T. Boone knows how to FIT IN.
By Dwight Baker
February 4, 2012

Is Exxon Mobil Stupid


Mr. Pickens said that, "This country is so overwhelmed with natural gas that the only way to get prices up is to stop companies drilling gas wells," Pickens said at a news conference to promote the Navistar deal, which advances his aim to break U.S. dependence on oil for transport. "Don't be afraid that this deal will be made and we will wake up in a year with natural gas prices three or four times higher," Pickens said.


T. Boone is as un-American as one can get. Never forget he was the one that created corporate raiding. He and some cronies bought into Phillips Petroleum long ago and took over control; fired many nearly sank the company. WHY to make pirate money.

So with this news burst that did get some attention. I ask WHY? Then I think it was a selfish effort by him to FIT IN. He is the one stupid for he only wants to be on the BIG SHOW with nothing new to say except he cut his own deal with Navistar to build and fuel natural gas fueled overland big trucks.

Now, why is Exxon Mobil still drilling? Rex Tillerson CEO has too. His damn job is on the line because he bet $45 Billion that all was OK with natural gas drilling and fracking and it was not.


Too bad for us in the US that news items brought to us by the AP Reuters and most of the TV aired shows is corrupted by the BIG BOYS who own those media giants. WHY to dumb is down, so they can get more control.