Brock Lesnar John Cena or Batista who...

Jackson, MS

#542 Jul 27, 2012
And whats the big deal with brock slamming big show? Cena has put big show, khali, and mark henry across his back and and gave them a attitude adjustment many of times like it was nothin. Batista has did the same also. So dont be give lesnar all the credit likes hes unstoppable or somethin

Jackson, MS

#543 Jul 27, 2012
@ Nobody. Well hell yea lesnar could whoop cena in a real fight. He has 60 or 70 lbs on cena and hes also been in mma for several years and has training. But lesnar not unstoppable, frank mir made him tap out, shane carwin almost beat him to a pulp until brock submitted him and noguera beat him and got the ufc championship so hes not as bad as everbody thinks.

Darby, PA

#544 Aug 14, 2012
you crazy dummies lol BATISTA is stronger than any one besides Mark Henry! And John cena is no where near Batista or Lashley or Jackson or Goldberg or Lesnar OK. Shut the fuck up Cena is not a POWER HOUSE he does some power moves that take all his power and that are the most easy Power moves! And Batista never said lesnar was stronger he said Lesnar or one of the people that come closest to him! Cena is small he is 6 foot 240 lbs BATISTA is 6 Foot 5 290lbs of muscle!!!! BATISTA is larger than lesnar or jackson or goldberg or ryan orany of them. Come on people BATISTA came from Being a power lifter look at how wide his chest is it props his arms up and look at his massive back its like a BILL BORD on I 95 look at the way BaTISTA picks UP KALHI OR BIG SHOW OR HENRY with power and rage in his eyes look at his traps up to his ears lesnar is not as big as batista or as cut up!!!!!!! And ps cenas game is not power he does some power moves and he SUCKS BATISTA ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!

New Underwood, SD

#545 Aug 15, 2012
RTP wrote:
@ Nobody. Well hell yea lesnar could whoop cena in a real fight. He has 60 or 70 lbs on cena and hes also been in mma for several years and has training. But lesnar not unstoppable, frank mir made him tap out, shane carwin almost beat him to a pulp until brock submitted him and noguera beat him and got the ufc championship so hes not as bad as everbody thinks.
yeah Brock has lost fights but so has any other MMA fighter and the reason he is a badass is because he can literally destroy any one in WWE(outside of the ring but with the producers and directors, he will lose)and every MMA fighter has to lose sometime!!! Just look at machida, he was undeafeated and then eventually he lost!! So every MMA fighter isn't undeafted and even one of the greatest champs , Anderson silva lost fights

Houston, TX

#546 Aug 15, 2012
Mike wrote:
Some of you guys are ignorant. Cena benches 505lbs, squats 575lbs, and deadlifts 675lbs. Cena does not squat a 1000lbs! Having Big Show and Edge craw on your shoulders is totally different then trying to squat that weight, which he could not do. Cena only beat Mark Henry in armwrestling because it was part of the script. In reality, Henry would have ripped his arm of and pealed it like a banana. And how do you know Cena hasn't used steroids? You dont.
Lesnar was regularly drug tested in his sophomore year of high school and through out his college career where he achieved a weight of 285lbs while never failing a single test. And his body physique really never saw any changes from college to the WWE. Brock had a best bench of 655lbs, squat of 920lbs, and a deadlift of 900lbs. Kurt Angle has talked about this and has said he has literally seen Lesnar bench 650 and squat 900. I also saw a video on Youtube years ago where Lesnar told a report he could shoulder shrugged 1000lbs. Batista has even stated Lesnar is the strongest man he has met in his career.
Lesnar, even after he quit body building and heavy power lifting, still put up 475lb bench press, dead lift of 720lbs, and a squat of 695lbs for the NFL. Those numbers are still better than Cena's.
get of Brock how u know cena benches that amount were I there to see him do it

Darby, PA

#547 Aug 17, 2012
Ok Thank you batista fan! First off How can any one compair cena to BATISTA!!!!!????? REALLY. I'm bringing the facts BATISTA is a powerhouse and when I say power house I mean a Freekin monston not some one who is warm hearted like little cena. Powerhouses are tall I mean 6'3 and 270 plus with traps cena looks like a 7th grader! Ok powerhouses include BATISTA, Bobby lashley, Ezekiel jackson, Lesnar, Goldberg, Mason Ryan and Marcuse cor von! And Batista is stronger than leanar or goldberg or Jackson or Ryan Or cor von! BATISTA and lashley are are around the same! Understand BATISTA lives for POWER look at the size of his back and his traps and look how wide his chest is it props his arms up HE is 6'5 290 and if you think he is huge now look at him when he was in EVOLUTION!!! He was 6'5 318 LBS he did 700lbs bench he was a power lifter before wwe! And o yea fu is easy cause you using your legs let me know when the little kid cena does running power slam on big show or henry or vador or even kane lol cena is now a power house he an underdog and BATISTA would whOoP his A$$ like cena is a kId lol funny little unrealistic wWe fAns

Rochedale, Australia

#548 Sep 17, 2012
check out rob terry from tna. bench -545 1 rep
squat 585 6 reps and deadlift 725 1 rep. and thats at 6'5 295 lbs.

All these men are very strong and cena is the lightest of them all so he can handle himself just fine stats wise.

I would like to know the rocks current stats and also bobby lashley and ryback??
Dolph The King Nickolsen


#549 Sep 17, 2012
I'd say Brock Lesnar has more strength then Cena and Batista combined. end of story
Danny Brewer

Saint Martins, Canada

#550 Sep 18, 2012
Brock Lensar
adam impact


#551 Sep 20, 2012
brock lesnar is the strongest of them all.he has fought in companies such as UFC AND panies which u fight for real and results are not scripted like in WWE.

Hot Springs, SD

#552 Sep 21, 2012
Another comment like this? We all know WWE is scripted and fake, you dumbass

Duncanville, TX

#553 Sep 30, 2012
Cena Rulez wrote:
<quoted text>
Cena has everything that lesnar has so shut up and Kurt Angle is WRONG!!!
kurt angle and brock were rivals why would he lie???

Donetsk, Ukraine

#554 Oct 24, 2012
Cena stronger

Hot Springs, SD

#555 Oct 24, 2012
Your buying into his superman gimmick to. The only two real strong men are Brock and Batista and John cena only lifted big show and edge up at the same time is because edge was on the top rope and big show helped him, just like how Andre helped hogan do you really think hogan could have lifted him up without andres help?
adam impact

United States

#556 Dec 26, 2012

Glasgow, UK

#557 Jan 6, 2013
adam impact wrote:
I believe you I love wwe
Adam impact


#558 Jan 6, 2013
Finally!!!Someone who believes me.You know what you are AWESOME AND I MEAN IT
Jajj sidhu


#560 Jan 10, 2013
Batista and brock is gr8 and cena suck

Fresno, CA

#561 Feb 2, 2013
The Heart Break Kid wrote:
Brock Lesnar can't pick up almost 800 pounds, John Cena has before. Fact.
Yes he can, he had done over 900
Big Jim96

Egg Harbor City, NJ

#562 Feb 17, 2013
xSavemeAmericanDragonx wrote:
HHH once said "Cena is the strongest guy I've ever been in the ring with", and it has been rumored that Cena can bench up to 800Ibs!
John cena can get barely over 500 on a good day. if he did 800lbs, he would have the raw bench press record. I wouldn't say lesnar is stronger than Cena because lesnar also out weighs cena by about 35 pounds or so. Cenas bench press is higher now, but brocks was higher when he was in his prime. It would be like comparing the punching force of george foreman and floyd mayweather. clearly mayweather would have the advantage because he is younger, and in his prime. Back in 2002-2003 when lesnar and cena where in a "fued" Brock ripped cena a new ass 90 percent of the time. brock is 2 inches taller and has a larger frame, so logically brock would have the upper hand. but back to the crazy numbers. If you think brock lesnar is the strongest to ever be in the wwf/wwe than you are mistaken. Big john studd raw benched 700lbs live and held the world raw bench press record for a little while. bruno sammartino benched 660lbs back in the 70's when he was in his prime and also held the bench press record. Just because someone looks big on t.v, and "manhandles" their opponent, doesn't neccessarily justify their strength. Shit, kane used to bench 550lbs back in the day but you wouldn't even consider him as a top guy. Brock even said that kane was the only guy to beat him in an arm wrestling match. I guess all i'm trying to say is don't believe everything you read.

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