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Sylvan Lake, Canada

#6296 Jun 29, 2010
ECP is like hockey played by lawyers and refereed by the Supreme Court.
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Jackson, MI

#6297 Jun 29, 2010
ECP = Employee control program. Next step , the robo-worker program.
deer hunter

Lincoln Park, MI

#6298 Jun 29, 2010
who is smoken what if you let that happen then it is your falt.

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#6299 Jun 30, 2010
Just a Steelworker wrote:
If it takes any longer than what we do now, we won't get anything done, I assume we already have this ECP
ECP really affects production and makes rolling steel very inefficient. Our skin mill is less than 50% of its prior effective rolling time right now due lock reguirements to gauge steel thickness and they now muct lock out to open a bin drawer to remove samples. Just insanity. We are installing a new lathe, power wasn't even attached to the switch yet and we had to place locks on the switch.
Just a Steelworker

Dearborn Heights, MI

#6300 Jun 30, 2010
8782 Picketer wrote:
<quoted text>
Energy control program, Useless Steel policy being implimented here right now, we were told all the US plants had it and loved it.
We have it here at GLW and I don't think I've ever heard anybody say they loved it. Safety is one thing, but never fixing hazards and just trying to pin blame on the worker is another.

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Hamilton, Canada

#6301 Jul 1, 2010
Just a Steelworker wrote:
<quoted text>
We have it here at GLW and I don't think I've ever heard anybody say they loved it. Safety is one thing, but never fixing hazards and just trying to pin blame on the worker is another.
Soory I am unable to make my comments drip with sarcasm the way they should. I learned the day after Useless Steal hijacked us that what they say happens in the company and reality are strangers to each other.

The incident in Gary Works when the supervisor fell off the crane (jumped? pushed?) while not wearing fall protection illustrates beautifully the reality of the company's preaching of safety. There were so many violations of "cardinal" rules from what I can find out; 13 managers/foremen/supervisors were fired for allowing the guys under them to work so unsafely.

If the useless pricks actually worked with us we may become the island of safety they pretend to have. Hell they even took personal hand tools away from the tradesmen in our plant to make it more "efficient". Imagine that, electricans and millwrights don't need f'in tools anymore. CEMENT HEADS

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#6302 Jul 1, 2010
I understand this is a Great Lakes Blog, but I come here for information on how our sister plant is running, I get very little information from my own plant. But I just couldn’t let this go buy without a comment.

Folks just what rock have you guys been hiding under? ECP’s (just another way to issue discipline) had hit the Granite City Works almost as soon a US Steel took over. Just why our International and Safety Committees allowed them to change the name from Accident Investigation to Incident Investigation is about when this whole thing got out of hand. Our International and Union Safety Committees should do their own Investigations and publicize the facts, these are Accidents, NOT! Incidents Doesn’t our International Understand, you can’t give discipline for an Accident, but you sure the hell can for an Incident, and when these issues go before an Arbitrators, they would rule in the Unions favor if the discipline is for an Accident, but rule in Managements favor when the discipline if for an Incident. Our Safety Committees need to do there own ACCIDENT investigations every time someone gets hurt and submit their findings to our Grievances Committees. Our International needs to step in and demand justice to/for our members on these discipline issues and Safety.
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#6304 Jul 1, 2010
Our Union Safety Committees need to grow some gonads, I have never seen such a passive committee, It has come to the point that they wouldn't know how to challenge the company on a safety issue because it has been so long since they have done so. I really don't know what they are afraid of.

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Hamilton, Canada

#6305 Jul 1, 2010
Maybe your committee members are like the rest of us, afraid of getting fired for cause, then hanging on the outside looking for years till Useless Steal once agains loses in arb
Just a Steelworker

Dearborn Heights, MI

#6306 Jul 1, 2010
probably, but it isn't good for those of us who would like some representation

Southgate, MI

#6307 Jul 3, 2010
if you want to talk safety get us forty hr work weeks, so we can face the day fresh, not half dead
Just a Steelworker

Dearborn Heights, MI

#6308 Jul 3, 2010
how shall WE make that happen?
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United States

#6309 Jul 3, 2010
Most of USS safety terminology and practices are the same being used by the corporations USS compares themselves with, Alcoa & Dupont. The terminology and practices have been thoroughly researched by top law firms and these companies are willing to implement them and taking their chances in the courts. They can outlast the vast majority of their employees. So be prepared for a long fight if you are unfortunate enough to be caught up in the grievance process.
Just a Steelworker

Dearborn Heights, MI

#6310 Jul 3, 2010
The new "Blame the Worker" mentality has now come into existance full swing, this program is all about hiding numbers, intimidating workers, and pinning all the blame for accidents on workers. Ever notice how much paperwork one has to do just to begin a job assignment? Everyone will undoubtedly forget something and US Steel knows it, thus relieving themselves from responsibility. Dupont Alcoa does not have a better safety program, they just hide the numbers better. Our government has allowed these companies to do this to it's workers and it will take some real "workers rights" legislation to clean this up. It has set the labor movement back 60-70 years

Southgate, MI

#6311 Jul 5, 2010
wow what is this rumor of layoff 35 to 40 people anyone hearing this? or is it BS?
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Trenton, MI

#6313 Jul 7, 2010
Why is there no news? Bad or good we're not getting anything off here, from the hall, mill NOTHING!!!! I swear I still have call back rights. Well where the hell are my rights and why are some of us still on the street? This is bullshit. All I want to do is go back to work like everyone else. Why can't the union negotiate something for ours jobs back. I'm sure everyone dying in the mill and everyone on the street would give something to level out the staffing issue. Can we please resolve this before people in drop and people out lose everything.

Taylor, MI

#6314 Jul 8, 2010
Lets start with the facts.None of us that are back are there because of our union.We are there because it was cost effective enough for the company to call us back.Second,the lack of activity on this board and the ning site lets you know exactly how much everyone else cares.Where are all those who said they would fight till the end for you.They could still post a few messages of hope to you ,but they dont.Lady electrician,Wendt and many others have posted very little if anything since they were called back.Im sure we will here from many of them around election time.When it comes right down to it there is a very very small percentage of people who truely care about anyone else in our membership.I do hope that everyone is called back and even more hired,only because I am tired of working so much.for what its worth,good luck to those still waiting.

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#6315 Jul 8, 2010
You are very right spam in about 3 months you will see them again..Election is in April, so Oct. Nov. I'm guessing...
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#6316 Jul 8, 2010
Now you know! Do you feel used?
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#6318 Jul 8, 2010
Just to let anyone who is still laid off know. There are a few more bids posted, so you might want to go to the AGB building and see about bidding on them. I saw one for electrical, another for mechanical, as well as a bid for track labor/maintenance. Hope this info is helpful to some of you who are still out there. Good luck to all!

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