American Indians protest auction of meteorite part -

Full story: Newsday 18
An American Indian group, upset by the planned auction of a 30-pound chunk from the historic Willamette Meteorite, complained yesterday that the 10,000-year-old space rock's immense religious significance was ... Full Story

New York, NY

#2 Sep 14, 2007
I found a used tennis shoe in my back yard and I consider this a religious article, it once belonged to Geronomo, it has Nike written all over it.I will sell this for 2 six packs of Miller Lite.

New Rochelle, NY

#3 Sep 14, 2007
"The meteorite was discovered in the Willamette Valley by a part-time Oregon miner, who removed it from land belonging to a local iron company."

Funny, the article says nothing about the meteorite being owned by the indians prior to its discovery.

Also, they're so stupid as to believe it has some religious meaning, when all it is is a chunk or iron that fell from outer space.

Pascagoula, MS

#4 Sep 14, 2007
I didn't think you were allowed to call them Indians any more.

Or was that last week.

"Originally inhabiting indigenous native Americans"

got a good ring to it.

Like the 7 syllable term for *****s.

New York, NY

#5 Sep 14, 2007
If they're so upset, maybe they should buy it with their casino money...
Liberal But Not Guilty

Richmond Hill, NY

#6 Sep 14, 2007
wiw wrote:
I didn't think you were allowed to call them Indians any more..."Originally inhabiting indigenous native Americans"
got a good ring to it.
They're not indigenous, they immigrated like everyone else. Perhaps they should embrace that and call themselves Siberian-Americans? No offense meant, its an honest question.

I've heard of similar problems in Canada, where pieces of land suddenly get declared "sacred" AFTER a mining company or some such becomes interested.

But I am disappointed that they are so insensitive to our culture of exploration, trade and exhibition. Why are our values less than theirs?

Huntington, NY

#8 Sep 15, 2007
wiw wrote:
I didn't think you were allowed to call them Indians any more.
Or was that last week.
"Originally inhabiting indigenous native Americans"
got a good ring to it.
Like the 7 syllable term for *****s.
When big moon rises above mountain top, we takem meteorite chunk and trade for handful of maize.

When white eagle soars down from casino roof we feedum maize.

When Feds come to takem percentage, we sick ACLU Screeching Owl on their asses.

oiram ifnab

Englewood, CO

#10 Sep 15, 2007
Jon wrote:
If they're so upset, maybe they should buy it with their casino money...
DITTO! They have heaps!
Richard Tufariello

Stratford, CT

#12 Sep 16, 2007
Dear Chris Columbus,
The "Indians?" hate the white man. They blame us for all their alleged grief. Lets see if I got this right. My man Chris was an Italian. His navigator was African. The crews were made up of Spaniards. Last I heard we were being invaded by people of Spanish decent who are considered to be a non-white minority. I am to believe that 99 men were able to bring down the entire native population in the Americas which was estimated in the millions without some form of complicity? One Italian did all this. I am an old Italian American from Bensonhurst Brooklyn. There are more than one of us now. The Indians really sure they want to fuck with us? Go pray to your rocks and get free medical and health benifits. Free college. Never pay a cent in taxes. Rob the tax money from the cigarette sales. Get billions in grants and pay offs. Run their bussinesses tax free. Cash in on their gambling casinos. Pray to a rock? They should be praying to the white liberal idiots heads if they are looking to pray to a rock.
Native born American

United States

#13 Sep 16, 2007
Anthropologists have found some very well preserved human remains, thousands of years old, in the south western part of our nation. Some of these remains have turned out to be genetically very similar to Europeans. There of course also are ancient human remains which are genetically similar to Mongolians. This research is not publicized too much these days because mentioning it is politically incorrect. I used to work at a historical museum, concerned with American Indians. The official story of how the Indians came to North America, that I was forced to tell the public, was that a woman fell out of the sky and landed on the back of a giant turtle. This woman then had children, the turtle turned into North America.....etc., etc. This was a government run museum!!! The Indians would go ballistic if anybody mentions the people from Siberia crossing the Bearing Straight and becoming Native Americans. Figure that one out........ Our nation belongs in Mad Magazine.
stop hating

Paterson, NJ

#14 Sep 16, 2007
you damn morons, native americans were here before all of us, wow, you white people really need to start expanding that thing u call a brain

Hicksville, NY

#16 Sep 16, 2007
Wow, Indians worshipping rocks, wolves, owls, and who knows what else? No wonder they were no match for the early Christian settlers. Their time has come and gone. Most major religions have progressed, apparently they're still still back in the Ice Age.
Richard Tufariello

Stratford, CT

#17 Sep 16, 2007
Stop hating. No such thing. Anyone born in America is a native American. DNA proves the first of the people migrated here via the Berring Straights and were of asian and european decent. Talk about using your brain. Go pray to the side walk. Its like a rock isnt it?
Richard Tufariello

Stratford, CT

#18 Sep 16, 2007
Dear Native Born American. When your dealing with fanatics truth means nothing. The one most telling thing about any fanatic is their sincerity
What you say is true and there are some who would kill you for saying it. The Government? They spend billions teaching monkeys how to climb. Just collect your check, nod your head, and try not to puke. If you want you can place your words anytime on my website without fear of censorship. I am an honorary Cherokee
Richard Tufariello

Stratford, CT

#19 Sep 16, 2007
To Wampum Swampum. A Polish Indian from Warsaw. Why not. Those who call themselves Indians here are a mixture of every nationality and maybe if you are lucky are 3% Indian. This so they can be on the tit and cash in on being an Indian. Its a joke. Very few of these people look like the guy on the nickle.
Richard Tufariello

Stratford, CT

#20 Sep 16, 2007
Liberal But Not Guilty. Because we are the White Devils. We are everyones problem. The White Man. They do these things for two reasons. Money and power. Thats all. They love their hate. Who would you think would hold the land if not for the European settlers? Possibly and most assuredly our friend Schicklegrubber. I am sure the brave braves would have been able to stop him with their tommy hatchets and coupe sticks. These people are nuts. We sustain them. They are dependant soverighn nations within our boarders.We give them everything they need to exist and thats not enough. They were defeated. They have made out all right.
Richard Tufariello

Stratford, CT

#21 Sep 16, 2007
Tonto, I am not interested in a tennis shoe of Nike origin from Geronimo. I already have one. However I am looking for a bowling ball from Sitting Bull, A Hammond B-3 organ from Kattie Big Head, a bazooka from Crazy Horse, A Pogo stick from Chief Joseph and or a diving bell from He Who Is Afraid of His Horses.

Manchester, MI

#22 Oct 1, 2007
THat's FUNNY! cry about a stupid meteorite like a big fat baby but sulfide mining in the U.P. and you won't say a word. It ain't the horse that's crazy.
saurabh singh india

Kunming, China

#23 Feb 2, 2008
hey guys , all comments , that was amusing really ,but crying for meteorite is really funny , it could be some political stunt

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