. This is the only site that I've see do this. Small towns can have their own page on this site.

I met one of the guys on the subway in DC who runs the site. That’s how I found out about it.

He said it really isn't about money to the people who set it up. He said they just love good food and wanted to create a site where other people who like good food could post stuff and not have to worry about all those corporate influences that make other review sites marginally useful.

I really think we should support sites like this.

I even like the little video that they put together:
. Not my style of music, but effective, I think.

Upper Marlboro, MD

#27 Oct 28, 2011
...forgot to mention the funny videos on the home page....another nice touch.

Those guys didn't miss a thing.
Andrew C

Mill Valley, CA

#28 Nov 3, 2011
I have also had the pitch from yelp and since turning advertising down our positive reviews have also vanished. Something no one here appears to have noticed is that Yelp are using small business owners brand names and company names in their description Meta tags. Effectively pretending on first glance to be the company they are reviewing.

This is A practice that has been succesfully challenged in other cases of "passing off" in courts. Just something to think about.

Lugano, Switzerland

#29 Nov 5, 2011
Same in Switzerland. All positive reviews deleted an I know that these reviews came from satisfied clients. And it's funny that the most of the reviewers (e.g. Steph H.) write hundreds of really long reviews. No normal person would do so. It's also funny that this reviewer (Steph H.) is located in CA, USA but writes a review about a cemetery in Switzerland which she visited occasionally. Haha!! I really wonder that Yelp can't be sued for that. Especially in the USA. I mean they produce a real damage by fraud! Is there no lawyer starting a class-action lawsuit?

San Francisco, CA

#30 Nov 10, 2011
Looks like Yelp is going to file for an IPO and do better than any of you complainers. If you focused on improving your business more and trying to shut up your critics less you might be happier.

Washington, DC

#33 Mar 31, 2012
Yelp isn't the end of the world people.... and online reviews aren't as good as actual in person good service.

Franklin, TN

#35 May 1, 2012
I contacted the local office of the U S Attorney and the F B I.We are meeting next week with local and state law enforcement.My understanding is opinion and fact are 2 different things when we talk protection under the first.Parts of the reviews are absolute lies that i can prove.So class action or civil judgement on my own is ok with me.For anything to happen on a large scale many people must complain to enough state and federal agents.
Yes Yelp is fake

Foxboro, MA

#36 May 17, 2012
The worst seafood place I know has 4 star Yelp rating, all bad reviews are filtered. I try to give them less than 3 stars and my reviews is filtered even though other reviews of mine remain.
Jennifer P

Aurora, IL

#38 Jun 18, 2012
Well, I can say one thing, Yelp is consistent to say the least. No matter how many complaints, they still continue to filter out good reviews for businesses and leave the negative up for all to see, unless of course you pay their ad, oops extortion fees.

We need to keep spreading the word about yelp's deceptive practices. I've created a Facebook page, and am starting to spotlight businesses that our victims of yelp's extortion.

Please join my cause, and "like" the page, .

Thanks everyone, and hope to see you there.
Kabab n Curry

College Station, TX

#39 Oct 4, 2012
we are a victim too. i had some bad reviws, we work so hard and fixed every problem and upgrades. lots of the good customers left us really good feedbacks Now we have worst reviews. Yelp is behind this scam to make money

Palm Desert, CA

#40 Feb 20, 2013
SUE YELP wrote: gyrobase/yelp_and_the_business _of_extortion_2_0/Content?oid= 927491&page=4
Great article. As a business person I too was aggressivly pursued by YELP. I had one horrible review by a person whose comments were not only slander, liable but NOT true. YELP was advised, sales people kept pressuring us to by ads based on ALL our good reviews yet, for some odd reason, according to thier "algarythem" the ONE bad review remained at the TOP of our business page.
Finally, after our complaits fell on deaf ears, our attorney wrote YELP a letter and magically, the bad review is not only lowered, it's gone. Shame it took this to get them to act on a false review.
Other good reviews on our site have just gone missing? Again, they claim the "algarythem" which even they can't say how it works.
YELP is a joke. Even with all our good reviews, I don't trust YELP. They manipulate the ratings to pressure poor small business people to pay 300 dollars a month. Just totall creeps me out.

I was hoping you could provide information regarding that scary letter your lawyer wrote.., would like a copy if possible. Feel free to contact me at yahoo

Reputation Management

Palm Desert, CA

#41 Feb 20, 2013

We're actively reviewing and managing business's reputation online and consider are selves Yelp's experts. If you're having trouble with there services or would like to up your competitors online please feel free to send us a line.


-Mayhem.Marketing (at) yahooo

* We offer free consultations and tips and tricks for combating Yelp, G+ and other online reputation mediums.

Greenwich, CT

#43 Jul 30, 2013
downwithunethicalbusiness wrote:
Yelp is phony! I just received a reading from a person who claims to be an intuitive and has nothing but "positive" reviews on Yelp. It was only recently after I had booked the reading, that I heard from more than one source that Yelp is fake and actually charges money from businesses to bury bad reviews. This so called intuitive wasted my time and money by asking me questions the whole reading through and when she did guess at anything, she guessed wrong, way off. Apparently, she pays Yelp. Thank God I went for the short reading and didn't waste more than $50 dollars. Still, I work hard for my money. Shame on you Yelp and all those who pay Yelp for good reviews.
someone changed all the information on my yelp ad, the only thing they did not change was my business name and location EVERYTHING ELSE IS A FRAUD, THEY REPlaced my business tel number with a competitors number and yelp did nothing, they did not even check with us

Coachella, CA

#44 Jul 31, 2013

Would you care to send me a link to your business website, we offer ORM reputation management for restauranteurs, business's. From your description I might see a notable flaw in your plan.

Sherman Oaks, CA

#46 Nov 5, 2013
This company post and host your top 10 reviews
This could be helpful

Sherman Oaks, CA

#47 Nov 5, 2013
I heard this site post and host your top reviews.
This could help.

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